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  1. Don't forget that Carthage starts the season off with Crosby next year I know be a bunch of different faces but will put 4a d2 champ against possible 5a d2 champ
  2. As a dawg fan its cool but also know its cause alot of states didn't have highscool football so alot of teams were not included because of that
  3. No all code did was give 5 buck discount i got tickets as soon as posted code thinking they may be for better seats but nothing was available on first r second deck except endzones I ended up on 3rd deck bout 35 yd line really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be
  4. Is it really true bout the skull and bone tats for carthage dc
  5. At least they are giving a chance to reschedule instead of just makin team take forfeit are trying to play it missing alot of starters like they did in playoffs
  6. For those that have got tickets was anyone able to get anything on first 2 decks that wasn't at endzone ends?
  7. Well I hope they don't enforce the specified seating cause all that was available was third row and up or endzones
  8. I'm more concerned on #4 13 has not been there since jasper so yeah we would be better with him but not that big of a loss but #4 is a homerun threat every play so he is big asset if nothing more then a decoy to pull defenders
  9. No but I'm not the type to spread personal info on public forum
  10. I promise I'm not trolling if you can get inside info like u said tomorrow you will know too
  11. I'll just say I know for sure he will not be playing but not going to say why not my place to
  12. Well at least what u got us picked to loose by this week is smaller then last week so at least we r improving
  13. Don't forget the overtime loss to argyle in 2011 by missed extra point was a great game we were really young that year and think argyle was #1 was not really post to be a game
  14. Wondering why gunter still has starters playing with such a big blow out in 4th qtr
  15. Yep and they only had one whole game and it was the difference maker
  16. Lol so who were the other 3-4 d1 guys who didn't finish we all know the big two but who else
  17. Guess we will see next year when they all graduate been there during this whole run they have had
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