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  1. They selling tickets already? I been waiting to hear when/how they were going to sell them
  2. I know they threw it very well against center raining and very windy the whole game
  3. I agree carthage looks to be unbeatable but any givin night that could easily change stay humbled carthage fans
  4. Lost to who only teams to beat carthage in semis was liberty Hill lavega and elcampo
  5. I could be 100% wrong but I'm thinking this could be a toss up game I think with wos not playing a single good team this year may expose some weakness they didn't know they had
  6. Nvm i read up on rule its only if within 2 seasons
  7. I know we ended up having to play silsbee one year in beaumont so the following year we made them come to Tyler was hoping something similar would happen with wos but since it was so long back I assume it resets
  8. Don't forget last time these teams played wos won flip and made carthage travel all the way to there back yard so I'm assuming if this game happens carthage will get to return the favor unless there is a time limit on that rule
  9. 11 should have his off this game think 5 will have his off the next week and as of now should have 13 back by round 4-5
  10. So r they going to be hour delay on broadcast r does it really not start till7
  11. Just get a subscription to nfhs think its like 11 bucks a month can finish out playoffs and watch a bunch of games for not much more then cost of a ticket to one game
  12. Well seen that there will be lots of tickets available at the gate guess neither fan base travels well so I reckon ill go watch it since no carthage game this week
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