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  1. Agreed. T-High, might’ve been ugly but still dominant from most accounts I’ve heard. Defense is llllllllegit. Think the O-Line will struggle with the more athletic D-Line’s but they got dudes everywhere. Also, nice to have the District #1 seed not pee down their leg in Bi-District. Way to represent. PT, couldn’t be happier for Coach Lane. Don’t personally know him, but have followed his story and and his teams. Think they have a shot at Nederland. Like a good one. Both 2 vs. 3 games played pretty even. Felt both 3 seeds could’ve won. Thought WH outplayed Montgome
  2. Agreed on all accounts. Disciplined vs. Undisciplined. Started as soon as teams walked on field. Willing to bet they’re blaming it in refs as well. Congrats Lindale. Finish it.
  3. Thought New Caney was supposed to be solid? Marshall folks like to thump their chest about beating a 5A D1 playoff team.....are they no good? Know how the Mavs ended up.
  4. Ags about to get ran out of Auburn, literally. Can’t tackle, and counting on an inconsistent QB is no recipe for success.
  5. For the record, I in no way believe this a 100% Nac win. Have no allegiances to anyone, just a fan, as the name states. I’d call this a 50-50 game. Have seen WH-Marshall, PT-Marshall. Saw some livestream of Nac-WH, and watched Nac-T High. IMO, they have an offensive philosophy problem. And it baffles me when a place that has the athletes Marshall has doesn’t develop QB’s or O Linemen. Not all on current staff, and actually thought it was super impressive what the staff did with Savion and the offense last year. Defensively they are legit. Have seen freshman and JV, and I honestly don
  6. In a throwback to 1987, seems like a few teams in this district (Nac, MP, WH, Marshall) are more adept on the defensive side of the ball. Love to see it, especially in this day and age.
  7. Not sure you guys can beat T High, but Marshall is very beatable. Like, not very good. Defensively, their athletes give them a chance. Offensively, they are lost.
  8. MP has some grown men playing on that D Line. Overall, defense flies around and does a good job. Offensively, I have no words. Got 2 cats who could be 2 of the top WR’s in the district. An extremely shifty, tough RB. Offense seems to have no identity.
  9. T High should roll. If their receivers are as good as I’ve heard they might have career days. Think T High is the one team in the district who has the advantage in Jimmy and Joe department over Marshal.
  10. Most A&M folks I know, myself included, would love for that top combo to be our full time uni’s. Love the shiny helmet with the bigger logo. Plus the all white combo in that uni is my all time fave.
  11. South Carolina at Kyle, Georgia in Athens, LSU at Death Valley. How they end the season next year.
  12. Dude got worked by OU’s RT all day. Never understood all the hype for Goldilocks.
  13. As much as I have read, he just hasn't earned it. Take this this with a grain of salt, but A&M was supposed to have a loaded D-Line and they try to keep guys fresh. Keke and Henderson seem to get the bulk of the snaps. I see Chevis, a converted LB, on the field more than Mack. Mack has his moments when in and also has his hiccups. I honestly thinks he does his own thing too much and doesn't play his technique which is another reason for our mediocre LB play.
  14. Indeed I did. Typical trap 11 am game. Typical A&M screw job. It's great being an Aggie fan lol.
  15. They'll beat UTSA. Ole Miss will beat them. Fournette will make this crappy tackling defense look stupid. Imagine some Big 12 team will beat them in a whatever bowl. Don't post much here anymore but I was talking to my dad earlier this week and called this. Obviously didn't expect Knight to go down, but this defense has been suspect to me for a while.
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