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  1. I am done with the Texans as long as "the CHIN" is there. This guy makes Jason Garrett look like Vince Lombardi!! XFL for me #hehatethechin
  2. Yep, it happens. Now it's time to put those athletes on the hardwood and upset some folks!!
  3. Refs or not, a lack of discipline has created very untimely penalties that are going to cost SA this game. If they had played a clean game SA would be going to the dance.
  4. Bobcats coach made great adjustments and it appears that SA team and coaches don't know what to do.
  5. For those that dont know I am watching the game live on my cell phone at kristv.com for free.
  6. Wasnt a bad throw and was tipped. Davis came up and made a very athletic and focused play on the tipped ball. Tomato/Tomato...
  7. Yeah but IMO, those INT's were take aways by SA, not gimme's by the Bobcats. They earned those.
  8. SA secondary are giving the Bobcats recievers too much cushion between the 20's. They're wide open. Defenders ar 7-10 yards away when the ball leaves the QB's hands.
  9. Yeah, this is a good thread...... seeing some names that had been gone for a while!!
  10. In the spirit of the season, I am getting back to my roots! SA 62 Groveton 20
  11. I am all for HH, but that unsportsmanlike penalty was a bad call. The EF kid was trying to hold up the HH kid to keep him from falling, he didnt hit him late. These refs do not need to be calling playoff games.
  12. That was the same personal foul out of bounds call that was made on the HH side. Kinda bogus on both side IMO!
  13. Those were very close and could have gone either way. I honestly dont beleive there was any ill intent. Hope HH can clean it up and at the very least keep the score respectable!
  14. EF looking sharp! Pretty impressed with this team!
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