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  1. Reminds me, what happened to that ME RB who had 1000 yds in the first three games last season?
  2. We were in Mansfield playing Daingerfield while Aledo was playing in Cowboys Stadium in 2010. They kept announcing Gray's TDs over the PA during our game, and the Aledo game ended before ours. When they announced Gray had ran for eight touchdowns that night, the Yoe crowd was all looking at each other like, "WTH???" Crying shame he didn't make it on the next level.
  3. Cameron Yoe 1987. Ranked #2, lost 34-27 to #1 ranked Cuero and Robert Strait. If we had tied, Yoe would have advanced on penetrations and first downs. Everyone knows this was the actual state championship game.
  4. Said it before, I'll say it again. Maurice Clarett and Marcus Dupree.
  5. Got to remember, he's looked so great so far because he's been playing against high school defenses. D1 NCAA is going to be a whole other game. You're talking about him being the only star on the team and thefocal point of the entire offense - What that means is that OU's, K State's, U.T.'s, Texas Tech's, Oklahoma State's, Baylor's defenses, they're all gonna key on him. He better hope Patterson gets him some support.
  6. You're right. The flu didn't shut down the world or collapse anyone's economy, despite being much worse and deadly. Every year. With a vaccine.
  7. I'm all about facts and logic. And given all the actual evidence, I don't understand how anyone can conclude that our governments didn't too far with this shutdown. Ralphie May, God rest all his chins, once told a joke about terrorism shutting down an Anheuser-Busch distillery. If we're real fans, then on top of everything else, if Texans get told there'll be no high school football season this fall... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lwO1uaHSwOw
  8. I would also like to submit The Battle Of The Bell between Rockdale and Cameron Yoe for consideration as one of the best rivalries. There are so many fascinating facets to this rivalry! For starters, I'm not aware that any other rivalry presents a comparable foundation - Two small towns only sixteen miles apart, but the two biggest in the same rural county, separated by a river. So many residents of either town who are either related to, friends with, or business associates of members of the other community. Fifty-one weeks of the year, we generally get along famously. Yoe holds a decided edge in the rivalry record. But Rockdale claims the biggest butt-whoopin' in the series. Yoe has the most state titles - Four, to Rockdale's two - But Rockdale got one first. From 2010 to 2017, the Bell went to the state championship game six times, going home with the winners four times - Three with Yoe and one with Rockdale. Despite the long history of the rivalry, Yoe and Rockdale have met in the playoffs only once. You can call Georgetown ISD or Georgetown PD and talk to someone working that night and ask them how it went. Both teams even currently have a former player in the NFL! Then, there are the legendary fan antics, including a Tigers helmet made from a pumpkin placed on the bust of C.H. Yoe in front of the school the night before the BOTB pep rally, a toilet left on the 50 yard line of Tigers field, and even the Bell itself being thrown in the Little River, among many others! Hope this qualifies! LOL!
  9. Mr. Smoak - In case no one else says it, at least one of Coach Paul Tyson's Waco Tigers teams needs to be honored. Either the 1927 team, or - I think - the '21 team (I've been trying to confirm stats). The '27 team "went 14-0 and didn't give up a touchdown until their 10th game, which must have upset them. The next week in a playoff game, they took it out on Houston's Jeff Davis, 124-0. The '27 Tigers beat Abilene for the state title and, finished with Texas teams, invited one from Cleveland, Ohio, to come to Waco, where they beat the Ohioans, 44-12." *Dallas Morning News The '21 team went 9-0, scoring either 526 or 567 points, depending on the source, while allowing none (So averaging either a 58.5-0 or 63-0 score for the season), in fact allowing only one team to even cross midfield the entire season. They may have hit 100 points in a game that season too, can't confirm. The only reason they didn't win the state title was because they weren't yet members of the UIL.
  10. Not enough *Facepalm* in the world. https://www.americafirstprojects.com/opinion/woke-madness-proposed-nfl-rule-change-draws-backlash/?fbclid=IwAR1v0e8Y6u9fHaqXM8fBnGY03rGu5VjJYEDw50OREa-pp5cH1OuCX5FLNYo
  11. 1> I follow all the playoffs. 2> The playoffs are only six rounds. So at least four rounds would have to be "deep." 3> Nope. 4> If you just want to play football, you and your buddies can find a vacant lot and get together whenever you want and play however you feel like playing, and not worry about running drills or working out or getting yelled at by coaches or having to keep your grades up. If you choose to put in the work to earn the right to lace up your cleats, strap on your helmet, and put that Yoemen jersey on on Friday nights, the whole purpose of taking that first step onto the practice field in August is to take your last step off the field at Cowboys Stadium in December. 5> We need to go back to the way it was - District champ gets a first-round bye 6> Not even sure. We rarely miss the playoffs. 7> Not sure offhand. 8> I follow all the playoffs. 9> Waco ISD Stadium! LOL! 11> if I can. Wish we hosted more.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29152007/mlb-shortens-2020-draft-40-rounds-5%3fplatform=amp
  13. Like the article I posted pointed out, Hurts is very comparable to Deshaun Watson. I could be wrong. You know how it goes. But I'm betting given the right circumstances, and Philly might be just that, he's going to do in the NFL what he did in college - Make a lot of people regret underestimating him.
  14. I got a wrinkly, sweaty five-spot says everyone else is way too high on Tua. WAY too high.
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