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  1. Tenaha vs. Burton

    I heard they are playin The Monsters next. Ol Herman Monster looks pretty salty but Eddie and ol Grandpa can prolly be Man-handled IMHO. True Storie
  2. Week 15 Pickems

    Jaguars Cowboys Saints Broncos Bears Chiefs Ravens Panthers Dolphins Vikings Cardinals Eagles Rams Titans Patriots Falcons Tie Breaker.....Jaguar sacks vs. Texans = 3
  3. Tenaha vs. Burton

    Panther is a black stealthy cat that would try to sneek up behind bigger striped cat and lunge to try to disable him from the back............only to get mud-stompded and dismantled by the Bengel, then prolly eaten. Tru-up
  4. Coaching changes

    Karnack football coach gets the ax for sure. Haven't even scored in several years, and absolutely no defensive continuity.
  5. Tenaha vs. Burton

    Ol Burton might be feeling like theyz diving for pirranahs with beef-jerky swim suits. Tru-up
  6. Thinking ol LaVega, or whoever might be feeling like they gots on some MilkBone flavordt undershorts! True storie
  7. The 2017 Smoaky's

    Yep give 'Ol Kirt the salty-ol-farrt award. He's so old he farrts dust and his social security number is 7. I still enjoy him being on here tho.
  8. Dez and Brock

    I will pray for that kid Brock
  9. Cowboys @ Giants

    Stinkin Foles playing like a pro-Bowler.......dangit, Philly wins. Does this mean no playoffs?
  10. Cowboys @ Giants

    Yes. The Cowboys are just simply unSTOPable.
  11. Cowboys @ Giants

    Ol Dez Bryan jus tied up the game with a Superbowl like catch and run. Things are tyed up and Cowboys look to be taking control. Dilley dilley
  12. Goodell extension

    I hope if Smoaky admins ever comes to their senses and bans me, that Spacegolfer comes out the woods in my defense. He has been a faithful lacky for 'olTony, and a stand up guy. True storie
  13. Best Coaching job in East Texas

    'Ol Therwanger coached the Timpson Bears to a second place finish and is now meetin' back up with the Tenaha Tigers in the Region III Championship in Carthage tomorrow. True Storie
  14. Goodell extension

    Dilly DILLY