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  1. Doomer

    Fifty Shades of Communism

    Canada has free health care and education. Tax rate is working towards 60℅ for the ones that works.
  2. Doomer

    Soccer Poll

    Anybody ever seen this boy Scott Sterling play futbol?
  3. Hey if the dude does whack it clean off it will be one less prik for the Libritards! 9 million more to go. TrueUp
  4. If this gay freshman fella does do what he promised, would he be converting from a political activist to a wide receiver? Just askin'.
  5. Doomer

    Lawn Chair Grill?

    Haysead says they gots a place in Okinawa wheres you can bet on the Cobra/Mongoose fights. #TrueStorieTM
  6. Doomer

    I'm in the market for a smoker...

    Shaunda was a smoker. I miss that girl
  7. My Momma's house. Best food, lowest prices! #TrueStorieTM
  8. You thankn like me that the Redevil mascot might be messing with these slaps minds?
  9. Doomer

    Boys/Girls Basketball Scores

    Beckville beat the Overton boys Friday 75-35 Gary girls lost at Cushing 65-29, game was much better than the score tho
  10. Doomer


    Hey you could zip around from the donut store to the JippyJ, then the school house in no time flat. Nothing is more fun than a new G-Cart! TrueStorie
  11. Doomer

    QB controversy in Philly?

    Smart man. He will never get a fair shake there.
  12. He was actually better at Minnesota maybe. I've only heard good things about him. RIP
  13. Aw now, heck to the naw! Tru-Up
  14. Doomer

    Boys/Girls Basketball Scores

    Sheblyville boys beat Joaquin 79-49.