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  1. just hoping all of my smoaky friends are surviving this virus (CORONA) be smart and safe.
  2. Trashyhound you better hope you don't get the virus as much as you think everybody is over reacting.And personaly I don't think we will be out of the woods for several months.
  3. Whats next,they going to start closing down WALLY WORLD hell of a lot more people go through there than a uil event.
  4. If that happens it would be nice,But the way I see it is GW will be ranked in the Top 5 in 3a D1 so where will that put TATUM.
  5. Is this 6 3a this year or 6 3a in the new realighnment
  6. I think somebody is getting over exited
  7. You can scratch Tatum out if you want to,But I wouldn't be supprised if we end up as #1 in district LMAO !!
  8. Would be nice,then maybe we could go 3 rounds
  9. come on guys lets get this going
  10. Wonder how many pages this topic will have by the time season gets here. 300 +
  11. Region 2 will take it this year.
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