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  1. Joaquin by 3 scores... BTW, great debate guys. I have enjoyed reading as I can see some valid points on both side of this debate.
  2. Hey Timbo, maybe............just maybe I was wrong????
  3. Hey bud, I am a fan of SV and reserve the right to make "homer" posts regarding teams, local to me, all that I want!!
  4. Your statement would hold a little more validity had the score been close, but since it wasn't your comment is comical at best. I believe SV is much better than Garrison and will give Waskom a game.
  5. I believe this will be a closer scoring game than most think...... SV has a good coaching staff and some athletes. Once they get the new program fine tuned SV will be a handful for anyone they line up against!
  6. Yes, he was the DC, powerlifting coach, track coach.
  7. Setxsports is reporting that Tod Stark has been named AD/HFC at Hemphill.
  8. Good hire for SA! Tori will do very well.
  9. You make some very valid points and I do not disagree with some of what you are saying. In my profession I have hired many folks that have been extremely successful that on paper were "less qualified" for a particular position than other applicants. This may not seem "fair" to some but I did what was best for my company. However, there are other factors that can be and are more important qualities than job history or even educational achievements. Again, this is just my opinion.
  10. What makes anyone else more qualified for the job than Barnes? He has been with SA through many, many very successful seasons. Has coached and learned under some of the best coaches in the business. He has learned from Lynn Graves, Donald Hubbard, and Marty Murr (very impressive list of mentors). Maybe there will be some applicants that have been an AD at other schools or even larger schools. Do those qualifications outweigh stability in an already successful program with a guy that is a lifelong resident, young guy that has proven that he wants to stay at home, knows the kids, and is respected in the community? To me, the latter sounds like a recipe for continued success. Just my opinion.
  11. This is what I have heard to. I think it would be a very good move for SA. The kids respect Barnes and he is a good coach. It's time for him to have it!
  12. Those districts that you are referencing had schools very similar in size to WS. Talent wise and number wise they were where they needed to be. At any rate, I believe that IF he has the community support he will succeed. Regardless of what either of us believes it is now up to Wallace and Shelbyville to prove one of us right and the other wrong!
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