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  1. Most A&M folks I know, myself included, would love for that top combo to be our full time uni’s. Love the shiny helmet with the bigger logo. Plus the all white combo in that uni is my all time fave.
  2. South Carolina at Kyle, Georgia in Athens, LSU at Death Valley. How they end the season next year.
  3. Dude got worked by OU’s RT all day. Never understood all the hype for Goldilocks.
  4. As much as I have read, he just hasn't earned it. Take this this with a grain of salt, but A&M was supposed to have a loaded D-Line and they try to keep guys fresh. Keke and Henderson seem to get the bulk of the snaps. I see Chevis, a converted LB, on the field more than Mack. Mack has his moments when in and also has his hiccups. I honestly thinks he does his own thing too much and doesn't play his technique which is another reason for our mediocre LB play.
  5. Indeed I did. Typical trap 11 am game. Typical A&M screw job. It's great being an Aggie fan lol.
  6. They'll beat UTSA. Ole Miss will beat them. Fournette will make this crappy tackling defense look stupid. Imagine some Big 12 team will beat them in a whatever bowl. Don't post much here anymore but I was talking to my dad earlier this week and called this. Obviously didn't expect Knight to go down, but this defense has been suspect to me for a while.
  7. A&M might be #4 in the SEC West. Definitely not in the country.
  8. He just keeps us updated on all things aggyland.....but Texas should win. Kansas would likely lose to all the JUCO's in that state.
  9. Didn't read the article, prolly not going to. But this quote seems like garbage to me. Sherrill, Stallings and Slocum all had roles at A&M after their coaching careers ended. Matter of fact, Sherrill and Slocum still work with the university.
  10. Pretty pathetic offensive performance. O-Line can't block. Can't even create a crease in a 5 on 4 situation. Receivers have got to be tired of getting hung out to dry. Not sure if Allen is hurt or if he just isn't ready to compete with the top tier of the SEC but Sumlin and Spav stuck with him way too long this game. RSJ is finally turning into the receiver I thought he could be. Defense has adjusted well. Spav's 3 and out offense just seems very elementary. No rhythm, just pick something and see if it works.
  11. Hamel's said he would reject a trade to the Astros. Rangers need bullpen help. Kela and Tolleson are about the only one's I'm comfortable with. Edwards has a lot of trouble throwing strikes. Freeman is hit or miss, looked awesome in LA against the Dodgers then couldn't throw a strike in Chicago. Detwiler should've been gone a long time ago. Maybe we can find a sucker out there and get rid of Elvis and his ridiculous contract.
  12. More like 6 the first game and 7 the second.
  13. UCLA's DC just left for the same position for the Falcons. Talk about shady. Leaving on NSD after the majority of the ink has dried. Wonder how some of those defensive recruits feel. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/ucla-dc-jeff-ulbrich-reportedly-heading-to-the-atlanta-falcons-193147167.html
  14. But he made a lot of money on subscriptions the past 24 hours lol. It's pretty ignorant how all these sites are nowadays. Pretty much write what you want to get some subs.
  15. Just got Mack. Think that finishes up the class unless there is a big surprise. Only one left would be Roquan Smith, who committed to UCLA this morning but has said he still hasn't decided. Don't expect him tho.
  16. Ags just flipped Louisiana RB Bussey from Tennessee. Nice little addition.
  17. Thought I read were Harrison was already throwing. Will try to find the link when I get to a computer.
  18. It's to the point now if he ends up in Aggieland, awesome, if he ends up in Ft. Worth, good riddance big boy. He's definitely enjoying this process and his back and forth is impossible to keep up with. Just think a kid like him could be an instant upgrade at DT for us. But if he ends up at TCU, we won't have to face him so I'd be ok with it. Boyd and Hill would be an amazing get, but think it'll be to little to late with Hill.
  19. Would love to finish with Boyd, Mack and Lodge, and a suprise from Hill or the OLB from Georgia Chavis is flying to see today. Lodge is the only one I can really see right now. If we got the transfer from Wake Forest, that would be a huge get IMO.
  20. I might be a dingbat for considering this, but I would love to see Harrison come back in his 2012 form which I know is asking a lot. Still eats at me how his back detoriated after that contract. He was gonna be a good one, and still have my fingers crossed for him. Perez I think can be a solid bottom of the rotation guy, as well as Martinez. I can say this though, think the rotation is light years better with Gallardo.
  21. Was one of Tech's better recruiters. Young guy with a Super Bowl ring. About all I know.
  22. Corey Helms should be in this weekend too. Was a Freshman All American at Wake Forest. Would be a huge get with Matthews going into his Sr. year. Helms would have to sit out next year but would be able to step in in 2016.
  23. You do realize Chavis is 58, and that 'young, energetic coach' LSU went and got is 56. Should really do some fact checking before you write your novels predicting the future.
  24. Not sure if there are any Rockdale fans here who would know, but I'm just curious. What's the deal with all the David brothers that came out of Rockdale? All seemed like legit players with D-1 offers and you never hear of them again. Know one was playing JUCO a few years ago and was supposed to head to A&M but couldn't qualify.
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