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  1. Sure hope the last game of the year is better than the other big school games. So far the smaller classifications were a lot more entertaining.
  2. That happens more times than folks realize!
  3. Can't really compare the two jobs...the district make up of De Kalb's district and Bowie's district is light years difference in toughness.
  4. Don't blame them for getting out of Commifornia while they still can...not to mention Cali didn't have high school football this year because of "covid".
  5. I would pay to see that one...might even wear a mask...but I don't think Carthage would hang with Aledo for four quarters.
  6. Wow!! Great opportunity for somebody!!
  7. 35-14 Aledo AND they get the ball the second half...it was a fun first quarter!!!! LOL!!!!
  8. 28-14 Aledo driving again!! Can't believe Crosby coach tried a field goal. Unbelievable. They are done.
  9. I think you are correct about Graf and also that Coach Turner is a great guy and very good coach but I'm not sure that's who the Dragons need at this point. Whoever they hire needs to be a high energy, gung ho type that will get back to a serious off season program and strong emphasis on the weight room. Wasn't that long ago that the Dragons had one of the best weight and strength programs in the area and it showed on the field. Coach Stine definitely had the program going in the right direction and it could be again with the right guy. I believe that Coach Stine's worse record was 5-5 and the
  10. Anna Aransas Pass Harlingen Dilley Amarillo Palo Duro HS Waco High Waco University Tioga Somerset Los Fresnos El Campo LBJ Laredo ISD Midland High La Pryor Gregory Portland Comal HS Vernon
  11. Definitely not a fan of Carthage, just a fan of making correct calls...especially in big game situations.
  12. Incredible game but even more incredible are the adjustments made by Jim Neds coaching staff...completely shutting the other team out till OT and making the needed adjustments on offense to get back to what they do best...if you've never been in those situations you just don't realize how hard it is...that is the difference between good coaches and GREAT coaches.
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