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  1. I feel real good about this season, with the new head coach and the great draft picks and trades. Maybe I'm just over optimistic, but I see my Boys going at least 11-5 if not 12-4.
  2. Lowest prices since before Katrina hit in '05.
  3. One of my favorite songs and movie that he made was "Coward of the County" back in '81. He will be missed R.I.P.
  4. They're all a bunch of thieves. But yet we continue to cough up the cash and pay our bill month after month. smh. Guess we just love our entertainment too much to completely give it up.
  5. This is a email I got from Dish: "Your local channel owned by Marshall is temporarily back on DISH DISH and Marshall have reached a temporary agreement to restore your local station until April 13th 2020. As we navigate through this unprecedented time – delivering your local content is our highest priority. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work with Marshall to come to a long term agreement for your local stations."
  6. Shelbyville 74 Crawford 61 final
  7. Shelbyville 40 Crawford 25 half
  8. Boykins with six 3's so far
  9. Shelbyville pulling away 29 -15 5:03 till half
  10. Shelbyville 17 Crawford 13 end 1st
  11. Grapeland 83 Tenaha 67 final
  12. Why did he get escorted out of the gym?
  13. Grapeland 54 Tenaha 51 end 3rd
  14. Tenaha 64 San Augustine 40 final
  15. 57-38 Tenaha 3:30 remaining
  16. 50-28 Tenaha 6:14 remaining in 4th
  17. Tenaha 38 SA 22 3:05 remaining in 3rd
  18. Shelbyville 89 Gary 59 final
  19. Shelbyville 75 Gary 44 end of 3rd
  20. Shelbyville 55 Gary 27 half
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