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  1. Wow!! Some great match-ups for week one of the playoffs!!! GW will definitely have their hands full with MV...definitely not a typical 1 VS 4 game and the others should be very close games as well. Whoever survives the first round will probably have an easier game in the second round !!!!
  2. Not sure of the district rules about playoff seeding but I would guess Head to head match-ups would be the first thing that determined it. If that is true then the playoff seeding should be something like this? Mineola first seed if they win the final game. Winner of Winny/Potts game would be second and loser third place seed MV fourth place seed. If that is true MV is going to be the toughest fourth seed to beat and really supports the UIL decision to allow four teams in to the playoffs (as much as it pains me to admit that)!! I still think MV's glaring weakness is t
  3. I agree!! But if the announcers want to blame somebody for the second loss they might want to blame their defense that couldn't stop Winny last week or Potts tonight.
  4. Yep,chains shouldn't have moved but it was MV's chain crew!!
  5. 49-43 Pottsboro wins!! The MV announcers are absolutely the worst "homers" I have ever listened to.
  6. WOW!!!! MV fumbles at Pottsboro 20 yard line!! Potts ball with 2:21 left
  7. 49-43 Potts missed the extra point!!!! 3:53 left
  8. 43-36 Potts goes ahead with 6:28 left in the 4th
  9. Haven't heard any stats from these guys...it's pretty brutal to listen to!!! MV finally makes a huge stop deep in their territory. 35-30 Potts with with MV driving early 4th quarter
  10. 35-24 Potts. 3:14 left in the 3rd. MV defense has no answer for the Potts quarterback.
  11. Pottsboro up 28-24 8:45 left in the 3rd. Pottsboro defense finally showed up and forced a 3 and out...could be the turning point of the game.
  12. 4 way tie for first going in to tonights game. One of these teams will have two losses after tonight, Commerce forfeits their game to Winny and Mineola plays Rains and should win so Winny, the winner of this game and the winner of the Mineola game will be tied going in to the fi al game.
  13. Anybody know if there is a livestream of this game?? Thanks!
  14. Sorry, I said it wrong...if you notice, part of the ball is missing...if it was wide you would see the ball completely.
  15. A better question would be. Why in the world would Briles kick off short and give the Raiders the ball at the 45 yard line? Or why didn't the defense stop the Raiders before they drove it down to field goal range...instead of blaming the ref on a close call that only he has the correct angle to see.
  16. If the kick was wide you would not have been able to see the ball...it is INSIDE if the upright so the guy got the call correct.
  17. The guy with the best view said it was good but I'm sure the "officials" sitting in the Mt. Vernon stands saw it different!!! LOLOL!!!
  18. WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! RAIDERS WIN!!!! 30-28!!!!!!
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