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    I graduated from Frankston High School in 1989. Was All District in Football and Basketball. I ran track, but I never had any real speed! I attended SFA and am now currently in the education business.
  1. Thanks, I'll see if they have any openings.
  2. I am trying to fill my track and field schedule and I'm looking for meets around February 26th, March 11th, and/or April 1st. We are a 2A school in Longview. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bryan Hood East Texas Charter School 903-753-9400 [email protected]
  3. I am looking for a small school track meet in the Longview/Tyler area during the April 2-4 window. I have VB, VG, and JVB. If you have something you can e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks.
  4. I'm glad to see Frankston is off to a good start. I was a member of the '86 team that did so well only to lose to a very good Kerens team on an ice covered field in the third round. (I was also on the 88 team that didn't win a game, but that's a different story.) I know that the team we had then was not picked near the bottom of the district, and as wins kept piling up we recieved very little attention. It wasn't until we beat state ranked Winona in district that we were given any recognition. So my advice to the players is to enjoy the fact that other people think that you have played nothing but pushover teams. It will work to your advantage. The important thing is to keep continue to work hard and approach each game one at a time. It is good to be confident, but be careful and don't let that confidence become arrogance and hurt your preparation. Good luck to the Indians for the rest of the season and I look forward to getting back down to Frankston and watching this team for myself.
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