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  1. Not just her. Am I the only one who remembers all the Democrats in Congress getting up and walking out on Netanyahu?
  2. "When losing a debate to logic and facts, simply accuse your patriotic opponent of racism!" Chapter One of the "Lib Arguments for Dummies 101" coloring book.
  3. And this kind of nonsense is why I don't care about pro football anymore. I am beyond tired of hearing guys who get paid millions upon millions of dollars to play a game whine about money. Thank God I live in Texas, where REAL football is played on Friday nights right up the road from wherever you're at by players who put in the work and play the game with true passion. For $5 a ticket.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't we score three TDs in four plays?
  5. How good is Madisonville supposed to be this year?
  6. It's cute how some get so triggered by the very mention of YOEMEN.
  7. "American" leftists: "The right are hateful, violent fascists!" and "America is a horrible, oppressive, elitist empire!" Also "American" leftists: ANTIFA. And "You can't think/say/write/do that because it goes against what we want!" And "We could go to any one of the two hundred other nations on the planet, but we really like Starbucks and Walmart and Whole Foods and taxpayer-funded welfare and the freedom to say what we want and dress how we want and have sex with who we want, etc!" Can't spell "Democrat" without a capital "hypocrisy."
  8. Well, darn, they can't all be Democrats.
  9. And this is on top of the lavish trip a lot of them took, with entourages, to South America a couple months back.
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