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  1. Read where you have to report your health care plan , to get it estimated as to what it is worth, so taxes can be collected. I guess teachers and govt workers will get hit on the part the state or schoold district pays? This ought to be called the " If you have a Cadillac plan, you are going to pay for it, because you do not deserve a better plan than any one else" type of health care plan. obummercare, hope the middleclass who voted for him are happy!!
  2. bobamba wants everyone who against him to change. I bet he got the Boy Scouts to change to his persuasion too!
  3. obama is set to issue 19 executive orders. No one will stand up to him. America is becoming Europe. Might as well get used to it.
  4. with YOUR money!! Citicorp bailout, then he got the bonus. Yep , he takes care of the little guys!!
  5. Couple those taxes withsay a $100extra in rising gas and utility costs, and boom we are going backinto worse rescession--just what obama wants.
  6. Tried to tell them!! Even had some tell me "you say that cause he is black".
  7. ^^ Make sure she tells her peers that the tax rates that she has are BUSH tax rates--not obama tax rates and that the SS and upcoming obamacare deducts all belong to obama!!
  8. Ha. With just rabbit ears? If their were some cooking shows on for my wife, and since A&M is on CBS, I think I could survive. As I am on computer and watch local news only!! Back to discussion-- I take Rush with a grain of salt, but he did say rich, with assests and capital gains were taken care of ( ie rich libs and GOP establishment) who is going to pay more? Youngsters and new money, and it is their desire to get them so downtrodden that they do not work and want the guvmint bennies, thusly broadening their voters. Makes sense to me--reeducating without telling them they are
  9. ^^ That is what I am hearing. My working kid has just announced cable is first to go. I am thinkin too of cutting mine off too.
  10. and also I would say lower middle, working class--know they just got hosed?
  11. Higher taxes ,and the obama care taxes to kick in? Lots of folks who believe in spreading the cheer will see their checks lighter. Wonder then who they will blame? It is all supposed to be the other guy that pays, and not the middle class right? ;)
  12. Factoids: obamas daughters go to a school with 11 armed guards. I go to church with armed guards. Over 1/3 of schools already have armed guards. Most deputies I know would jump at the chance to moonlight at a school, and do it cheap too. In high schools, you could teach an explorer or police academy elective with a armed peace officer and get two birds with one stone. Super One has armed guards. CNN reporter who ripped NRA guy sends his kids to school that has armed guards.
  13. We are supposed to get over it--they are in charge. The lamest excuse, I have ever heard.
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