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  1. I am glad the Tigers won, but I still think the Hooks game will come back to haunt the Tigers and keep them out of the playoffs unless the Tigers can knock off either NB or Pewitt. You won't see me on here saying these coaches are great. Just don't believe it. Correct me if I am wrong, but where have you been blessed?? I don't remember seeing you posting anything on here when the Tigers were struggling early in the year, talk about a bleacher coach. You obviously can't read. I was on here defending the coaches just as I am now. You guys that think you can do it better need to go back
  2. Where are all those clowns that were on here after Dangerfields tough non-district schedule blasting the coaches and players???????? Typical "bleacher coaches"...now the coaches are great!!!! How pathetic!
  3. Backwoods quote---"Didn't Maud beat Cumby 7-6? I don't know if I would start throwing out the words "very good" just yet. " We are not "very good" yet because we don't play at that level consistently....against Cumby we killed ourselves over and over with penalties...and Cumby played our butts off...when you have a team made up of a lot of soph. and juniors and with no winning tradition those kinds of games will happen.....with all that being said....if we don't kill ourselves with penalties or turnovers it will be a very, very good game.
  4. Maud @ Union Hill If you like good old smash mouth football this is it....both teams will line-up and run it at you till you show you can stop them....and for those of you who havn't seen Maud play yet, I know you are thinking, how in the world could you include them in a "game to see" but believe me, this is not your same old Maud team....the great thing is, they are very young and will be very good for the next three or four years.
  5. You have to be a senior to sign a letter of intent.
  6. This is going to be a great game. Union Hill will be favored to win but don't count the Cardinals out. Coach Finney has turned the program around and the guys believe that they are going to win every Friday night. Cards by three.
  7. Ok, we still need a team....another phone number to contact us is 903-445-5954
  8. Due to a cancellation we are looking for a team for our varsity baseball tournament....will be the first weekend in March...Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If interested please contact Cody Whitworth at Maud High School..903-585-2502.
  9. D-1---"I realize that I'm stirring the pot. I have a history with blesseddaily, and i don't like the attitude she has that she or someone with whom she cohorts didn't get the Kilgore job, so she comes whining about the hiring process on a forum. Get a life." Hey Rocky, since you are the only one in this discussion that actually knows who I am...how funny is this comment!!!!! I don't think I have had a sex change operation lately and I sure don't think I have had a "history" with this person....if I had they definitely would have known it!!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOL Thi
  10. Maud over 12th ranked (and undefeated) Foreman by 7
  11. No.....besides all the great teams they would have to beat in East tx they also have the number one team in 2A (last weeks polls) Crawford to beat in this region to get to the state championship game.
  12. Definitely wouldn't classify Mt. Enterprise, who Maud played even until a costly turnover late in the fourth quarter, as "easy" also Bismarck was not bad either...Foreman will be a very tough test this week...but hey, Maud has been a doormat for several years....they deserve a little pat on the back when they do good things.
  13. Big win for the Cardinals...28-14 over Bismarck Arkansas
  14. If he is that good why didn't he "run all over" Mt. Enterprise??
  15. No offense taken....you are definitely right about the district being weaker with the loss of Harleton and Big Sandy but at least the small schools can compete now!!! For our guys that's a great feeling!!! Changing that losing attitude is the first step in building a winning program and it's a battle we have to fight daily.
  16. I told you that the Mt. had some quality athletes. The score didn't surprise me at all.
  17. Might be the first but I bet it won't be the last! Edison---It's a little early to be dogging the district...lets see how it plays out for the year and into the playoffs.
  18. Mt. Enterprise has some good looking kids....was at the Maud game and it was a very, very good game...I know that shocked some people (Maud was a 33 point underdog) but don't take Maud lightely this year...by the time district rolls around they are going to make some noise...just ask some of the Mt. Enterprise players or coaches...the Cardinals are a completely different team.
  19. Used to be some big talking Jasper Bulldog fans on here....what in the world happened the Dogs' last week??? Getting beat by Livingston???? That hasn't happened in decades.....if ever. The stats were even pretty ugly for the Dogs....Livingston had lots of yards.
  20. That is absolutely correct. A high school coach cannot coach (that includes private lessons) after school to any student athlete......one of the many ridiculous rules that the UIL has come up with.
  21. My math skills aren't the best in the world, but it seems to me that you are saying that Rusk will have between 400 and 450 yards rushing this week. That sure is alot of yards to get considering that Mabank didn't give up those kind of numbers when they were playing teams like Ennis Corsicana or Lancaster. I think your prediction might be a little high. Better sharpen those math skills!!!
  22. Great advice! I didn't even think about it till I read your post...luckily mine was already in writing. That extra check in August was a life saver!!!
  23. anybody heard anything about tonights scrimmage with Maud?
  24. I truly hope for the kids sake that things are changing but change is hard and slow when old habits are involved. I wish them all the luck this year but finishing second or third will be a very lofty goal.
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