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  1. You really believe everything the news tells you?
  2. Would opposing players kneel when they see it? Could be an advantage...
  3. Here's an interesting point. The nations that the media is telling us have been hardest hit by Coronavirus - Italy, China, France, Iran - have all experienced anti-government movements in the last year. ...Probably just a coincidence, I'm sure
  4. Yeah, as was stated, think Rick was... involved to some degree. No one said anything to me about money, but I wouldn't be surprised at all that that was an issue. I would bet Rick suggested Jack, or suggested the job to Jack... Anyone have an idea who the DeSoto coach might be?
  5. So, I went straight to... the horse's cousin's mouth, so to speak, and asked Rockdale people what rumors they're hearing. Apparently, Rhoades for sure (Jack, I'm told) and some coach from DeSoto seem to be the two candidates they are most certain of...
  6. Really went off there. Surprised you didn't say anything about players performing with the band at halftime.
  7. I don't know how many times I've heard the rumor his wife is in Cameron house-hunting...
  8. NCAA football? Top eight teams in a playoff, conference champions only. NFL? Fine the way it is. UIL football? Should go back to the last playoff structure: District champs get a first-round bye. NBA? First two rounds should be best-of-five.
  9. If you're referring to the coach it strongly seems you're referring to, I can tell you with some certainty that said coach also has a son who's an assistant coach... a tad north. And rumor is said coach's son is also interested in seeking employment at a program in a smaller, more rural classification. And by rumor I mean he said it to my face.
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