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  1. Atl is getting playersback that have missed a few games...think Gladewater will win but dont count out the Rabbs
  2. think SH beat em last year if I recall correctly, however, I could be wrong...schedule is better without a doubt & staff has done a good job...team is better than last years version
  3. keep an eye on Liberty Eylau...they will have a opportunity to get in playoffs this year... 2-1 at this point which compared to last year is tremendous work by that coaching staff
  4. and have not made a dent in the local population
  5. at Some point in the early 90's there was an exchange of extracurricular activity in the parking lots after a couple of games and that put the hiatus on
  6. think we got at least one more generation before Pitt/MP starts up again
  7. Pittsburg & Mt Pleasant - only series I know of that was discontinued due to shots fired
  8. Federal guidelines sent out yesterday recommends all schools currently closed should stay closed... hey Abbott has cover to make that schools closed order
  9. I will agree with you on that start date...hate seniors last semester was tanked but it was necessary
  10. they were football coaches and will say it takes another person to keep up with the fouls and such...just too complicated
  11. In football playoffs schools can & will make money...in other playoff formats you are correct
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