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  1. Doomer

    Tiger vs Lefty $10m Match Play Event

    I heard these two ol boys social security numbers is just three digits long. True Storie
  2. Doomer

    Smoaky.com Celebrates 16-Years...

    I love my friends at Smoaky.com. This site is a wonderful alternative to working or having actual human interactions. Thanks for doing the things that makes this site the best-of-all.
  3. Doomer

    Bilbo's EITHER/OR game!

    Back to da chaaapah. Best Darren on Bewitched, Dick York or Sergeant?
  4. Which is best the real football or soccer? I'm confussed cause Cowboys got rid of Roma and Dez. Wittens gone. Been watching world cup and France and Argentina is tied at halftime. Think i may be a futbol guy now.
  5. Reminds me of my old Fatheads! Once got Diorama real bad from eating the SuperBurrito at El Guapo.
  6. Doomer

    Phenomenal Eight Grader

    Rumor going around Deadwood that Saban has a verbal that he will play for 'Bama. TrueBlue may or may not know more.
  7. Awesome season for BHS! Would like to see a banner at Zippy J's.
  8. Stoney is making a mockery of this years draft. TrueStorie
  9. I think Jerry and Red will put up a SuperBowl team this year. They gots to feel the pressure from dropping Dez and from missing the playoffs.
  10. Doomer

    Doomer at the Golf Range

    I can see where the old frozen ice-pond golfing COULD be considerdt a sport!
  11. Doomer

    4A Region II District 16 Baseball

    Cool. Thanks DOB.
  12. Doomer

    All-Smoaky 2017 Teams Released

    That list looks like a lot of hard work. Don't think I could have done a better job myself.
  13. A good leader makes the same decision whether he is dating the teammate's sister or the coach's daughter. He aint worried about feelings and junk like that. He prolly got at least a B+ average at the classroom too. Folks aint crossing their fingers to see if he's gonna be in the lineup Friday nite, ya know. True Storie
  14. Doomer

    4A Region II District 16 Baseball

    Ever since i was a wee lad Carthage has been winning championships. It's what they do. This time Center beats em head to head three times and leads D16 11-0, Carthage is second at 6-4. What up with that?
  15. Doomer

    Sporting Event Bucket List

    Might even see a few future future NFL linebackers in that game!