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  1. Yes. This may be what the Boyz needs to send'em straight over the top RedFly. TrueStorie
  2. I felt like McCarthy might be the guy too but a man at ZippyJ's says it's between Zimmer an Kubiak
  3. Thankx boy at ZippyJ's today says Zimmer or Kubiak is final 2.
  4. This is absolutely the best 8-8 Cowboys team I've ever seen.
  5. Cowboys take control on Zeke reception, 13-3. Put this'n in the books. Dominat
  6. Yep. There's a wwwwwwwholeeeeeeeee lot of of old Doomy in that boy there. Jerrah could do a lot worse than that man to give Sunday's pregame pep talk. #TrueStorie.tm
  7. Could be DallasCowboyzBlockheadAward. Just sayin
  8. Does anyone's TV still work? I cannot check score. Sound an picture out all 4 sets.
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