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  1. I dont think so. He had a good game but not near his best. He has had multiple 300 yard games. At any rate, congrats EF. The Jackets played a good game. By far the best QB I've seen this year. Good luck the rest of the way!
  2. Well, if EF and Newton meet up you'll get to see another one.
  3. IMO #3 for HH is the best player on the field. However, EF has several really good players. EF QB is on point tonight!
  4. 36-22 EF at the half HH receives 2nd half KO
  5. EF is passing all over and HH is running it.
  6. Get up and walk around a little every now and then. I really think that helps prevent it from settling in the lungs. I hope that some of the things I've learned and am passing on helps you or anyone else that may read this.
  7. I really don't believe that Hydroxycloroquine is an experimental drug. While my family was fighting COVID every Dr that I consulted with encouraged the use of this drug if there were any signs that breathing or upper respiratory problems were existent. I consulted with 5 different doctors from a local Dr in Hemphill, to our family physician in Nacogdoches, and my cardiologist in Houston, plus 2 doctors at clinics where we did our testing. One of them actually takes it as a prentative twice per week along with all their office employees and have done so since early this past summer. I
  8. I had it about a month ago along with my wife and 2 kids. My wife, son, and I all tested positive twice. My daughter never tested positive but had the same symptoms as us and was sick at the same time. She tested negative 3 times. We all had pretty bad head congestion, fatigue, and loss of smell. My wife had the bad headaches. The sickness seemed to last about 5 or 6 days. Would feel sick for a couple days then feel completely well 1 day then sick again for another day or two. My wife had one day where she experienced a little shortness of breath, other than that none of us exper
  9. Hemphill has the weapons to win this game, however they will have to play their best game of the year, hold onto the ball, and cut the silly mistakes/penalties in order to win.
  10. This young Newton team is going to be a tough out this year, but wait until next year! They are going to be really good!
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