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  1. BTW......Cash Walker ended up signing with Unversity of Houston today......a big congrats to Cash. My son is an Cougar alum.......Go Cougars and Go Cash!!
  2. He turned down at least 5 very good full scholarship offers to go to Baylor and contend for the starting QB position.
  3. I seriously doubt that Jason Witten can wrestle away any quality Argyle players to Liberty Christian vs what Todd Rodgers has established at Argyle. It will take some time for Witten to get Liberty Christian's program back to a state contender.......their program over there is nothing compared to AHS at any level. They may be able to garner some youngsters early in lower grades, but AHS and AMS already has better curriculum for free compared to the cost of going to Liberty Christian.
  4. On another more personal note......I finally got to see that Orthopedic Specialist for Rotator Cuff injuries in early January. After reviewing my MRI scans and putting me thru a battery of strength and flexibility tests, it was determined that my partial tear is not severe enough to require Rotator Cuff surgery. That was some serious good news for me considering I'm very active outdoors and love to golf for great exercise and competitive enjoyment. Rotator Cuff surgery involves a minimum of 3 weeks with your arm in a sling after surgery with very very limited movement. Then approx. 3-6 mo
  5. I've been looking out for the All-State teams, but haven't seen them yet. Anybody know when they will be announced???
  6. Here's a little piece of trivia since we are on the subject of big guys and football. Did you know that only 14% of the male population in the USA is 6-0 tall or more? I guess we kinda take it for granted that so many football players are 6-footers(and basketball players too, LOL). So if you are not 6 foot tall or greater, don't think you are under the average.......you are NOT! The average height of men in the USA is 5-9......and even less in many many other nations. So there's a piece of little-known statistical data you can put in your pipe and smoke this weekend......and let your Honey
  7. I forgot to list Caden Reeves(6-5/290/OL). He made 1st Team All-District as a junior last season and was being heavily recruited thru the summer. He sustained an early-season ACL injury to his left leg in the 2nd game of the season and was out all year with the injury on the sidelines and working out to get ready to play at the college level. Not sure and haven't heard any recent updates on Caden, but he's a good one and was definitely a big missing element in the O-line this season. I guess on Feb. 3rd we will find out who else from Argyle signs on the dotted line......I'm praying for Cad
  8. Yep yep yep.......definitely would have been the Game of the Year in 4A......and most probably one of the Top 5 best games of the year in Texas high school football this past season if it had happened......maybe even the best!!
  9. On another note of interest regarding the Argyle Eagles coaching staff.......OC Jason Bachtel has accepted the Head Coaching position at Howard Payne University for the 2021 season. Coach Bachtel has been instrumental in assisting HC/AD Todd Rodgers and the players and other coaches on the staff to help Argyle create a very impressive offensive juggernaut in his few years while at Argyle. He will be sorely missed and we all wish him great success in his future endeavors.
  10. I'm happy to report that all 8 graduating senior starters on the Argyle Eagles offense for the 2020 season will be playing football for Division 1 schools in TEXAS next season......yes, they have all elected to take scholarships offered by Div.1 universities here in Texas and stay home to play and represent. CJ Rogers(6-3/205/QB) had a bevy of choices and late offers from 7-8 D-1 schools that I'm aware of.......4 from Big 12 schools......Iowa State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Baylor. CJ committed verbally to play at the next level for the Baylor Bears on Friday. His #1 Go-to guy Col
  11. Ball fumbled by the Carroll QB......Westlake recovers. Same theme the entire 2nd half.......Westlake's D just dominated in the backfield of SLC and put so much pressure on Ewers he just had no time to find receivers. And lots of times the receivers were covered anyway.
  12. SLC forces a punt and has the ball with 2:16 left and 70 yds to go.
  13. 52-34........score correction.
  14. Daddy's team covered this onside kick, but there was a scramble to get it.
  15. Junior's team just scored again......3 min. left and another onside kick coming up. 57-34 now.
  16. Yeahl......no joke. That opened up everybody's eyes to see very clearly, didn't it! Beating NS was definitely notice given!!
  17. Daddy Dodge's team is showing they are just a more complete ball club than Junior's squad tonight. Kinda expected it to go this way......and it has.
  18. That big bodied #9 wideout for Westlake is as big as Argyle's TE Jasper Lott that had umpteen D1 offers all over the map, but decided to stay home and play at TCU.
  19. That Westlake QB is a good one for sure......just took another keeper around the left side the distance for another score......except for the holding call. But he looked good doing it!
  20. Welp........maybe they are......LOL!!
  21. Looks like Daddy Dodge's team is putting an ol' fashioned whuppin' on Junior's team tonight......even though both teams are totally capable of playing it tight. But a good game to watch so far......SLC ain't done yet.
  22. Katy gets their 9th SC title today.......among the best in Texas with that record. Congrats to Katy on another State title to add to their collection.
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