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  1. Prosper’s new school, Rock Hill, will have to be in that district too.... making it a 9 district team
  2. Will there be room? There are 9 schools in that district already.
  3. Same for Marshall. if we end up with Greenville... that’s 2.5 hours. Ennis and Corsicana are each 2.5 hours. Prosper is 2.5 hours. Terrell and Mesquite are over 2 hours. Unless we get lucky.... sounds like Mavs are going to get some road time the next 2 years.
  4. Which alignment do you prefer? East/West or North/South? And for the I-20 and south group.... would you prefer region II or III? Why?
  5. If they go for an East/West alignment.... I think it'll be something like this: Crandall Mesquite Poteet Carrollton Creekview Rock Hill Ennis Corsicana North Forney Terrell Forney Texas High Mount Pleasant Sulphur Springs Marshall Hallsville Pine Tree Whitehouse Jacksonville Nacogdoches --------- If they go more North/South It'll be something like this: Texas High MP SS Poteet Creekview Rock Hill North Forney Forney Sulphur Springs Corsicana Ennis Terrell Jacksonville Nacogdoches Marshall Pine Tree Hallsville Whitehouse Greenville is the wildcard. They could go into either of these districts... OR they could join the Frisco/Denison district. JMHO
  6. Where do they go? They have to land somewhere. Putting them with deep East Texas doesn’t make sense. Going to come down to if the split of the 5A districts is more East and West or North and South.
  7. I think we could see some interesting things in 5A D2. Lindale is dropping down to 4A Div I Texas High is dropping down to 5A Div II But.... these schools could affect things: Crandall is dropping to 5A Div II Kaufman is dropping down to 4A Div I Mesquite Poteet is dropping to 5A Div II Carrollton Creekview is dropping to 5A Div II Prosper Rock Hill will be in 5A Div II Of course there is Ennis and Corsi in 5A Div II DISD will have a 5A Div II district of it's own (Adamson, Conrad, Jefferson, Kimball, SOC, Spruce) BUT..... Justin Northwest, Midlothian, Road Oak, Frisco Reedy, and Royse City are all leaving 5A Div I and moving up to D1. Potential 5A Div II schools that could end up in East Texas Districts: Crandall Mesquite Poteet Carrollton Creekview Rock Hill Ennis Corsicana North Forney Terrell Forney Texas High Mount Pleasant Sulphur Springs Marshall Hallsville Pine Tree Whitehouse Jacksonville Nacogdoches
  8. Too many other schools moving around to make it that simple.
  9. East Texas 5A D2 predictions: Texas High, MP, SS, Greenville, Terrell, Forney, North Forney Marshall, Hallsville, PT, Nac, Jax, Whitehouse Corsi and Ennis go South or west.
  10. I think there are ton of variables....some we haven't even mentioned that could affect all this. Namely..... who drops/goes up to find a place for Corsicana and Ennis. Terrell? Forney? Greenville? Sulp Springs? Royse City? West Mesquite? Poteet? Texas High? Longview? So many moving parts.
  11. I agree..... I'd prefer to see LP and Nac stay in East Texas districts..... but for now.... seems like that ship has sailed. Nac has a better chance of remaining IN ETX because there are so many 5A-D2 schools in East Texas that can be grouped together. LP is tougher because of geography AND a lack of East Texas 5A D1 schools. They are forced to travel no matter where they go.... so South makes the most sense. Ideally.... I wish we could have a 5A D1 district...but we'd need Lee to drop and someone from 5A-D2 to move up... and no one is really close except Nac lol. I think MP is next...but it's not really that close for them. East Texas 5A D1 district: Texas High Longview Lee John Tyler Nacogdoches Lufkin We really need MP or Hallsville, or WH to move up...but I don't see any of that happening anytime soon. East Texas 5A D2 district: Mount Pleasant Sulphur Springs Marshall Hallsville Marshall Pine Tree Jacksonville Lindale Those are perfect world alignments.... too many things need to happen for those to happen. Like Lee's enrollment dropping, Nac's growing, and someone else jumping up to D1. None of these are happening in the next 4 years or so I don't suspect. Soooo..... will likely be more status quo for LP. And of course Longview/JT/Texarkana will still be in the metroplex.
  12. So many things that can change the landscape.... IMHO...the most seismic being the placement of Texas High. If they drop to D-2, they immediately become a district champion threat no matter what district they are placed in (West I-30 or South district). Of course...... if Longview drops to 5A-D1 is a huge change too. Will make the road to the playoffs and the district title much harder not only for John Tyler, but Texas High if they remain up... and the rest of the district. And oddly.... Longview would remain in a metroplex district minus JT and THS. So travel wise... no real change for them. How much does 9-5A change? With THS up in the air....RC maybe moving up..... then Ennis and Corsicana possibly going South or West..... along with Kaufman going 4A-D-1 makes this all very cloudy. Could East Texas go to ONE 5A-D2 district instead of two? The possibility of a 9 team district could be looming... which makes non-district scheduling interesting. If everyone in East Texas ends up in the same district... that means they either play down (4A) or they play up (5A DI or 6A). Letting old series go for new series I think will be another big talking point this off season. Will be interesting. Getting these numbers this week is the first step.
  13. I vote Lobo.... .just because it's 5 mins from my house lmao
  14. I understand that....but Carthage's crowds in December are not comparable to their crowds in September/October. Just a fact of almost any school experiencing a deep playoff run. The alumni and casual Bulldog fans start showing up. Carthage has had playoff games in Marshall too....but not fourth round games. It wouldn't be sufficient. I'd have to scratch any possibility of Lindale if I was the Carthage coach. JMHO.
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