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  1. Potts by 14 if the QB is healthy. I did not think he looked full speed by the fourth quarter. Winny put some pretty hard hits on him all night long.
  2. Yep!! Still playing in the same stadium!!! Parking for about 200!! When they were in the district with the Beaumont teams PNG tried to get the UIL to make Livingston play at a neutral site because the stadium would only hold about half of the fans that followed the team!! It really is a joke. They have built two new high schools since I graduated in '72 and in both bond elections a new stadium was supposed to be included but it never happened. DOB, you are exactly correct and it has been that way since the 60's when they were actually pretty good. Had several athletes play for big time p
  3. Tons of mistakes. Definitely not one of the better games but they still had a chance to win. When you get to the last play on the attempt for two watch and see if you don't think Potts was way offsides. That's one of Josh's favorite times to go on a long count and hike it when the other team jumps and just run a Qb sneak.
  4. You guys will definitely be more athletic than Winny but that offense can really eat up some clock and shorten the game. Thats the only way Winny can stay in the game but they are pretty good at it. The last two weeks they have played toe to toe with two of the top offenses in the area and came about 6 inches from going 2-0 against them. Tonight it was turnovers and dumb penalties that killed the Raiders. The had several opportunities to put the game away so they aren't going to be intimidated. They will play hard and do what they do.
  5. If Winny plays defense like they did tonight and controls the clock it will be a game. If not, Tatum could definitely score a bunch and it could get ugly. I'm sticking with Coach Finney and the Wed Waiders by a touchdown!!
  6. Should be fun!! Is the site and time for sure?
  7. The Livingston Lions have won their 8th game in a row tonight, winning their district in the process!!!! You just can't grasp how totally opposite of normal that is unless you know the history of Livingston football!!! Huge congrats to the Coaches and players that stuck with the program in what is quite possibly the most anti-football community in east Texas!!! There are a lot of underdogs making the playoffs this year but this has to be the biggest stunner of the century!!!
  8. Great job Red Raiders!! Went for two and came up a few inches short. Wayyyy to many turnovers and penalties on the offensive side but a great showing by the defense. To hold Potts to 22 is a major accomplishment!! Congrats to Coach Finney and his staff!!
  9. Really impressed with Winny defense...unfortunately the offense keeps shooting themselves in the foot!! Winny should be up by 14...Tied 7-7 at halftime with Winny getting the second half kickoff.
  10. I agree...I think Mineola is much better on defense than the other three teams and better balanced on offense.
  11. Just wondering if Potts might hold out their QB for Fridays game...he is so critical for the success of that team and having injury problems early in the year I could definitely see why they would. Of course they probably won't, but after watching him destroy the MV defense with his running and passing I think he is definitely the key to them making a deep run in the playoffs and with this game being about seeding in the playoffs you have to at least consider it...that being said I think these will be some great first round games next week. All four will be close hard fought games with D-5 goi
  12. Normally it probably would never happen but in 2020...I would almost bet it WOULD happen!!!!! LOL!! Good luck to you guys, we have lots of great memories from these rival games!!!
  13. So what would happen if Maud wins by 6 too!!!! LOLOL!!!
  14. Not sure...I haven't seen any of their games, just watching their scores and saw a few plays from one of their other district games and they seem to be able to put up some points through the air.
  15. Actually if Maud wins and Detroit wins it would be a tie for the district championship and Detroit has the head to head advantage over Maud...definitely picking the Cardinals to sink the Pirate ship!! Maud's offense seems to be getting going at the right time!! Maud by two touchdowns!!
  16. Good assessment Chevyman...the Potts qb is one of the top qb's I've seen in a while...as good as he is at running the ball, his arm strength and accuracy passing on the run was very, very good for the high school level. I wonder if D-5's defenses are as bad as we think they are or is it a case of the offenses being so good they are almost impossible to stop...guess we will find out when the playoffs start.
  17. Absolutely agree...I really think that they are the best team in the district because of their defense. Offensively they aren't as flashy as MV and Potts but they are very solid at every position. To be honest, I was more impressed with them in their win against Winny than any other team.
  18. I really think all four games are toss ups...either district could sweep but that most likely won't happen. I do think D-5 will win 3 of the four match-ups.
  19. I really think Winny can pull off the win if they limit the mistakes. Their ball control offense is finally looking pretty good after some shaky games early in the season. I think Winny's defense is better than MV's and if they can make a stop or two and eat up the clock on offense they can definitely win but it will take an error free game. I also want to just say after watching MV twice and Potts once I am really impressed by the Pottsboro quarterback. I think he is better than the much hyped MV QB and will go on to be a successful college level QB. He is a very tough runner but he can
  20. Wow!! Some great match-ups for week one of the playoffs!!! GW will definitely have their hands full with MV...definitely not a typical 1 VS 4 game and the others should be very close games as well. Whoever survives the first round will probably have an easier game in the second round !!!!
  21. Not sure of the district rules about playoff seeding but I would guess Head to head match-ups would be the first thing that determined it. If that is true then the playoff seeding should be something like this? Mineola first seed if they win the final game. Winner of Winny/Potts game would be second and loser third place seed MV fourth place seed. If that is true MV is going to be the toughest fourth seed to beat and really supports the UIL decision to allow four teams in to the playoffs (as much as it pains me to admit that)!! I still think MV's glaring weakness is t
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