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  1. I really like this Lovelady team. That defense is tough! Offense will do whatever it takes to win. I would love to see them put a spanking on Refugio! Is the big DE 28 getting any college interest?
  2. Keep rolling Mineola. Would like to see y'all back in the championship game this year.
  3. I feel Carthage is a team on a roll. Silsbee probably was the toughest team they will see. Carthage by 3td this week. As far as the WR go. They get the job done and that's all that matters.
  4. This Mineola team is fun to watch. I like them by a couple TDs plus.
  5. A very good team is going to lose this week. Rooting for Teague.
  6. Carthage is an amazing program. They keep rolling this week. Don't really think Silsbee has a chance in this one.
  7. Way to go Lovelady! Good football team! Sounded like one heck of a game!
  8. 95 yrd kick return TD Malakoff
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