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  1. Yep off , at Gilmer,at pg then home I think against center
  2. And best case scenario it will be 4 more weeks before our first home game
  3. Lampasas lost all respect from carthage after the game last year on how they acted during and after
  4. So as of right now week 5 will be our second game then have Gilmer and pg in back to back weeks
  5. Another thing to consider withe exception of 2010 Carthage has been one of the smallest schools in it's division vs aledo one of the biggest
  6. Carthage only has Marshall and new Caney don't know why Henderson and Kilgore refuses to play us
  7. Gilmer has already refused to schedule is so there out but I could see a pg matchup
  8. Sorry that was in reply to opening post
  9. It sure a possibility with Carthage since having such a hard time finding games bout the same travel as new Caney is
  10. Poor van they thought they was gonna get away from us this year
  11. Only for sure game for carthage is Marshall will have to wait till new district come out before trying to fill the rest I'm sure pg and gilmer will be on it if we go south like most r predicting
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