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  1. Yep behind visitor's concessions!
  2. Shelbyville got rolling in a thriller over Deweyville last week. Doomy says Dragons dominates 35-12
  3. Doomer

    Cowboys @ Washington

    Rest of schedule looks pretty good for Zeke to show out
  4. Doomy likes the tracks at Timpson and Garrison. Don't know who or where Bearcats playoffs will be yet though. Too early to speculate.
  5. No one has ever said that to '0l Doomy before.
  6. If this is a playoff game, the Center Roughriders is off this week. They have turf, good neutral site.
  7. A lot of them boys ain't no 6'6" but they got enough twin brothers to surround ya real quick like! TrueStorie
  8. Hey Blue82, I think Bremond and Grapeland is perrty recent!
  9. Doomer

    Jaguars @ Dallas

    Watch out men, I'm a legend in my own mind today! Tru-Up
  10. Doomer

    Cowboys @ Washington

    Cowboys will beat the brakes off these slaps. Prolly 34-10
  11. Doomer

    Jaguars @ Dallas

    Doomy IS perty dern close on this one. I have been off before though!
  12. Doomer

    Jaguars @ Dallas

    How bout them Cowwwwboys? 24-0
  13. Doomer

    Garrison vs Beckville

    Yes they will, Dawgs won't score no 42 though. Not saying they may not score at all though.
  14. I think the Ramz will beat them till they like it.