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  1. I guess the liberal stations think this incident needs to be at the top of news instead of talking about things that are much more important.
  2. You will be missed by many R.I.P.
  3. Either way, they're not brown or black which some would like to insinuate.
  4. Jews are white. Maybe not like English white, but they are white skinned.
  5. Heard it got down around 8 F back in '88, but I was in the military back then, so I'm not real sure.
  6. Center must be in a warm pocket or something. 24 here now. Called my parents this morning, who live at Flatwoods in Panola County said it got down to -2. Crazy.
  7. I must be in a heatwave compared to some of y'all. 7 F here in Center.
  8. I like this. Cowboys should be in the mix next season, but then again I thought that this past season. Hopefully the Cowboys won't be plagued with the injury bug. Watt, imo, would be a great addition to the defense.
  9. It's pretty bad when a streaker gets into the end zone before the Chiefs do. lol
  10. Coin flip- HEADS length of national anthem (over/under 2 minutes)- OVER approx 2:12 gatorade color dumped on winning coach- N/A, Coach got dumped, but was never shown Opening kickoff will be a return or touchback- Returned to the 23 yd line First offensive play (run/pass)- PASS, 1 yd pass to Godwin First team to score( Chiefs/Bucs)- CHIEFS First points scored (TD, FG or safety)- FG More Passing Yards (Mahomes or Brady)- Mahomes for 243 yds More passing TDs( Mahomes or Brady)- Brady for 3 tds Total points scored (over/under 56) UNDER, 40 points
  11. The city of Tampa Bay must be on cloud 9 with the Rays going to the World Series, then the Lightning winning the Stanley Cup, and now the Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl. Must be nice.
  12. Tampa Bay 31 Kansas City 9 final
  13. If KC don't score a touchdown here on this drive, I'd say it's pretty much over.
  14. Chiefs ain't playing like the defending world champs.
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