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  1. Rest in peace Gino. 93 is an impressive lifetime.
  2. Doomer

    🏉 XFL

    Cowboys old school jerseys do stink
  3. Yes a poll would be great. TrueUp
  4. Doomer

    Cameras out yet?

    Set mine out today. Three cams
  5. Doomer

    2A - Region 3 Softball

    Region III is the real dealio!
  6. Yep, if i was the ump, I'd just step back and give that catcher a second to take over that situation. He was on it!
  7. Doomer

    DCTF 2A Pre-season 2019 Top 10 Rankings

    Man, guess District 22 is the new District-O-doom. TrueUp
  8. Doomer

    Salt Lowers BP For Most

    Old doctor always say something else but hey.
  9. Doomer

    Flu Outbreak Shutters Texas School District

    I'm thinking maybe school let out at a good time to let them germs die down on campus. Can't imagine what's gonna brew up at the waterslides.
  10. All i take perty regular
  11. Point of Order there, Doomy; It has been a couple hundred years since Ol' Nancy Pelosi qualified as a "girl." That being said... if there ever WAS an old hag beggin' for a "B"-Slap, it would HAVE to be her! Yep old Nancie's mind is going downhill quick as her face.
  12. Doomer

    2019 Dallas Cowboys Draft

    I say put both them boys in fresh on passing downs and tell'em to meet in the middle of the backfield
  13. Now that goes a good ways back, TrueStorie
  14. I got Dak and Mahomes 1-2 , Rodgers -Rothlisbereger 3-4 Brees 5, then Brady, 6 , Manning and Ryan 7-8, then Wentz n Wilson rounds out the top 10.