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  1. I only saw them in a scrimmage, first one of the year, and it didn't take long at all to figure out that they may just be playing up in Jerry's World come mid-December. Good luck SA.
  2. Fairly certain this is incorrect.
  3. #6 is? From what I have seen #33 looks like a monster. I have only seen Arp play one game, but #33 looks like he is a man among boys. Not knocking #6 at all, I just hate to think they have a player tougher than #33 on defense.
  4. Both teams will have their hands full. Beckville will compete a little more than most think though. We will be outmanned physically and in numbers of kids every week, but we could say that same thing about last year, and we were fairly successful. I know Troup will have some legit athletes, but I think the Bearcats will find a way to pull it out. Beckville 28 Troup 27
  5. Prayers to #44 for a speedy recovery.
  6. I think Hemphill will show us whether or not our defense has taken the step needed in order to compete in our district. They are really big up front and seem to run the ball fairly well. I feel like we will be able to put points on the board, and as long as we can get three or four stops we will be ok. I'll take the Bearcats 49-36.
  7. The Beckville offense is as good as the scores show...they can move the ball very quickly, and I think they will be successful all year long. Now, what does 55 and 77 points against Shiro and West Sabine equate to against teams in our district...I am not sure. I am hoping somewhere between 35-45 points a game. No disrespect at all to to either of the teams we have already played, but the teams in our district are on a completely different level. IF we can get a couple of players to step up on defense in key situations and make a play here and there, i think we can compete in the district. But, if we continue to need 60+ points on the board to win, we are in for a very long district schedule. I have faith that after a couple more weeks our staff will have more kids in positions to make plays. One thing is for sure...it doesn't matter if the score is 7-0 or 77-66, the effort from our kids will not be a factor. These kids play hard for 48 minutes, and I am proud to be a Beckville Bearcat. Go Blue !
  8. KJ Davis will be a man this year...not disappointed that we don't play against him, but disappointed that I will not get to watch him this year. SA in a landslide.
  9. I have been going back and forth on this game all weekend having played both teams...I believe that if Burrell is able to play 4 quarters, Shelbyville will win this one handily. If he is not involved in the game, I can see Lovelady jumping on the Dragons through the air early, and the Dragons aren't built to play catch up. I felt like #1 for Lovelady had some big runs and a good day, but all in all we were able to contain him fairly well (I am guessing he had around 150 rushing, but it seemed like it took him 40 carries to get it). I don't think he will do quite as well against the Dragons this week. Their defense is legit with or without Burrell, in my opinion. #25 will wreak havoc in the backfield all game long, and they are extremely physical. Lovelady's passing game is actually a good thing here, because that is the way to attack Shelbyville. For anyone who has not seen Burrell, to call him a game changer is an understatement. I don't know who all the Lions have played, and I gotta say I don't follow football extensively outside of our district and area, but I will almost guarantee you that if Burrell plays it will be a level of physical that the Lions have not seen all year. He is fun to watch...the harder you hit him, the harder he goes. I actually enjoyed the Beckville - Lovelady game, and am not taking anything away from their team...bad calls or not, they won the game. I have been pulling for District 10 the whole time, but I feel like I want to see Lovelady pull this one out. If #32 is on the field for the Dragons...send all 11 his way every play, and make someone else beat you. The kid is that good, and even though he is playing against you, you can't help but enjoy the show. Go Blue !!
  10. I think you misunderstood Gethit. This dude is from Centerville, and apparently is overlooking the Dragons and the Bearcats. He is talking about a Centerville rematc with Lovelady.
  11. I was going to throw in Beckville's duo of Jacari Reed and Rahmon Mitchell, because they get the job done week in and week out. But, if I'm picking one guy that I've seen this year, Burrell is hands down the best. I've watched several players shut it off after 3 or 4 licks from our linebackers, but the harder you hit Burrell, the harder he runs. In my opinion, that kid could be successful at the next level.
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