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  1. I DO want a state championship......every year. My standard hasn’t lowered. But there is a reality attached to that. Firing a winning coach is begging for disaster IMHO. It can totally backfire on a program. Longview waited 80 years for their second. Been 30 for Marshall....could be another 30. Same for JT, Lufkin, etc. Might be this coming season. You never know. It’s not about accepting average. Not sure how 3rd round runs (and deeper) are called average. It would be a shame for a program like JT with their recent success ruin it by calling themselves average. Be careful what you wish for.
  2. That thought process will poison any fan’s passion for the game IMHO. Im going to enjoy the ride. Deep runs are loved and appreciated. But the “state title or bust” thought train is too exhausting.
  3. I think you’re simplifying what it takes to win a state championship. Winning a title isn't coaching alone. Yes. It ABSOLUTELY is a factor. But you need MORE. It takes talent at MANY positions. QB, WRs, RB, OL..... DB, LB. This is big boy football. A one trick pony won’t do. It takes depth. Staying healthy. It takes a little luck. Don’t care what anyone says to the contrary. Match-ups are vital. And something you can’t control. Weather. We’ve all seen it be a factor in playoff games. Sheer numbers. Look how many schools there are. Not fair to compare it to 30-team leagues. Each classification is enormous. Simple math shows you how hard it is. The list goes on and on. IMHO.... you guys are wayyyy over simplifying what it takes. JT won a title in the 90s. Statistically I’d bet the likelihood of it happening again are slim. Same for Marshall, Lufkin, Lee, Longview, Texas High. All whom have won modern day titles. The Katys abd Allens, Aledos, abd Carthages are aberrations. Not the norm. Enjoy the ride. I think we all have deep playoff runs to enjoy in the future. But being mad over a lack of state titles seems like a reach for 99% of every program in the state. No matter what classification. It’s hard to do. JMHO
  4. I’m confused as to if we are talking football or basketball.
  5. They are headed to Boise to face Cal State Northridge in the West Region bracket. Tigers already beat them once this year back in December. ETBU is ranked #10 in the West right now. Only 3 losses all season.... all to Texas A&M, two of them in OT. Good luck to the Tigers!!
  6. 16-5A Boys Basketball GAME 13 Marshall beat Nacogdoches 69-65 Lufkin beat Hallsville 56-49 Pine Tree beat Whitehouse 47-44 Jacksonville beat John Tyler 76-72 A HUGE night came down the track for the playoffs Friday. Marshall avenged their 2 point loss to Nacogdoches earlier in district play with a THRILLING 4 point win on their home court. The win clinched no less than a tie for the district championship for Marshall. It marks the Mavs'' fourth district title in the last 10 seasons. Jacksonville got the UPSET OF THE SEASON with their stunning win over John Tyler. It was the Indian's first win district victory of the season, but more importantly it dropped JT from being in SOLE possession of the fourth and final playoff spot to a three way tie for the spot with Whitehouse and Pine Tree. The Pirates scored a minor upset with their win over WH in ensure the three way tie headed into the regular season finale on Tuesday. Lufkin is in sole possession of third place. John Tyler and WH will tangle in a critical game on Tuesday, while PT is headed to Nac. Barring a monumental upset by PT over Nac.... the winner of the JT/WH game will clinch the final playoff spot. Standings Marshall (12-1), (23-8) Nacogdoches (11-2) , (26-9 ) Lufkin (9-4), (20-9) John Tyler (5-8) , (7-17) Whitehouse (5-8) , (11-16) Pine Tree (5-8), (16-17) Hallsville (4-9) , (16-18) Jacksonville (1-12) , (5-16) --------------------------------------------------- 16-5A Girls Basketball REGULAR SEASON IS OVER! Game 14 Lufkin over JT 50-25 Hallsville over Marshall 62-45 Jacksonville beat Pine Tree 62-18 (Game was called with 1:46 left in the game due to an altercation) Whitehouse beat Nacogdoches Jacksonville wrapped up a perfect district slate with the district title in hand..... the regular season closed with some firewokds Vs. Pine Tree has the game was halted due to an altercation between the two teams late in the fourth quarter. Lufkin was all alone in second place. No word on if the tie breaker for 4th place between WH and Hallsville will be decided by a third game...or if it will be by coin flip. Stay tuned. Standings Jacksonville 14-0- DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Lufkin 11-3 Whitehouse 9-5 Hallsville 9-5 Nacogdoches 4-10 Pine Tree 4-10 Marshall 3-11 John Tyler 3-11 PLAYOFFS ARE SET!!!! Jacksonville (23-8) Vs. Sulphur Springs (10-23) Lufkin (22-11) Vs. Texas High (14-10)- Tues at Pine Tree- 6:30 Whitehouse (12-16) Vs. Mount Pleasant (27-3) - Tues At Gladewater, 6:30 Hallsville (13-14) Vs. Royse City (26-6)- Mon At Van, 7:00 These are the matchups for the first round. A betting person would likely see an even split between 16-5A and 15-5A in the first round based on records alone. 4 teams with 20+ wins Vs. 4 teams with losing records. Both of the #1 and #2 seeds look very good. Both of the #3 and #4 seeds look pretty weak. We shall see how it all pans out. Good luck ladies --------------------------------------------------- 15-5A Boys Basketball Game 9 Texas High beat Greenville 53-49 Sulphur Springs beat Royse City 72-62 Mount Pleasant beat Lindale 46-35 MP has won the district championship, SS has settled in to the #2 slot. Lindale and Texas High have clinched their playoff spots. Greenville, with 26 wins.... and having been state ranked at one point this season will not make the playoffs as they are (3-6) in district play. Standings Mount Pleasant (8-1) , (28-3) Sulphur Springs (7-2) , (24-8) Lindale (4-5) , (16-13) Texas High (4-5), (14-15) Greenville (3-6), (26-10) Royse City (1-8), (6-12) 15-5A Girls Basketball REGULAR SEASON IS OVER- PLAYOFF MATCHUPS ARE POSTED ABOVE Game 10 Mount Pleasant beat Royse CIty 55-52 Lindale over Greenville 59-22 Sulphur Springs over Texas High 55-39 MP upset Royse City in the regular season finale. The Lady Bulldogs still win the district title and will face Hallsville. MP is all alone in second place and will take on Whitehouse. THS got the #3 spot and will face Lufkin in the playoffs. SS and Lindale are tied for the final playoff spot and will have a tie breaking game on Friday night. The winner will get Jacksonville in the first round, the loser's season will end.StandingsRoyse City (9-1) , (26-6)- DISTRICT CHAMPIONS Mount Pleasant 7-3 Texas High 6-4 Sulphur Springs 4-6 Lindale 4-6Greenville 1-9 ----------------------------------------- 16-5A Boys Soccer GAME 5 Whitehouse beat Lufkin 3-2 JT beat Nac 4-1 PT beat Marshall 5-1 Jax beat Hallsville Whitehouse rocked the district standings Friday night and took sole possession of first place with their win over Lufkin. It was LP's first loss of the season, and it was a costly one as it dropped LP from first to fourth in the district standings. Jacksonville and JT each have 4 wins and one loss while LP has 3 wins, a loss, and a tie. Nac's strong season has fallen on hard times since district started. Hallsville, PT, and Marshall are all struggling. Standings Whitehouse (4-0-1) , (12-1-2) Jacksonville (4-1) , (12-4-1) John Tyler (4-1) , (8-10-0) Lufkin (3-1-1) , (8-1-4) Nacogdoches (1-2-2), (12-5-4) Hallsville (1-4) , (5-6) Pine Tree (1-4), (3-6-5) Marshall (0-5) , (1-10) --------------------------------------------------- 16-5A Girls Soccer Game 5 Whitehouse beat Lufkin in a shootout 4-3 of a 2-2 tie Pine Tree beat Marshall 3-0 Jacksonville beat Hallsville 4-2 in a shootout of a 1-1 tie JT beat Nac Like the WH Boys did, WH girls gave Lufkin their first district loss of the season in a shootout win. LP remains in first place however. Jacksonville continues to chase the Panthers in the standings. JT and PT are clinging to the final playoff spots. Hallsville and WH continue to hang tough in the race. Standings Lufkin (4-0-1) , (6-6-2) Jacksonville (3-1-1) , (9-5-2) John Tyler (3-2), (4-7-2) Pine Tree (3-2) , (6-5-1) Hallsville (2-1-2), (7-3-3) Whitehouse (2-1-2), (3-7-2) Marshall (0-5) , (5-8) Nacogdoches (0-5) , (3-6-1) ----------------------------------- 15-5A Boys Soccer GAME 2 SS over Lindale 2-1 MP over Greenville 3-0 Royse City over Texas High 4-0 Still too early to say much. MP and SS are the front-runners. After that....it's pretty fuzzy. Standings Mount Pleasant (2-0) , (8-6-1) Sulphur Springs (2-0) , (8-4-5) Lindale (1-1) , (6-7-1) Royse City (1-1) , (5-5-1) Texas High (0-2) , (8-7-3) Greenville (0-2) , (1-11-3) --------------------------------------------------- 15-5A Girls Soccer Game 2 SS beat Lindale 4-0 MP over Greenville 3-0 Texas High/RC ???? One score missing from Friday. But it looks like MP and SS are the class of the district. After them..... no one seems to shine. Should be a good race to the end. Standings Mount Pleasant (2-0) , (10-4-1) Sulphur Springs (2-0) , (6-6-1) Royse City (1-0) , (2-8-4) Texas High (0-1) , (2-5-0) Lindale (0-2) , (1-11-3) Greenville (0-2) , (0-9-1)
  7. Texas High beat Greenville 53-49 Sulphur Springs beat Royse City 72-62 MP beat Lindale 46-35 ——— Marshall beat Nac 69-65 Lufkin beat Hallsville 56-49 Pine Tree beat Whitehouse 47-44 John Tyler beat Jacksonville 67-59 ——— SS girls beat Lindale 46-37 to make playoffs ——— soccer: WH ladycats beat Lufkin in a shootout WH beat Lufkin 3-2 JT beat Nac 4-1 JT/Nac girls ?????? Lady Buc PT beats Marshall 3-0 PT beat Marshall 5-1 Jacksonville ladies bet Hallsville 4-2 in a shootout of a 1-1 game Jax/Hallsville ????? ——— SS over Lindale 2-1 SS/Lindale Girls MP over Greenville 4-0 MP girls over Grenville 3-0 Royse City over Texas High 4-0 RC/ THS girls ?????
  8. Mav fans packed out the home side. Had a section on the visitors side. Thought Nac would have more. But what they had was noisy. Good luck to Nac the rest of the way.
  9. Mav/TCU commit Savion Williams named to All-State. Congrats to Savion!!! What he did in football season was nothing short of phenomenal. Stepping in like he did. Winning the district title. Keeping the district winning streak alive. Had a difficult first round matchup with a 4 Star QB returning after the team finished in 4th place. Now he’s leading the basketball team to their district title. TCU getting a good one!
  10. Not a stretch to happen down there. Tough place to win in any sport. I’m expecting a big ole bowl of home cooking. Been getting it down there for decades! Paybacks from a few weeks ago too, I’m sure!
  11. Mavs win!!!! Mavs win!!!! Mavs Win!!!! Overcome an 11 point second half deficit. 69-65! Take sole possession of first place with one game left. What a game!!! Wow. I’m exhausted. Man... Nac is scrappy. They NEVER gave up.
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