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  1. If anyone is in the area or can make it over, lease come to the Yoe-Franklin baseball game at The Yards in Cameron on Tue, Apr 23, and bring family and friends! Profits will be donated to the relief efforts in Franklin!
  2. You do know how Ilhan Omar got elected, right? Not that she's specifically an illegal. But Obama did have refugees and illegals bussed to certain areas known to be conservative voting areas. In fact, that tried that up in Farmersville. And I just saw a video made in West Virginia where they're moving poor citizens out of a certain subdivision so they can move illegals and refugees in. Haven't heard too many illegals and refugees express a particular interest in settling a relatively poor area of West Virginia.
  3. They want the illegals and refugees to saturate conservative cities and areas to affect the voting. NEVER doubt that the left has an agenda. And you better believe that WE had all BETTER get up and figure out a counter strategy, or they're going to win.
  4. 88YoePride


    I wish I could pull a video off Facebook. Best I can do is point you to my conservative page where it's posted. A video from Sydney Hernandez of CBS 4. Straight up shows that ads are running in Honduras, El Salvador, etc, telling people to jump the border and get benefits. My page is "Bring Back John Summers".
  5. 88YoePride

    ☪️ "Religion of Peace"

    If I could pull a video off Facebook and paste it... Best I can do is point you to my page where it's posted. Clears it right up. "Bring Back John Summers"
  6. 88YoePride

    Prayers for Franklin

    BIG prayers for our Franklin Lions brothers and sisters, from Yoe Nation!
  7. I hear from Dems all the time about how tax money from their states go to fund red states like Texas. A friend and I were in one of the subdivisions off Capitol of Texas Hwy and I don't even want to know what their property taxes are like. Has anyone offered to cut spending? Or invest in cutting state costs by actually expelling illegal aliens?
  8. 88YoePride

    🤡 Sandy Ocasio-Cortez is a commie moron

    I really want to see the evidence behind these claims of all these terrorist acts by white men.
  9. 88YoePride

    🤡 Left Wing radicals will re-elect Trump

    Founder of the #WalkAway Campaign, Brandon Straka, was recently accosted in an airport by a young lady triggered by his MAGA cap. This was his response. You know, because conservatives are the hateful, intolerant, oppressive ones.
  10. I know a couple social media platforms heavily patronized by farmers where this link is fixing to get posted...
  11. 88YoePride

    🕵️ Deep State vs. Trump (Russia Investigation)

    Almost as funny as wackjob Waters making herself look stupid on the student loan issue. Almost.
  12. Doesn't matter. Prager was far from the only one to post it. It's all over Facebook, too. The video of her testimony and the video of her making Congressperson Lieu look stupid. Nadler made himself look bad in that video. Narcissistic piece of trash. But yeah, just another prime example of the fascist left suppressing truth and logic because it threatens the narrative of their propaganda.
  13. 88YoePride


    Hell, here in Texas there were at least five major busts of attempted election tampering or voter fraud. Still waiting to hear if any of these are being prosecuted...
  14. 88YoePride

    🏈 Alliance of American Football

    I had a sneaking suspicion when they let a franchise owner personally invest the money to keep the thing going. Something just felt sketchy... https://www.cbssports.com/aaf/news/aaf-2019-what-went-wrong-and-what-happens-next-following-leagues-sudden-shutdown/amp/
  15. 88YoePride


    Ummm, how is "a big beautiful concert wall" not a plan? Might not be a plan you like. Still a plan. Still a better plan than the ACA.