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  1. Yes. This may be what the Boyz needs to send'em straight over the top RedFly. TrueStorie
  2. I felt like McCarthy might be the guy too but a man at ZippyJ's says it's between Zimmer an Kubiak
  3. Thankx boy at ZippyJ's today says Zimmer or Kubiak is final 2.
  4. This is absolutely the best 8-8 Cowboys team I've ever seen.
  5. Cowboys take control on Zeke reception, 13-3. Put this'n in the books. Dominat
  6. Yep. There's a wwwwwwwholeeeeeeeee lot of of old Doomy in that boy there. Jerrah could do a lot worse than that man to give Sunday's pregame pep talk. #TrueStorie.tm
  7. Could be DallasCowboyzBlockheadAward. Just sayin
  8. Does anyone's TV still work? I cannot check score. Sound an picture out all 4 sets.
  9. Boyz bounce back with a field goal to start tying things up. Eagles up 10-3 now. Another Forbath kick pulls bigD to within 10-6. Boyz prolly dominates second half tho. They done spooldt off six straight points.
  10. If you are really 'Whachin an Stackin', go with the knockdown power of the Glock. .45 cal or .44 mag for home defense?
  11. Yes Boyz obviously ride roughshod over the green Birds. Beats em like a redheaded stepkid. Zeke has more yardsnscores then folks can count. #TrueStorie.tm
  12. Thanks fellers! Always good ta be appreciated. Thankx for the kind words
  13. Pretty close to Galloway, Shiloh an Sabine river on fm2517
  14. New kicker obviously made this a hole new team
  15. Cowboys are dominat now. Simply unbeatable. They just needed to get on the samepagerolling. If that's a word
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