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  1. They scrimmaged Crossroads...Overton scored 6-0 in regular scrimmage and won 12-0 in simulated quarter
  2. Took this at last year semi-final
  3. We sat in the section 312 for the Argyle/Lindale on the Argyle side there were some across and a couple in two rows in front, but mostly spread out. Did see one guy with a kid bust the tie on two seats four rows in front of us. He didn't need to do that because there were several open seats on the row, dumb.
  4. So, were you a parent or a hometown fan? None of the parents were given a code for better seating?
  5. My oldest grandson and I attended the games Wednesday, well the Mart/Windthorst game, all of Thursday's games, and the Argyle/Lindale on Friday. As you that attended are aware there was the pod seating (assigned) and mask requirements. I understand the reasoning behind these steps taken by the UIL and AT&T. I appreciate that the games were able to be played in a great venue. Wednesday the only tickets I could get were end zone level 200 (concourse), but almost all the TD's were on our end. Thursday, in order to get better seats I purchased four on the concourse level right on the aisle on
  6. It's just a different kind of year guys...be thankful there is still championship games being played...like I said I got good seats in the 200 and 300 level mid field...I always sat in the 200 level in the past years and its a great view of the field...this will be the first playoff game this I won't be on the sidelines taking pictures, it'll be fun just watching the games, lol...hopefully next year will be back to normal...I'm sure all the athletes are still just as excited to be playing at AT&T
  7. Yup, it's totally different due to covid-19 this year...they are selling thickets in what they term "pods"...I was able to get tickets for all three days...my eldest grandson and I have gone to a lot of the games since 2010...Wednesday seats are not great, section 245 end zone concourse level...two seats...we couldn't get anything mid-field...Thursday much better, section 233, 30-40 line third row, but had to buy four tickets...all the tickets were in groups of four to get mid-field seats...Friday got lucky and got just the two tickets I needed for the 4ADI game in section 312...waiting to se
  8. Last time I shot Waskom was in the 2015 Quarterfinals...I would have been at this years game with West Rusk but had to be out of town for Thanksgiving with family...I'll be at Tyler Rose TMF Stadium this Friday night for the Waskom/Franklin Semifinal Championship...should be a great game.
  9. okay, but it sure didn't read that way grammatically..."absolutely gonna have to get that Shiner d rolling side to side to look for seems.." Also recall "I before E except after C"
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