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  1. I think 5 should be a sub section of a full parental problem called lawn mower parents. 5. Lawn mower parents. They are the new hybrid coming out who no longer hover, but push through to get their way because they make above 25,000 in a town. They are used to running the local little league programs, the men are deacons/elders at the church (God forbid a woman is in charge of anything in the church except the youth program), and they're a 5th generation last name that doesn't hold up anywhere else. This is to include: 5A. The little league dad. He was either cut by the coaching staff or wasn't even a starter on JV. It's not his problem his kids genetic pool can't make it out of a rain drop but rather you as the coach because he won games as a "coach" whether it was in football, the baseball fields, softball fields, Little Dribblers, AAU Track, or all of the aforementioned. He is notorious for screaming "throw the ball" on running plays and "run the ball" on passing plays. Little junior will never live up to his expectation but because of his perfect specimen drop off it can't be all on him and will start to critique other players and blame your lack of knowledge or ability to build relationships with kids as junior's short-comings. 5B. Hover Mothers- Usually these are divorced folks who feel that it is their job, their right and Gods calling in their life, as an adult, to right all the wrongs that they perceived was done to them and then through injecting past experiences on present situations they then play the knight in shining armor to save their princess ( and most of the time it is their son) thus they feel better about their past and now the guilt of their past is redeemed through the blood of coaches, or anybody else, who reminds them of one of their ex-lovers
  2. He's probably one of the top of the line assistants he's talking about. Congrats on your move up from 7th grade c team volleyball.
  3. There'll still be like 80 applicants.
  4. I heard that Kerry was seen leaving the facility there after dropping flowers off to his momma. Rumor has his next stop was into the admin building.
  5. DING, DING, DING!!!!!!
  6. If you look into what I wrote you'd know what I'm talking about.
  7. I know a guy who could come in and maybe get it going. He has a big "chip" on his shoulder already.
  8. They did separate it but they posted for a boy's AD position also. For a school that size that's very interesting.
  9. I'll go ahead and say Daniel Swaim. I heard he was seen at Bubba's grabbing a quick bite on his way to "drop by".
  10. I thought he still had to go through the school board approval tonight?
  11. You can also go to www.passthetexes.com and they have study materials on everything but administrator's exams. You can download the e-book and it's pretty straight forward.
  12. I heard they told him that he needed to shave his body hair because he was too scary for PR purposes. He declined because there's no clippers powerful enough to get through that man-forest.
  13. The job posted on THSCA today. Good luck and hopefully you don't get a "Dear John" letter.
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