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  1. I know that is true for the playoffs leading up to the state championship game but I thought the UIL took over for the final game...if they didn't, Mart would have had to agree to use a chapter that close to Hamlin??? Not likely!!!
  2. They would be better off just running a wildcat formation with another running back. This is ridiculous for 6A football.
  3. Seriously!!! He looked like he was about to pee down his leg!!!!
  4. I can not believe that at a 6A program you have to put in a freshman as your qb...with the numbers they have you're telling me that's your only backup????
  5. Was wondering what it would take to get a holding call!!! Lots of holding, tackle to tackle, by both teams going uncalled.
  6. Holding La Vega to 7 points so far in the second half. NOT getting gashed like they were the first half. Except for one run. That is making adjustments.
  7. Great half time adjustments by Carthage on their defense...one of the reasons that Suratt is one of the best in the business!!
  8. Lots of good skill kids on both teams...really impressed with #5 for Potts...two tough catches on one of the drives, including a fourth down catch that was right on the turf! Great hands!!
  9. Except that they haven't been able to stop them...they have to do that first.
  10. Great first half! Hamlin gotta stop the turnovers and they can hang in with Mart.
  11. WOW!! Pretty good opening statement made right there!!! Great drive!! Mart will have their hands full!!!
  12. Exactly! We all knew what Refugio had but Post was a total mystery to most of us...Total lack of a passing game killed Post. One dimensional football usually doesn't win state championships but Post gave it a good try for a half. Refugio just loaded up the line of scrimmage and dared Post to pass...if they could have answered with a couple of passes and kept the ball like they did the first half it might have been close...bottom line the best team won. Congrats to Refugio for another championship.
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