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  1. You know, I debated responding to this. But come on - Are you seriously comparing sitting, or even standing, strumming a guitar to marching precise yet abstract patterns and timings amongst 50 to 150+ other performers? We've had two boys in band for six years each. I've spent my fair of time around the band and I've seen the work these kids put behind their passion. No,it's not a contact sport. I roll my eyes so hard at people who say soccer players are just as tough as football players. I've also played guitar myself onstage. No way would I compare that to the effort of marching bands.
  2. Hey, I didn't say either was better! Just said that WWE was stupid for not doing it! Of, course they're stupid for a lot of stuff. But they had Rock and Cena talk smack. SMH
  3. I notice everyone who predicted Rockdale is silent...
  4. Okay, it's that time of year! First BOTB in Rockdale's new stadium - Is Yoe going to get revenge for the loss on their new field? Or are the Tigers going to get redemption for their loss to Troy?
  5. Yeah, when I finally looked into him, I read that he had wanted to play in Texas, but no Texas programs really wanted him. Hell, 'bama only took him to essentially fill a slot, never expected him to be as good as he is.
  6. Not to get off subject, but WWE absolutely whiffed by never having Flair and the Rock get into a trash-talking contest.
  7. It happens. Not like Channelview is a hotbed of football talent. Hell, I can remember when Pasadena wasn't either. I pay pretty close attention to recruiting, and I don't even remember hearing Hurts' name until he was winning in Tuscaloosa. What grinds my gears is, 'bama did sign the guy, he ends up winning the starting job and quarterbacking them to a national title, then they kick him to the bench in favor of Tua. Then he has to come in the fourth quarter of the SEC title game and save their season, and they kick him to the bench again. So now I just really want to see him get a shot at knocking the Tide out in January.
  8. Yeah, the props thing has gotten out of hand. Especially when it comes to contests. Competition should be based on the performance of the musicians. I'm not going to mention to anyone in Yoe Nation that someone complained about bands playing during the game. You don't mess with the mighty YOEMEN BAND.
  9. From what I read, most major Texas programs didn't recruit him, the rest didn't really chase him.
  10. Hmmm. Has any other starter played in, much less won, two of college football's biggest rivalries playing for two different teams?
  11. Tigers keep rolling, or is this the Trojans chance to make a statement at home?
  12. Just want to see Jalen Hurts lead the Sooners against Tua and Alabama in January.
  13. Dude, I've been hearing all these threats from Graham and Barr, etc, for over a year. They haven't done jack squat yet. I want to know why not.
  14. Hunter Biden joined the Navy at 43/44. Odd enough in the first place. Not only had to get a waiver for his age, but another for his drug use. He wasn't commissioned but for ONE MONTH before he was kicked out for cocaine use. Remember, this guy has a LONG history of drug use. Remember drugs and his wallet being left in his rental car in Arizona. Immediately after getting discharged, Hunter was appointed to the BOARD of Burisma, Ukraine's largest private producer of gas. (By the way - Take a wild guess of all countries that have donated to the Clinton Foundation scam, which one donated the most? Yep, the same country whose oligarchs fund Crowdstrike, the company the DNC hired to "inspect" Hillary's email servers) Anyway, how did Hunter get this job? About two weels before Hunter got this appointment, his dad Joe Biden - then Vice President of the United States - "encouraged" Ukrainian leaders to do so, despite the fact Hunter had ZERO experience or knowledge to qualify him for such a position. Not only was he paid $50,000 a month, but a money transfer of THREE MILLION DOLLARS was made through Latvia, Cyprus into Hunter's accounts in the U.S. The top prosecutor in Ukraine was investigating corruption and getting ready to question Hunter about his deal with Burisma and the apparent money laundering of the $3 million, when Joe leaned on the Ukrainian government and threatened to withhold $250 million dollars in aid from the U.S. unless the prosecutor was fired. Not told to back off. Fired. The prosecutor was fired, the investigation into Hunter and Burisma was dismissed, Ukraine got the aid, and Joe went on TV and BRAGGED about it. In 2013, VP Biden took Hunter on Air Force Two to China where Joe was doing U.S. business, and all of a sudden China sends 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS to Hunter Biden's company. Some of this money went to a company called Henniges, which makes very sensitive equipment for the U.S. military. But get this: Guess who else was involved in Hunter Biden's deal with China? Then-Secretary of State John Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz and famous mobster Whitey Bulger's nephew Billy Bulger. Keep in mind also that Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Jr is COO of a Viscoil, a company that imports oil from the Ukraine and is owned by two felons, one of whom is Russian. And a lead investigator into a $200 BILLION DOLLAR money laundering scheme in (Guess where!) Latvia just turned up dead in his yard. But nah, let's investigate President Trump.
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