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  1. Nope...both coaching staffs have way too much class to sink to that level. Too busy working to do that junk anyway.
  2. This is just someone from Bowie trying to get their team fired up. Everyone here (Maud) knows it's going to be a very tough game. There is no "Maud District Championship shirt" only a playoff shirt because we have qualified for the playoffs. That's all, but nice try.
  3. In high school football sometimes you can't go by previous opponent scores. The Tenaha, Elysian Fields, Tatum series this year comes to mind. On paper it looks to be a blow-out by Bowie but I have a feeling, because of the intense rivalry, it will be close.
  4. ETsportsfan- If the weight workouts are done properly they will not hurt his pitching performance. Specifically, fast reps with light weights. It will only help his stamina and performance. If you don't believe me e-mail any college coach( successful ones) and they will be glad to send you their work-outs. I promise you that they don't skip the weights (when they are at home). This used to be said about basketball also.(that it would affect their shooting) and has been proven wrong. The best programs in the nation (Duke, UCLA ect) hit the weights hard.
  5. Sad situations guys...I am so sorry to hear that that kind of attitude still exists. I guess I have been blessed because every level (3A,2A and A) The athletic director made it clear that ALL the girls went through a tough off season of weight lifting and speed/endurance drills to be in top condition for whatever sport they were in at the time. No exceptions. sbfan--The conflict between track and softball shouldn't exist. As a softball coach I loved for my girls to run track. It eliminated the need for me to condition them. I just start my practices 45 minutes later to allow the girls to
  6. The first three words of your post was "its not hard" now I am definitely not a rocket scientist but when someone says that, it usually infers that whatever they are describing is easy.....Believe me, turning around a program is very, very difficult and Coach Finney and the staff have begun the process. Are they there yet? No..but there were some big steps taken to get on the right road....would it have been harder in the old district...heck yes it would. Big Sandy and Harleton are quality programs. We can only play the hand that is dealt and this time it was favorable...those things have a w
  7. It's not hard when you have a five-team district and three playoff spots. If Union Hill runs the table, then the other teams could have a 2-2 record and still get in. I think Karnack is pretty much out cause they are 0-3 and play Maud Friday night. Bowie and Union Hill are undefeated but still have to play each other. Either way, it looks like it's going to be Union Hill, Bowie and Maud with Karnack and Detroit sitting at home. Shame too cause Karnack was so excited about a shot at the playoffs against other real small schools after Harleton and Big Sandy were bumped up to 2A. They've just
  8. When you are getting beat by 60-70 points luck has little to do with it!
  9. I'm not doubting your word...just don't understand. How can you ban one group of girls from working out and allow another group access. Surely you are kidding...if not, a group of parents needs to meet with the AD. Every girl, regardless of the sport they are playing should be working out....Unless the softball girls are not in the athletic period...that would be a different story. ALL the girls in the athletic period should be working on the weights, speed, quickness and agility drills everyday.
  10. Sorry, I looked at the records wrong....you are correct...it would come down to the final game (Maudvs.Bowie).
  11. Technically it won't be for the district championship...if Bowie beats UH (I know it's not likely) and Maud beats Karnack there will be a three way tie for first going into the final week.
  12. Will not make the play-offs this year but he has the kids playing hard...has a good group in junior high. Should be pretty good next few years.
  13. You could be correct. That's just what the folks around here were telling us. We are all new here and don't know the history or records. Thanks for all the kind words..Coach Finney and his football staff, as well as the kids who bought into his system, deserve ALL the credit...I am just the "get back" coach and encourager...my season is still to come...but I love football and do what little I can to help...The kids here are absolutely the hardest working kids I have ever been around....we, as a staff, are blessed to be able to work with them...Good luck to all the teams, no matter how long
  14. As a coach I didn't like the 3 team format when it first started but I have changed my mind comletely now. Yes, it might water down the playoffs but there are some districts that have three (and maybe 4) quality teams and one would have miss the playoffs...another great aspect is allowing some schools that havn't been to the play-offs in a long time to experience it....we are in that category..it's been 22 years for Maud and the excitement about making the playoffs has the school and town very excited.
  15. Every school has athletics class for girls. What they choose to do in that athletics class is up to the athletic director. There are a few that go sport specific.(Lufkin Hudson and Central come to mind) In other words the girls that play softball can work on softball, track does track ect. ect. The vast majority of the schools go through a workout that will benefit all of the sports...weightlifting, speed drills ect, ect. The advantage of having a sport specific period is very debatable..(The Dallas area schools definitely don't dominate the state tournament) If you develop the complete athle
  16. Where was any coach bashing???? I went back and read it again....heck I'm a coach and I didn't see any.
  17. Congrats to Coach A and all the staff. Thanks guys, you helped me win the pick-em contest in the coaches office Friday!!! I knew you guys would come through!!!
  18. I totally agree..he and the staff have done a remarkable job. If I remember correctly there were a lot of the Bulldog followers that did not like the choice and were on here and other forums bad mouthing the new coach. Great job guys!
  19. I agree with FBJ about Rodney, he does a great job and gives you your money's worth. He is especially good with the little ones...makes it fun for them and that is crucial at that point in their development....Hey Rodney, if you read this, give me a shout on the u2u.
  20. I hope that's true...just that many more girls that can go to college on scholarships. Angelina College is another one that needs to start a program. This would benefit many East Tx kids.
  21. sick1803 ---"No one questioned the coaches during the non-district games...It was the Hooks game they struggled in, and they would most likely admit it if you asked them...Besides, a little criticism always does some good, it helps right the ship !!!" I see, it was your criticism that would "right the ship"....how funny is that. It wasn't the hard work of the coaches and players...all you had to do was criticize and all was well. Good grief....how pathetic.
  22. I am glad the Tigers won, but I still think the Hooks game will come back to haunt the Tigers and keep them out of the playoffs unless the Tigers can knock off either NB or Pewitt. You won't see me on here saying these coaches are great. Just don't believe it. Correct me if I am wrong, but where have you been blessed?? I don't remember seeing you posting anything on here when the Tigers were struggling early in the year, talk about a bleacher coach. You obviously can't read. I was on here defending the coaches just as I am now. You guys that think you can do it better need to go back
  23. Where are all those clowns that were on here after Dangerfields tough non-district schedule blasting the coaches and players???????? Typical "bleacher coaches"...now the coaches are great!!!! How pathetic!
  24. Backwoods quote---"Didn't Maud beat Cumby 7-6? I don't know if I would start throwing out the words "very good" just yet. " We are not "very good" yet because we don't play at that level consistently....against Cumby we killed ourselves over and over with penalties...and Cumby played our butts off...when you have a team made up of a lot of soph. and juniors and with no winning tradition those kinds of games will happen.....with all that being said....if we don't kill ourselves with penalties or turnovers it will be a very, very good game.
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