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  1. 1. Waskom 2. Hughes Springs 3. Ef 4. Harleton 5. Diana 6 ore city 7. Queen City
  2. I will take a guess 1. Hughes Springs 2 Waskom 3 EF 4 Diana 5 Harleton 6 Ore City 7 Queen City wouldn’t be surprised if 4/5 was switched.
  3. Name a country that doesn’t have 2-3 presidents. Name a football team that doesn’t have 2 Qbs out in the field at one time. I mean a one headed dragon is scary but that 2-4 headed one is killer. Come on man it’s a proven system.
  4. Or they are beat to hell by the 3/4 round of the play offs. That region 2 is tough
  5. Where is this article where he said he was forced to keep the OC or wants to go to Henderson? Or was that just something said it town?
  6. They should play that LC vs Overton game now. I know a west Texas team did that. They play 1st half 11 man football and the played the 2nd half 6 man. I think it was Winthorst as the 11 man team. Not sure who the 6 man team was
  7. Don’t do this. It’s a trap. Unless you want a lot of those kids parents to get “job offers” in Aledo
  8. I have always wonder why is a dumpster fire bad? It’s contained and will be easy to put out.
  9. I was really surprised that Gilmer Gladewater haven’t played in the last 2 seasons. I thought that was a game that had to be played. Why won’t Tenaha and Joaquin play?
  10. I forgot about JT and Lee. Who is Jax rivalry with? Did they ever have something with Palestine? And yes Kilgore Henderson is hard to beat
  11. I know this happens every few years so why not start it now? What is the best high schools rivalry in East Texas? Here are a few that come to mind Timpson vs Garrison Shelbyville vs Joaquin Waskom vs Ef Carthage vs Gilmer Kilgore vs Henderson Gilmer vs Gladewater PG vs LE Pewitt vs Daingerfield Longview vs Lufkin Lufkin vs Nac Marshall vs Longview Tatum vs ????? Not sure who Tatum rivalry is with? At one time it was Spring Hill right? Oh yeah Spring Hill vs White Oak
  12. No I think that was Horn. There is a guy in between Horn and Tamplin. I believe he stayed on as the basketball coach this year and might have been the AD as well
  13. So is the guy that was the head coach in 2018 taking back over?
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