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  1. Correctomundo.......not sure but I think one of those coaches was in the Sweet Sixteen.
  2. It was more than just "One Shining Moment" for the Baylor Bears this season.......end of story. What a team and what a season......and a wonderful very capable coach that had 2 previous assistants in the NCAA tournament as head coaches now. Congrats......a very very HUGE congrats to Scott Drew and the Baylor Bears.
  3. And remember.......mirrors don't lie nor do they deceive. They merely allow the viewer to see more clearly.
  4. Just be sure to have at least one mirror at the house that is able to reflect the entire image.....that helps too. So get some BIG mirrors and see what can be possible for you and yours.
  5. Some mirrors are nice-looking and more expensive than others.......but they all work the same way. It doesn't take a special mirror to reflect a fantastic image......cheap ones work just as well as expensive ones.
  6. Big mirrors at home help......both the parents and the students.......if they choose to look into them deeply enough, LOL.
  7. At schools like Argyle across the state, the support mechanisms are in place for the students to find out what can be possible......that makes a big, big difference.
  8. Teenagers don't automatically develop themselves.......it takes support mechanisms in many areas to bring out their best and help them to recognize what is possible.
  9. A quality program begins with outstanding teachers, coaching staffs and community support. That gets the participation rates higher, and then the programs can function and improve from there at a higher level as the competition within raises the level for everyone involved in all facets of the equation.......including and ESPECIALLY>>>support of the parents and the community at large.
  10. What it all comes down to is either your school has a developed program in certain areas of UIL competition or it doesn't and needs to improve in those areas. More students to choose from does help, but participation rates count as a big deal also. Argyle's participation rates in ALL UIL sanctioned activities is off the charts! Then the program takes over from there and the students become very competitive. In most events only so many students can compete at one time anyways......whether sports teams, individual sports events, or other UIL events. All it takes is your very best to compete
  11. BUT........they may just slide by and stay in 4A one more time in this next realignment.......just depends on the UIL numbers from top to bottom.
  12. It will be very interesting to see how Argyle competes at the Class 5A D2 level in all the UIL sanctioned activities next realignment if they do move up. They may struggle in some of the areas at first, but I think we will see them become very competitive in many of the sports and some other categories. Naturally they will be at the bottom of the classification enrollment-wise, but that has never made much of a difference before. They seem to be able to compete with the larger classifications in most sports right now and in past seasons as well.
  13. I'm sure once the disappointment wears off for the Huffman Hargrave Falcons faithful, they all will realize just how special this year was for their school in basketball. It's a huge accomplishment to do what their team did this season.......Hats off to the Falcons for a great, great season.
  14. The Argyle Eagles Marching Band also won the SC title again this season in Class 4A......I don't know how many titles they have now.......quite a few. Looks like Argyle is positioned to win another Lone Star Cup again this school year. They've won 10 in 16 seasons as a school.......last year none were awarded and Argyle was leading again until Covid shut everything down. This is Argyle's 18th season. The Trophy Cases for just State Titles are amazing at Argyle High School.......I have no idea how many SC titles they own in all the different UIL activities as a school. And that doesn't even
  15. Seminole knocked off Decatur, but according to all the experts was favored. Seminole had a championship team until they ran into this season's Argyle group.
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