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  1. As far as staying "healthy", Argyle has already lost a starter for the season on the O-line and a couple of starters on D......one was our best D-line starter senior. But this season Argyle is loaded with talent and depth at every position and has really not seen any differences in quality of play. Argyle suits about 73 for every game.....and pretty much all 73 have seen extensive action so far this season. Argyle can easily suit 10 more when the playoffs get here......and most probably will. The depth and quality is the deepest in Argyle's history......without question.
  2. I watched some of the gameclips of the La Vega/Stephenville game.......both teams looked very good. La Vega never has any clips to look at, but the Stephenville highlights were very extensive and even showed some of LV's scoring plays. Stephenville has tons of speed on the field......I was very impressed on how far they have come as a team from early in the season. You could see how good they were against Melissa......should have really won that shootout high scoring affair. Yet, LV beat them 42-24 last week. One TD reception for Stephenville was waved off for bobbling that was really a T
  3. Both Argyle and Melissa have really great offensive teams......with Argyle having a very good defensive unit as well. Argyle also has a great kicker and special teams which gives them the edge in a close game against an equally good offensive team. La Vega has a very good defense also......good at every position and play well together. Graham surprised me against Iowa Park.......their clips looked impressive. I had Iowa Park winning that battle.......but it wasn't close.
  4. From all the different teams I've been able to watch on Youtube livestreaming.......I would tend to agree with you about the D for Carthage.......they are most definitely Top Drawer in the Top Tier Level.....JMO.
  5. Ranchview was upset for being put into a district with Argyle, Melissa, and Paris......LOL.......and also Kaufman. Terrell and Anna they had no gripes about.
  6. The Fourth Reich has been busy this football season.
  7. The very best thing to happen is that we are playing the games this season as much as possible despite this Covid business......end of story.
  8. It's over now.......no thread on this one. Snuck it in......
  9. SMU 37 Tulane 34 Final in OT.........SMU goes to (5-0) for the season.
  10. It's halftime......so I"m giving the final gig of the SMU/Tulane tilt on TV.
  11. SMU defense picks off the Tulane QB on 3rd and long. Now SMU will get the ball and have their chance for the win. They should be able to win this game now with at least a field goal.......but you just never know.
  12. Tulane's QB is a freshman......I think they said a redshirt fresman.......the Hail Mary went out of the end zone......he's got a cannon for an arm for sure. OVERTIME!!!
  13. Now the Tulane QB takes off and is tackled at the SMU 38 with 7 secs. left. Here's the field goal......a 57 yarder for Tulane now.......short and wide left, but a flag down. Illegal motion Tulane.
  14. SMU & Tulane tied at 34 all with 21 secs left. SMU tries a 57 yd field goal for the win and it hits the upright and richochets off. Tulane has one timeout left and near midfield with 16 secs now.
  15. Only the entire State of Texas.....LOL.
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