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  1. 1. Virginia 2. Wisconsin 3. LSU 4. Texas 5. A&M 6. Baylor 7. Louisville 8. Stanford 9. Mich. State 10. Okie State Tiebreaker: 38
  2. I think the FC stands for Football Club.......just guessing. But looks like they may have some players on their team, even though they are in their infancy. Trying to schedule and play meaningful games to establish some success is most likely their main mission this season.......and winning as many of those as possible. But not this week against Celina. But I do think it will be a worthy game for both teams.......but maybe I'm wrong.......it will be an interesting game to follow.
  3. You guys have it backwards........LBJ should be ranked higher than Argyle now, but not necessarily later this season. The Argyle coaching staff is steering the ship and playing so many players early on.......plus holding back the passing game to bring the whole offense together early for the long run. Robinson is a "newbie" QB back there and needs the development time NOW.......even though he is a very athletic type that will show his skills as he gains more confidence and experience at the QB position.......he's pretty darn good now for only 4 games under his belt. IMO.....LBJ is "there"
  4. After the current administrations in Congress in Washington and Texas comes to their senses.
  5. This is definitely a huge game in the District 7 opener for both teams, but not necessarily "to see who finishes 2nd" in D7. Kaufman and Anna are both (4-0) and undefeated, and Terrell(3-1) lost a very tight game last week to a very talented and highly ranked Aubrey team in Celina's district......just sayin'. So this District 7-4A D-1 has 6 teams good enough to win in any week against each other. I would admit that Argyle, Melissa, and Paris are favored over Kaufman, Anna, and Terrell......but the quality of all of these teams is present for any team to win against the other this season.
  6. Yes, most definitely the Bye Week this week fell perfectly for Argyle after such a competitive schedule to start this season with a "newbie" QB leading the offense. This will give Argyle the time and rest the team needs to focus more on the offensive side of the ball for that long run the rest of the season. IMO, the Bye Week this week for Argyle could not have happened at a better time for them. Melissa will definitely have their two most difficult opponents in District 7 to meet back to back. I guess they would rather play Argyle at home than Paris at home......given the choice and the c
  7. Melissa played a very good Midlothian Heritage team last week and really looked sharp offensively and very impressive defensively. That was a game they needed at this point in the season. Paris took their Bye Week last week......so they will have had two weeks to focus on how to defend Melissa and execute their offense while getting healthy for this game.......another interesting factor to consider. Now Paris has the video Livestream of last week's Heritage game vs Melissa to study to further prepare for Melissa this week.
  8. BTW.......I think it matters quite a bit that this is a home game in Paris. I'm pretty certain this part of the equation definitely favors Paris. If this game was played in Melissa then it would be very tough for Paris to come away with a win, IMHO. Paris has already proven they can win on the road against quality teams, and so has Melissa.......but I think the home field advantage really matters when these two teams face each other.
  9. This is a "good watch" kind of game.....two opposing and imposing totally different types of offenses. Both teams have athletes and speed all over the field. Both teams play a different scheme on defense also. Paris will be a bit more physical both offensively and defensively while Melissa will try to beat you technically at the point of attack. Both teams are loaded with very good football players.......Paris and Melissa definitely know how to play football, for sure. This is a very good watch in Class 4A-D1 if you love opposing matchups, folks. Hohenberger leads a ground attack for Par
  10. DCTF has Chapel Hill ranked #4 this week in 4A-D1 ahead of other top teams like Stephenville(also 4-0), CC Miller, El Campo, Paris, La Vega, and Springtown. IMO this is a very significant ranking even though they had them at #5 last week. The record helps......but do you think that CH could actually beat La Vega??? What kind of defense do they have this season? The ranking suggests they should be able to win against district foes like Kilgore, Lindale, and Henderson this season. Not sure about the rest of the quality teams in 4A-D1, but I'd say they would have their hands full with some o
  11. This will be one of those "eye openers" for both coaching staffs to discover what areas are needing to be worked on the most. That's why games like this are important and scheduled in the first place. I will be watching intently just because I'm a fan of good football at the 4A level. Of course it is still a bit early in the season, but not too early to start seeing improvement.
  12. You have Early ranked too low IMHO. I could be wrong, but we should find out more this week. I have no ties to Early......just watching and saying.
  13. Looks like Lindale stuck around and made a game of it, Huh? I was busy with the LV/Argyle tilt and also the Melissa/Heritage game. Good stuff from both teams I'm sure.......a game BOTH teams needed at this juncture. Good luck for both teams this coming week.
  14. If you look at all the top programs in 4A......and even in 3A to a lesser degree, the common denominator for winning and reloading is depth. Building a "winning program" starts with participation numbers, and then depth. At the junior high level first, then the Freshman and JV levels next, and finally at the varsity level......even if the players don't have that much previous experience. Sometimes a guy with very little or no previous years of experience in football turns out to be really good......or a surprisingly effective player on the team......that's depth. Playing the 2nd and 3rd te
  15. As for Zach Ohlemeier, he's the backup QB at this point, a senior, and plays safety as well. I'm sure he will see plenty of action this season at both positions. He's a very capable QB when he does play that position, and continues to improve at that position as he gets more practice and more real minutes in gametime situations. But last season for Flower Mound Marcus he was a starter the entire season at safety and was an all-district choice. Argyle is really in a fantastic position depthwise on defense and offense.......it's just important to make sure that the first two units get plenty
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