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  1. Most Popular LPGA Photos of the Year

    What happened to the Natalie Gulbis girl? Not that i have anything against the girls that eats with the chopsticks or anything
  2. Golf kills off the dumbest rule in sports ...

    Starting to think golf may be a sport. But if it is why would you need so many sub-games like Wolve, two-man this or scramble-this, or 'handicapped-one-armed-scramble-jackpot-match-play-celebrity-jerkshank?' Maybe we should ask Kirt or Trueblue before we commit to naming it a sport of sorts? If it is a sport is tetherball, wiffleball, bumperpool and rockem-sockem robots a sport too? Just askin'.
  3. No golf Mav. Caint get the danged ball to go forwardt. True Storie
  4. That Albert Kamara boy is for real. He reminds me of a younger Doomy. I played B-team tennis though, and reserve JV right fielder as a senior.
  5. NFL playoffs.

  6. Golf kills off the dumbest rule in sports ...

    Well I use the word sport loosely. However if golf would ad a blitzing rush by a pro linebacker to each dude's shot, I say yes definitely. True Storie
  7. Who could ever run out of Tannerite or Salt-peter?
  8. TABC Rankings Jan. 8, 2018

    On the 2A I see Tenaha and Shelbyville boys. But I caint find ol Beckville and Joaquin?
  9. Rams

    One and done. Take it to the bank
  10. Nobody, I say nobody, hates to see hog damage on their place worse than me. I won't be poisoning none though, fair chase and traps only.
  11. Wish the Cowboys woulda pulled ol Mahomes into camp before somebody else did.
  12. Yep. He made some offence. You a yeah or neay Kirt?
  13. 2018 Cowboys Offseason

    Personally I feel they should send Dez to the receivers Clinic over in Desoto Parrish. Would like to see Tony Romo given a shot to run the '0' at training camp this off season too.
  14. Who would vote to bring back oL TD Tony Romo?
  15. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Don't think the E-Hawks could sit enough players to let the Boyz into this game. Maybe ol Dez could catch and hold on to the danged football for just one play tho