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  1. Yea, i just saw that...I thought it was supposed to be at 6 also.
  2. Ouch!! Tough second round game...afraid the Bulls will be airing up the BB's soon...very soon!!!
  3. This game will be live streamed NFHS if you have a subscription to it...hopefully the stream will be better than some of the ones I have tried to watch...two of the three games that I have tried to watch have had major buffering problems.
  4. China Springs beat #4 ranked Jasper 45-19 The win wasn't a big surprise but the margin of victory surprised some.
  5. MV fans...Correct me if I'm wrong but it seemed to me you guys came out way more physical than any of the games that I have watched ya'll play. I was expecting GW to be the physical team but you guys took it to them all night...your QB destroying the GW safety for a TD just seemed to light a fire under the whole team. Your defense played wayyyyy better than they did during the couple of district games that I watched you guys play!! Congrats and good luck next round!!
  6. Why did I know you were going to say that!!!! Dang it, that's the one I wanted!!!! Oh well, can't win em all!!! Congrats again!! On the bright side me and Finney can go hunting now!!! LOL!!
  7. Oh I will definitely get my 11 bucks out of it...I ended up watching the MV game and it was incredible!!
  8. Congratulations to Tatum...sounded like a hard fought game, unfortunately the stupid feed from NFHS never did work so that was 11 bucks for nothing!! Great season Winny, you guys are just going to be better next year. Lots of talent coming up...exciting times in Red Raider land!!
  9. Congrats to D-5,,,3-1 including knocking off the district champion is quite an accomplishment.
  10. Garrison vs. Hawkins Should be a pretty good game.
  11. Oh...my bad...guess I'm on the lib hit list now!!!
  12. It was a joke...by the way...because of recent events...get it???
  13. I'm betting the rest of the games will be a whole lot closer!!!
  14. Well if the national news media were calling the results I guess D-5 would have it after one game!!! LOLOL!!!
  15. Watched Minny twice this year and this is by far the worst they have played...look like they are sleep walking.
  16. First time the Lions have won district since 1963..mabe the first winning season since the 70's I think...not sure about the last one but it sure seems like it!! The only explanation is that it is 2020!!! For that reason alone I gotta go with my old hometown...Lions by 7!!!
  17. Really nice facility! We played there twice and it was a great experience both times.
  18. Oh believe me I have seen worse...try sitting in Henderson's stands sometimes...worse that I have ever experienced.
  19. If there is one thing you can count on is that the Winny Coaching staff and players will not be over confident. They, as well as their fans know how good Tatum will be. You can bet they will be prepared and coached up to the best of their ability. The will play hard and do what they do best and that is to run the ball and control the clock. It definitely is not rocket science...if they can do that they will have a shot, if not the game could get out of hand but either way there won't be a lot of trash talking or chest beating on Smoaky...at leastnot from the Winny faithful anyway.
  20. Really think this one will be a shoot out!! Last team with the ball might be the winner!! Neither team has shown they can stop good teams. I'm going with MV by 7. 42-35 MV Wins
  21. I think it's also mutual respect for a worthy opponent. The fans of Winny are some of the most football savvy fans that I have had the pleasure of sitting in the stands with. Since I retired, sitting in the stands is sometimes very difficult because of the things that "fans" say. Negative attacks on coaches and other players to build up their kids is at all times high in some places and I just hate it. Definitely not that way among the Winny supporters. It's been a pleasant change for sure! For Winny to make it a game they MUST have a clean game. No fumbles or dumb penalties when the off
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