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  1. ATLFalcons

    2A - Region 3 Softball

    WS 6 LL 0 Final Was able to watch the game. Dont let game 1 score fool anybody. Most of the WS scores were on errors and LL had opportunities. Game 2 will be a slobber knocker!!! LL is legit!! By far the best team WS has faced!!!
  2. ATLFalcons

    2A - Region 3 Softball

    If you have an opportuntiy keep us updated periodically on the score! I wont be able to attend.
  3. ATLFalcons

    2A - Region 3 Softball

    I honestly believe that whomever comes out on top will have to have played their best ball of the year. These two teams will probably get to know each other very well over the next 2 or 3 seasons. Good luck to you all as well!
  4. ATLFalcons

    2A - Region 3 Softball

    West Sabine only has 2 seniors plus their JV did really well. They are also a very young team. This should be a very good series. It appears that both teams are peaking right now!
  5. I am a Freemason, however my brother in law, the surveyor, is not!! I better warn him! LOL!!
  6. I can't make myself support anything LA or any team that Suh plays for. I actually like Goff, Gurley, Cooks, and McVay but not nearly as much as I hate Suh. IMO, he should have been kicked out of the league years ago. I won 't be watching simply for the fact that it doesnt interest me, however if there has to be a winner I would rather see the Pats come out on top.
  7. ATLFalcons

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    Whether you all are aware or not, Newton has some seriously talented young men moving up this year. A very special freshman RB will lead the group!! Not saying they will beat anybody in particular just saying that some of the graduating D1 talent is being replaced with future D1 prospects! They will be very good for years to come!
  8. I am trying to simplify a brief description of the area that I peronally like to keep up with and follow. I'm not here to be google maps. I was simply stating that if you get south of Beaumont area, west of 35, or north of Texarkana I dont follow those closely. I am proud to have several teams in the greater east Texas area that will push deep into the playoffs most every year.
  9. I'm just very proud that we have teams/schools like Newton, Daingerfield, Carthage, WOS, Longview, and a few others that are in our area to give us a contender every year and someone to closely follow all the way to the SC....... I do consider anything north of Beaumont, south of Texarkana, and east of 35 to be our area unlike some that like to follow a smaller coverage area.
  10. WOW! 40 people picked DF to win this game in the pole!
  11. In my opinion for DF to win they had better be as good or better than their 83 team? Are they that good?
  12. ???? Anything east of Newton is in Louisiana?????