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  1. So you saying Stuts was on the 1986 mile relay team at Austin?
  2. Eliminate it. People should not have to pay taxes on what is paid for or could be taken away for failing to pay. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/09/22/texas-greg-abbott-property-tax-bail-special-session/
  3. Wasn’t a kickoff return. Was a punt return of 70 yards.
  4. Abolish no, update yes. Start with a balanced budget amendment and term limits.
  5. Let the parents start officiating… Eighteen high school football games, primarily in West Texas, have not had enough local officials to help referee the game, causing the Texas Association of Sports Officials to send in officials from major metro areas to help out. “I never thought I would see the day that we had a shortage of football officials in Texas,” said the association’s Executive Director Michael Fitch. While the pandemic has certainly played a role in the decline, Fitch said aggressive fan and parent behavior has become even more of a problem. “We’re OK if you w
  6. No one individual is the best from DF. Too many good ones. There’s more to the program before 1983… Hulen Missiledine, RB Wayne Hill, RB Lester and Floyd Fleming Scotty McCain, All State OL Eddie White, FB Arthur Moore, DL Marc McDaniel, QB Floyd Rivers, WB Chris Hall, HB Clarence Young, OLB William Chism, All State LB 3 consecutive years Sam Ewan, All State OL Terry Lee,HB
  7. Thanks for the updates. Gave up on the camera feed.
  8. Thank you. Someone cleaned that lense. Much better now.
  9. Please go tell someone on the cameras to clean the lense..lol
  10. Eddie White, Chris Hall, Floyd Rivers 1968. As good a trio of Tiger running backs ever.
  11. Yes, much improvement is needed. They tout they care before the child is born;anything after that it’s hands off.
  12. Texas continuing to fail children… TYLER, Texas — The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services released its latest report today emphasizing a dire need of 669 additional beds statewide to help with the increased number of children. More than 325 children in Smith County are desperately longing for a place to call home, but there aren’t enough families to help. https://www.cbs19.tv/amp/article/life/family/east-texas-foster-children-sleeping-in-hotels-and-offices-due-to-low-number-of-foster-families/501-959d3117-71c5-48cc-87c1-8b0dbb070353?__twitter_impression=true
  13. It’s pointless to try and reason with some on here. There’s a reason why bees don’t try to convince flies that honey tastes better than cow….
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