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  1. There's not a "Holy ####" emoji, so I'm just going to say it here. Still, I always say "NEVER take ANYTHING for granted."
  2. The hires have been questioned since day one. Then some of the personnel assignments. And according to "the word", that's almost all attributable to the administration and their friends.
  3. The administration is the main reason we have this staff. I hope voters remember that when they're up for re-election.
  4. Coach might need to focus on D for playoffs. They're not gonna score 45+ every round. That being said, Fannin's had a heck of a rookie season. Mad respect for my second-favorite team. Hope they keep it up.
  5. Lorena @ Yoe Or, you know, we could just walk them right down the field with penalties. Lorena 7-0 after one possession. Offense showed some spark, but sputtered. Sure looked like pass interference on that drive-killing 3rd down. Lorena 7-3 Leopards fumble, Yoemen in business on their side of the field... Ends with a hard-earned 4-yd TD pass. Yoe 10-7 Okay, anyone watching the game - Is it just me or was that the second pretty obvious pass interference by Lorena that didn't get called? Zeinart evens up the turnover margin with an INT at the Lorena 15, Le
  6. Well, everyone's gotten spoiled to playing at Cowboys Stadium. And it's easy for people who have made it there to say that. But there a lotof fans who have missed out on what in most cases is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see their team play in a state championship game because the 1A-3A games are held Thu morning-Fri morning. The ones I've talked to have said they would give up Cowboys stadium for the games to be on Fri nights and Saturdays so they can attend.
  7. This topic has been discussed before, and I know almost everyone on this forum likes all the title games being played at Cowboys Stadium. But I have talked to a LOT of fans and coaches of small-division programs who have said that if Houston or San Antonio could get their stadiums up to Dallas standards, or near as possible, they would appreciate being able to also have their championship games on Friday and Saturday so more fans could attend and all the students involved wouldn't miss school.
  8. Hey - Just what are our district standings looking like?
  9. Weelllp, defense wasn't the problem. MacGregor pinned 58 on this Troy team. We couldn't manage 21??? With the talent we've got on this team???
  10. I'm thinking it's Texarkana High in Texas vs Texarkana High in Arkansas, but can't remember for sure.
  11. Mind if I suggest that you also list each ranked teams next opponent? Like Rank-Team(Next Opponent)-Last Score
  12. You're talking to a guy whose team got tagged for 80 points by our dreaded rival a couple years ago. Hey - What are ya gonna do? Kudos to them. Hell, they held us to 144 yds total offense Friday before last. And they ain't Grandview. I'm an also an Aggie. Was I a tad perturbed when Denny let Bob Stoops hang 70 on my boys at Kyle Field? Bet your pimply sweaty ghost-white behind. But I hadn't thought about it in a couple years or more until just now. It happened. You learn from it and you use it, and you move on.
  13. Better be careful before you get an invite to meet at the fieldhouse.
  14. The year SMU returned from the death penalty they faced Lou Holtz's power house Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who put their third string in the game in the fourth quarter. They also played Andre Ware and the Houston Cougars run-n'-shoot, who kept their starters in to pad stats and hung 95 points on the Mustangs. When asked later, guess which opponent the SMU players said they felt showed them more respect?
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