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  1. Maybe I'm just optimistic about the new hire of Mike McCarthy and the reconstruction of the coaching staff, but I think "my Cowboys" will be the team to beat next season. But that's just me.
  2. Not all, but maybe that's why some of these players were cut from the NFL. With that said, I know the Cowboys had several sloppy games themselves last season.
  3. Not that I really care, but if NY would stop turning the ball over they could be up right now.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised that soon the NFL will start lining up the same way the XFL does on kickoffs.
  5. Prayers for the family and friends
  6. Franco telling it like it is.. "overpaid jackasses like Colin Kaepernick would have got their ass beat for pulling attention-seeking stunts like kneeling during the anthem." ...gotta love it!
  7. Didn't Mahomes and the Whitehouse Wildcats defeat y'all in 2012 & '13, his junior/senior year? Even giving the Bulldogs their only lost in 2013, ( 63-39).
  8. I bet the 49er players ain't posing for the cameras now. lol
  9. Chiefs need to score on this possession or I believe it's over.
  10. He was on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night eating super hot hot wings with Fallon. Pretty funny. Also talking about all the preparation him and SNL had to do all week before the show Saturday night. Anyone going to watch? I'll probably will or at least record it and watch it later.
  11. Is Kobe more of a legend than Jordan, Bird, LeBron, etc...?? NO. So what they going to do now, change it every time a legendary player dies???
  12. Yeah you're right, Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter, his daughter's teammate, parent and pilot were killed in the crash. Either way it's all tragic news.
  13. Heard on the news it was him and all four of his children that were killed on the helicopter. Very sad. R. I. P.
  14. If he's just going to be a distraction for the team on and off the field again, I'd say I hope not.
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