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  1. Lovelady went 4-0-2 in the Hudson tournament and 5-0 in the Nac tournament. Have only given up 8 runs in 12 games. Defense and pitching have been very solid, just need to keep getting better at the plate. Still a lot of work to be done if we want to compete in this region!!! District starts this week. One step at a time!
  2. Softball season is upon us. Let's hear some thoughts on teams to watch. Lovelady tasted success for the first time last year with a run to the regional finals before losing to an outstanding West Sabine squad. WS returns alot of last years team so until proven otherwise, I think they have to be a favorite to repeat as Region 3 champs. Lovelady returns all but 1 starter and adds some really stout freshman. We will start 3, possibly 4 freshman on this years team so we will again be very young. I think other top teams to watch this year will be Grapeland, Leon, Woden, Beckville, Harleton, Joaqui
  3. Had a chance to watch Grapeland the other night and as much as i hate to say it, they will have something to say about who wins Region 3! Pretty solid across the board and can go. 2-3 solid bench players.
  4. Been waiting patiently. I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!! What area are you from 514?
  5. Hopefully you will be ok. I wouldn’t try that on a Friday or Saturday.
  6. You’ll be lucky if it’s there when you get back. They will tow!
  7. Wednesday-Saturday every year for us. 7 years in a row with my oldest daughter and 2nd in a row with youngest daughter. Nothing like spending 30+ hrs of watching football in 4 days with my girls!!!!
  8. That will work too! I’m ready to see Joe in action. Been a couple of years. Hope the players that are questionable are able to go!!!!
  9. It’s time for this thread to get really good. We are on the home stretch!!! I have good friends in both towns so I’m taking this one easy!!! But just for the record, I don’t see Groveton stopping Joe’s ground game. As a result, Joe will control the clock and keep Groveton’s offense off the field. You can’t score FITTY if you don’t have the ball much! Joe by 15-20.
  10. They aren’t even close to Joaquin speed. And you gotta like your chances when you have a 155 lb QB/RB that can bench as much as 4 of the guys on their OL. Just sayin. Gonna be a good game but I think the Rams roll.
  11. More like they are the cousin that owns you every time y’all play a pick up game at the family reunion!!! HOOKEM
  12. Great season West Sabine!!!! It’s going to be a dogfight in Region 3 again next year. See you guys somewhere along the way!
  13. Hats off to WS. They did what they needed to do and took advantage of opportunities. We just have to clean up some things and swing the bats better. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.
  14. GAMEDAY!!!! Who will represent Region III in Austin? Gonna be a heck of a series!
  15. Absolutely. This is only the beginning of some great battles. When you’re starting 5 freshman, the future is always bright.
  16. Thanks Cat. The fruit of some hard labor is really starting to pay off. These girls have missed a lot of social events and birthday parties to get where they are today. Not there yet but getting closer everyday.
  17. No doubt. You guys have rolled through yalls side of the bracket. Very impressed at how you guys have dominated every team you have faced. It's going to take our best ball of the year to come out on top in this series. Should be a great one to watch. Good luck to you guys!!!
  18. This is going to be one heck of a regional final. If I had to be completely honest, I thought we were a year away from being in this position. The youth of this team has amazed me. Going from 4 wins last season to playing in the regional finals is mind blowing. This team is hungry and is not satisfied yet. Come out to Hudson high school and watch these two teams battle it out for a trip to Austin. Lovelady vs West Sabine Game 1- Thur. May 23rd @ 6:00 Game 2-Fri. May 24th @ 6:00 Game 3- (If Necessary) Sat. May 25th @ 9:00 am All Games will be played at the Hudson HS So
  19. Wow what a great game. Lovelady comes out on top 3-1 to clinch the series! Just want to say, Beckville’s players and fans were a class act like always! Hats off to you guys, y’all have a great team!
  20. Lovelady over Beckville 7-0 in 8 innings. What a battle. Each team with only 1 hit a piece thru 7 innings. Lovelady takes advantage of a couple of Beckville miscues and puts together some hits to score 7 runs in the top of the 8th for the win. Back at it tomorrow at 6:00.
  21. GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!! After a tireless search to find out some info on Beckville, all i can say is Lovelady has their hands full and then some. Mentally, I think our girls are ready. I just hope we have the players to get this done!!!!! They keep showing up every week, and I hope this week isn't any different.
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