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  1. Well, darn. I wasn't aware you live in Cameron and associate with coaches and fans and boosters and other citizens here. I humbly and sincerely apologize for daring to think I might know more than you about what goes on in what is obviously your town, and I heretofire concede to your innate wisdom and infinite knowledge of all things Yoe.
  2. Most members of Yoe Nation are aware that the coaches aren't solely responsible for the issues in the foitball program. Again, that's what we're pretty sure was one of the reasons Brashear was hired for - Because he would be more... "compliant." I've had brief discussions with more than one coach in recent years wherein I was informed that one of the biggest drawbacks is an inability to discipline players...
  3. Who says the program wasn't disciplined under Rhoades? I will say this: I talked to Coach Brashear on more than one occasion. As AD, he told me once that they were having a hard time finding coaches and even teachers because people would rather take private sector jobs where they got paid more and didn't have to tolerate kids they couldn't discipline. So as far as the discipline goes, that might not be a "coach" problem, and might be a "parents complaining about their kids being disciplined" issue. Word is that Sprinkles gave Brashear three days to turn in his resignation. Despi
  4. Bro... I didn't get to watch the game. There's a truck stop in Cameron I slept at when I was homeless a couple years ago and I went there to watch it on the TV in the truckers' lounge, but apparently their satellite doesn't carry Fox Sports SW anymore. So I went to the library and sat on the steps to yse their wifi to keep up with Mike's FB updates. By tge time I got there Canadian was already up 14-0. We all know what that means for a running offense against a spread. Not good. But then Franklin started coming back. And I'm pacing on the steps... Next thing you know, tied at 21. The
  5. Well, there's a lot of youth on that team. There was a lot of letting receivers get free, and half the time a defender got a free shot atshoat QB they ran straight at him and he juked 'em, even with a bad foot. At some point guys needed to figure out to pull up and keep from running right past him. Just all stuff coaches need to address in practice. But the tackling was atrocious. Also - and this has gotten bad in Yoe Nation too - The crowd has got to make more noise on defensive third and fourth downs. A crowd really can screw a team up and cause false starts and missed adjustment calls
  6. Almost this entire thread can be filed under "Well, THAT Didn't Age Well." Mad props to Briles and Mt. Vernon. "Tasty Crow Recipes" trending on Google.
  7. I actually was at the game and got called over by Coach Fannin's parents. Was a humbling honor that they recognized me and wanted to talk to me - They're great folks! But I told them, and I told my buddy Mike - If I was a player I woulda been at the fieldhouse this morning waiting for the coaches to get there, and I'da told 'em, "I'm here to do tackling drills." I legitimately started to wonder if the Buffalo players had sprayed their uniforms down with non-stick cooking spray. Between the fumbles and the poor tackling, that game should've been over in the first half. I hope these kids don't g
  8. Ummm, that's essentially what the article says. The article doesn't say these people didn't have Covid. This info was released by the CDC. You don't find it odd that flu deaths have dropped to zero? Come on, guys.
  9. Has anyone heard about a Mineola fan caught dressed in purple and hanging out somewhere behind the Mt Vernon bench I guess relaying plays to someone on the Mineola side?
  10. https://thewashingtonsentinel.com/cdc-quietly-admits-that-less-than-10000-really-died-from-covid-19/
  11. There is a young lady on FB who isn't an investigative journalist or a political activist - She's just a concerned average citizen - who is compiling reports of election *ahem* "irregularities" reported by witnesses, such as poll workers, and her feed is FULL of information. And she doesn't even have ALL of it. Steven Crowder, for example, has exposed even more. And EVERY. SINGLE. INCIDENT. benefitted Biden?! And the media is telling everyone that this was the most secure in history and there is no evidence of fraud??? And adults with no mental handicap or serious brain trauma as an excuse jus
  12. Really? Nobody's got anything to say about this fight?
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