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  1. I think its ESPN pundits making it seem like because LSU is #1 they have to have a finalist. What he has done is good but there have been DB's who have done more and not made it.
  2. its a grant given to fair skinned white kids.
  3. Rick Barnes should be let go for a better coach IMO. Rick does less with more than any basketball coach in the country. An exit strategy for Mack is being discussed and many think 2012 will be Mack's last year.
  4. BearAlum.....you're stalking abilities are noted and thanks for the info!
  5. Aside from Vince RS Freshmen season RGIII has way better receivers than Vince ever had. Vince had better TE's though.
  6. Byndom all the way....he's the only one with enough speed to do so.
  7. You are only half right....don't be cocky. You better come through on the second and most important part of your promise.
  8. Well its official he has decomitted. When will he commit to Texas?
  9. my friends made this http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-pkGY5E3fXs
  10. This should be a good game. I might go and watch.
  11. You fellows may be to young to remember John David Crow and the 1939 National Champion aggys!
  12. I will not pass judgement on the offense yet. I would like to see it with an experienced QB and see how explosive it will be.
  13. I'm not sure but is that a domestic abuse joke in there?
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