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  1. who ever wins this game ges jim ned next week.
  2. see yall at the game leaving in about 45 minutes. safe travels for both teams
  3. Hope this game turns out for yall like it did with us against Farmersville. We was going for the 3 peat and lost in OT final TATUM 35 GV 28
  4. We will see,you might be supprised. Zebras can be beat on any given night.
  5. So you think you stop us from running,you win by 21. So i guess we just can't stop yall.
  6. I've watch a few games and i'm not impressed with #1. He may have 3 or 4 inches on our man,But our man got 30 to 40 pounds on him.
  7. I was looking at bracket. Region 1 has the #1,#3 #6 teams in it and. Region 2 has the #2,#4, #5 Who ever makes it through these 2 Regions will probaly win state.
  8. I no they practiced,just didn't play a game
  9. you didn't play last week due to covid forfiture,so it'll be 2 weeks
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