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  1. i don't see leath being number 1, more likely number 2... methvin should be the number 1 this year
  2. 1 problem with your reasoning here... "the robbins kid" graduated
  3. I think Garrett Methvin will do a pretty good job filling the role. and i agree it's going to be a fun district
  4. Spring Hill used pretty much 1 pitcher throughout district last year and it seemed to work just fine. That being said he also kept hitters off balance well and had tremendous offspeed stuff.
  5. when LH can put up the numbers to beat a Gilmer team WITHOUT THROWING A PASS, i wouldn't have much confidence in my defense either
  6. you're by far the best recliner coach i've ever seen... didn't you coach the cowboys to there superbowls in the late 90's?
  7. I think Gilmer and Spring Hill will fight it out for the top spot this year. Spring Hill is returning several young players from last year's team and picked up Methvin from Hallsville to handle some pitching. I think Gilmer lost 3 from last years team? so they will be competitive. Not sure what Mineola has coming back but i think they lost 6 maybe more to graduation after a great run last season. White Oak could battle not sure who they have coming back and Sabine doesn't impress me to much and could possibly play spoiler to someone who isn't ready to play. Gladewater should fight for the
  8. how can you not trust an aggie? Aggies don't lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do! lol it should be a good game
  9. I would love to see Sabine get a win in this one... They came out against SH in the first half and played well... if they can do that for an entire game against WO I can see them winning this one
  10. have you ever seen a game? its way more exciting and fast paced than football. ESPN U shows lacrosse all summer too.
  11. I am playing lacrosse for the first time now that i'm in college and i absolutely love it! Why isn't is as big in high schools?
  12. hey haven't seen you on here lately... i'm doing good... college is a lil hard... but i still haveta say my panthers are gonna come out with a win on friday but we'll see... and to whoever said SH doesn't have many playmakers other than fudge... it's not about the star player it's about the team!
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