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  1. I'm an '80s guy myself, although I dig Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Doors, Eagles, Floyd. But as a headbanger (not exclusively), I just can't stand by and let Maroon 5 enjoy that label. My younger brother and I were hanging out a little bar shooting darts in our small town once, and I put a couple dollars in the jukebox and played the only non-country songs it featured - Tom Petty and Steve Miller Band. A little while later, I returned to play a couple more, and this full-on cowboy - Resistol, brushpopper tucked into a huge beltbuckle, Wranglers tucked into Justins - leaning on the end of the bar piped up and asked, in the most cliche drawl, "Heeyyy. You ain't fixin' to play no more o' that dadgum heavy metal music are ya?"
  2. I've seen claims that they're actually Antifa thugs, but haven't been able to confirm yet.
  3. Ummm, sir, unless you are being facetious, I can assure you from a position of experience that Maroon 5 is about as "headbanger" as Eddy Arnold.
  4. 88YoePride


    President Trump bragged on an ICE agent who was responsible for saving women from the illegal immigrant sex trade, and today leftists are scorching the guy on social media for being an ICE agent. This is the mentality we are dealing with. #WalkAway #MAGA
  5. Not like we all don't know, but this needs to be used as a prime exposure of the propaganda machine of the left to further their anti-American agenda.
  6. 88YoePride

    The Browns Keep On Brownsing

    Condaleeza Rice with severe brain trauma = Belichick compared to Ocasio-Cortez or Waters. Or Pelosi. Warren. Jackson-Lee...
  7. ... Wait - Did this guy just call Maroon 5 "some headbanger noise group"??!!! 🤨
  8. Mark my words - It won't be long before this hits Texas too...
  9. 88YoePride

    My Way-To-Early 3A DI Top 25 Rankings

    Yeah, the subvarsity looked really good, so hopefully any of those who come up will at least maintain the level of achievement, if not improve it. Line play and kickoff coverage have to improve. Period.
  10. 88YoePride

    Grandview HC

    Sooo, if he takes another job, Jantsch (?) possibly transfers?
  11. 88YoePride

    What will 3a D1 look like next year?

    I guess Yoe's just returned to "dreamkiller" status...
  12. 88YoePride

    My Way-To-Early 3A DI Top 25 Rankings

    Someone in Franklin doesn't agree they should be ranked so high...
  13. 88YoePride

    📺 Liberal activism destroying sports, entertainment

    Somebody has to say it. More of us need to, and stand up against it.
  14. 88YoePride

    ESPN All-Cen-Tex