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  1. For those of you that need more proof......just remember this. This recession will quickly be followed by a great depression that will pale the depression of the 1930's by scales....with hyperinflation of the American dollar attached to it. Silver will be like gold on steroids.....I hope you are beginning to see more clearly now. The great American dollar....what your wealth is stored in.....will continue to debase as it will continue to take more dollars to buy less. As the stock market bubble implodes, so will real estate values that are also in a bubble they created to keep the American dollar King. Automobiles will become less valuable as well.....they are bubbled too. These are NOT my opinions.....but the opinions and analyses of many many experts in economic models and finance that are following the conditions worldwide on a daily and yearly basis.
  2. From all indications, a return to "normalcy" as we knew it is seriously doubtful. This whole "plandemic" was orchestrated by The Powers That Be(TPTB) and their minions to bring into existence a new money supply and their plans to make slaves of the middle class......especially targeted for the USA. They could not disrupt Trump in his mission to bring back manufacturing and a more stable economy to the USA.......no matter how many ways they tried. They also exhausted all the "tools" at their disposal to maintain control of the money supply and hedging against gold and silver to continually squash their real intrinsic value. They want to break the economy of the USA to move the world into a "New World Order" where they have more control over everything. They also wanted to depopulate the world more as part of their overall agenda on many fronts.......wars, chemtrails, diseases, poisons, gmo's, food shortages, pestilences, racial discord, elimination of national boundaries, false flag events(911)........you name it, they are behind it all. They were in the process of totally destroying the American dollar and the Petrodollar as a stable and trustworthy backing of world trade......until Trump(an outsider of political buyoffs) was elected. He takes $1 as his salary as President, and doesn't need their money. He's also known as "the great fixer" of woeful economic situations and a capitalist to the nth degree.....a mortal enemy of The Elite. So this is what we have now.......a broken economy in the USA where millions will never return to the job they had and thousands upon thousands of businesses will never re-open. They print the dollar at will 24/7 to devalue it even more.......stealing your wealth in the process and knowing all the time that true wealth is not in paper currency. They have been hoarding gold and silver for years......just waiting for the right set of circumstances and the timing to move King Dollar out of the way. Now most of the middle class in the USA.......the last bastion of independence.......is utterly destroyed and will become slaves to their new monetary system they can now transition the world into. Get ready to live in a world here in the USA you could not imagine even 5 yrs ago......even though this One World Order plan has been in effect before any of us were born. This Covid-19 may eventually go away, but the damage will be done and will prove to be irreparable to our economy and our American way of life as we knew it. Unfortunately, this includes high school sports and other sporting events as well. Think of all the sponsors of televised NFL, PGA, MLB, and other professional sports that have been supported by advertising and TV network contracts.......all gone now. And all of those jobs with it! And everything connected to that industry.......and that's just one industry. We are on the threshold of living in a new era on this earth.......in all countries, not just the USA. An era controlled by evil men that would like to eliminate at least several billion of the 8 billion that live on the earth right now. They have their agenda, and their club.......and like George Carlin so aptly put it......We ain't a member.
  3. It's very possible Argyle COULD be 0-4 or 1-3 going into district play in 2020. Don't think that has EVER happened.....not sure Argyle has ever suffered more losses than wins in predistrict play before. I don't ever recall that happening in their history in football, but it could happen in the 2020 season. Let's just say the chances are very good for that to happen against this kind of schedule.
  4. Okay......I checked the schedule of past years. Argyle played Nolan Catholic in 2012 and 2013 and won both games. I reckon Nolan Catholic is looking for some payback now, Huh?
  5. Fort Worth Nolan Catholic is a perennial Division I TAPPS contender most years. They went 11-1 last year, their only loss in the playoffs to eventual State Finalist John Paul II. They won State titles in TAPPS Division 1 in 2011 and 2012, but lost in 2010 to Prestonwood Christian in the final 38-35. They have had some down years after that run, but appear to be back in form again. If memory serves me correctly, I believe Argyle's record against Nolan Catholic is either (2-0) or (3-0). Seems like the contests were close, but I don't think Nolan Catholic has ever defeated Argyle in football. They usually have a good throwing QB and some good players.
  6. Argyle's new 4A-D1 district will have 7 teams......so only 4 nondistrict games as follows: 8/29 Nolan Catholic in Allen(Tom Landry Classic) 9/4 Pleasant Grove 9/11 Celina 9/18 La Vega 9/25 Bye Week
  7. Actually Argyle has 3 D-1 commitments already......they left off Hogeboom committed to UH. And then there's at least 2 others with some offers that are not committed. You don't go 77-1-1 for two seasons without having some talent coming back. I think Argyle has 11 players returning this season. They won't be the powerhouse they have been the past two seasons, but plenty experienced and well-coached in a very successful program for 4A. Typically, they play 5A and 6A only in predistrict and should lose some of those games early this season......so their record will "look" much worse than they really are in their classification. I personally think they will make it back to the final four. I also agree that Spring Hill and PG will be a tough out.....only one will make it to state.
  8. Probably could have and would have made it in professional baseball too......but football became his main focus as "the quarterback". He has all the tools and the intangibles you cannot coach......it's falling off his shoulders. It was so obvious that every coach saw it that paid attention. Now look at him......I guess nobody was blind and nobody was wrong, Huh?
  9. It was like the entire NFL football fandom was sittin' there just waiting and watching.......waiting for Patrick Mahomes to do it again! They were down 10 pts. going into the 4th qtr.......things were looking kinda bleak because so far Mahomes hadn't uncorked anything but short ones. Then out of the blue here it came......after a few key first downs to move those chains. Suddenly it was a 3 pt. game and the Chiefs had life. Lots of time left though, but the Chiefs D stepped up and got their stops. Now that's all Patrick and the Boys needed.......Chiefs dominate the 4th and win the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 yrs. Andy Reid gets his ring.....deservedly......Patrick in the center of it all. He's only 24.......should we ever have doubted him at all??? Just WOW.......I actually shed a tear of joy for the KC Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, and Andy Reid......mainly because I love football and I love this story.
  10. Great summary in one sentence...
  11. But NO CIGAR for you tonight, KF.......hahaha.
  12. He matured into the position and was then paired with the right offensive scheme and team.
  13. But I was pullin' for Clemson....... Oh well.....they've had their times in the spotlight, for sure.
  14. Let the good times roll in N'Oleans.......it's L.S.U. and time to celebrate!!! NOLA!!!
  15. Congrats to LSU on being the best team in the NCAA this season.......they really didn't need any help to prove it. They deserve the trophy and earned it, regardless.
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