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  1. Why don't you spit before you leave home and let your pamper handle the rest?
  2. slow down. Have you noticed or yet have you seen the Pewitt BRAMHA helment? If so you'll notice those bulls have Horns. So if they play defense and make a solid hit then essentially they are sticking with those Horns right ? They usually make contact head first. Some Brimmers/Braymas,Brahhmas don't have Horns. Help me distinguish. Let's talk🗣 I could be wrong, but by your interest in Paul Pewitt and such knowledge of the mascot and where it came from then maybe it's your specialty. Well let's learn together. My specialty or I should say my hobby are with Dogs and particularly Molosser breed
  3. Well OLEMAN all those failed 2 point conversions added up on the Tigers. To you a NB fan this game kinda reminded me of the Tigers2013 season when we beat y'all easily during district and came to this same Stadium and lost in the Quarterfinals same as last night. Jus hope the Bulls close the show and not do what NB did and that's lose next week in the Semifinals after beating a good Tiger team that could of won it all. Good Luck to them.
  4. Come on Tiger Fans. Regardless of how we think the game was Won or Lost, we need to support the Bulls. Bring it back to Morris County. They didn't give up and they came with it. Good luck next week
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