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  1. I don't bicker........that's wasted effort. I stand for what is true and righteous in the eyes of God Almighty and the eyes of my fellow man.
  2. I do not post on this site to be denigrated by those that would run roughshod using Carthage as their tool. But I will not stand by meekly and say nothing in retort, either. I've said my peace, and now I'm moving forward.
  3. And I'm anything but "nuts". And I'm certainly not a "dude"......try a little respect in life....you might find it easier to get along.
  4. Let me ask you a question.......do you think it is totally unreal that Carthage could lose to Argyle or another team??? Who's being unreal here? Not me. I'm not the one spouting off.....just the one saying hold your horses.
  5. Just keep thinking that......I guess it will give you good sleep at night. Doesn't bother me in the least. I'm a Argyle homer thru and thru and very proud to be one. Nothing you or anyone else can say will change that.....end of story. AND I'm not a Carthage hater.......I'm a realist. I love Texas High School football.
  6. Another cloud-eyed East Texas rah-rah Carthage worshipper. Everybody agrees Carthage has a great program these past 10 yrs......but so does Argyle and La Vega. There ARE some teams that are highly competitive in 4A besides just Carthage.......believe it or not. Many years you just cannot measure the different regions against each other because they are in different regions. There's some quality teams down in Region 4 now in 4A. Who's to say how those matchups would pan out if Carthage was to play one of those teams?
  7. So would Argyle vs Aledo........Argyle has defeated many quality 5A's thru the years in predistrict. In fact.....never lost to a 5A school yet!
  8. You are full of it, Hotshot......I've never discredited Carthage football in my life. Just the opposite, but YOU on the other hand are very willing to discredit other teams oooh so quickly.....very competitive teams with excellent track records. Go find the closest mirror and take a good long look. I hope you begin to see more clearly in it.
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