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  1. Most intriguing game? As a football fan.... no doubt Longview Vs. Lufkin because of their history of epic games. But personally.... Kilgore vs. Nac. If the Dragons light Kilgore up.... that could be a warning shot to 9-5A that Nac is coming in roaring. If they struggle with Kilgore... could show they have a ways to go yet. Most likely to see an upset? Tyler Lee beating Marshall would be an upset IMHO....but that's always a possibility when you have two schools with an enrollment disparity as big as Lee and Marshall do. Size matters....and Lee traditionally has a lot more of it than the Mavs so. Biggest cupcake game? Hallsville Vs. Terrell or Pine Tree Vs. Bullard. Take your pick. No excuse for either of them losing either of their games. Most likely to be a barnburner? Longview/Lufkin and Ennis/Waxahachie.... both rivalry games. Marshall/Lee could be a tight one too if the Mav O-line struggles. Random thoughts on any of them? WEEK ONE Longview Vs. Lufkin- Lobos will likely roll. Mesquite Horn Vs. John Tyler- Wouldn't be shocked to see JT win.... but I think Mesquite will win a close one. Pflugerville Hendrickson Vs. Texas High- Texas High struggled last season.... but they are a tough draw at home... in what is likely PH's longest road trip of the season. Tiger offense will struggle in the opener though.... Hendrickson wins a close one. Tyler Lee Vs. Marshall - The Mavs are generally tough to beat at home. If Marshall can jump out to a lead early on..... Lee's size shouldn't be an issue. But if this game is close headed into the 4th.... Lee's bulk could lead to a Red Raider win by tiring our a smaller Mav defense. I vote for a big lead early on... hold on to win. Kilgore Vs. Nacogdoches- Nac gets a rare home win..... setting the tone of things to come for Nac fans. Frisco Wakeland Vs. Sulphur Springs- Wakeland wins comfortably. Carthage Vs. Jacksonville- Bulldogs make easy work of the Indians. This game is wrapped up by halfitme. Ennis Vs. Waxahachie- Toss up? Waxahachie.... no other reason than they are the home team. Whitehouse Vs. Henderson- Henderson offense is too much for the WH defense. Pine Tree Vs. Bullard- Pine Tree may lay 60 on them. Kaufman Vs. Lindale - Eagles get a big win to open the season. Mount Pleasant Vs. Wylie East - Size will be the difference. Hallsville Vs. Terrell- Bobcats in a blowout Royse City Vs. Frisco Centennial- stab in the dark..... Frisco. Corsicana Vs. Burleson Centennial - Corsicana should be loaded this season. Dallas White Vs. Greenville - Lions open the season with a big win.
  2. Meanwhile.....back to 5A..... Let's get some predictions for winners Most intriguing game? Most likely to see an upset? Biggest cupcake game? Most likely to be a barnburner? Random thoughts on any of them? WEEK ONE Longview Vs. Lufkin Mesquite Horn Vs. John Tyler Pflugerville Hendrickson Vs. Texas High Tyler Lee Vs. Marshall Kilgore Vs. Nacogdoches Frisco Wakeland Vs. Sulphur Springs Carthage Vs. Jacksonville Ennis Vs. Waxahachie Whitehouse Vs. Henderson Pine Tree Vs. Bullard Kaufman Vs. Lindale Mount Pleasant Vs. Wylie East Hallsville Vs. Terrell Royse City Vs. Frisco Centennial Corsicana Vs. Burleson Centennial Dallas White Vs. Greenville
  3. Marshall Maverick Football Forum I realize most Mav fans have migrated to here or the 5A football board..... but I figured I'd see if there's still interest in having a place of our own. Traffic on the Mav site has been insane the last month or so..... so we shall see if it can translate into some chatter. Worth a try......
  4. We owe it all to the boosters and the community for donating. MISD is concentrating on renovating MHS right now to complete all campuses K-12. After that's done.... the athletic facilities will get a lot of attention I think. K-8th are all in new schools. But MHS Needs about 30M in renovations. They've done 10M. About 20M to go. Get that done...and within 2 years or so.... I think we see big changes in our athletic facilities. The wait will be worth it.... because it'll mean every student K-12 will be in new or renovated schools... with top notch athletic facilities from top to bottom. Not many school districts can say that. I'm still hoping for another 30M or so bond to get it all done now. But I no longer pay taxes in Marshall....I have no say anymore. But I'll own there again sometime in the future when I inherit an estate. Then I can gripe again. lol
  5. Sounds good. I'm going to see if I can show up late for work Friday. If I can....I'm there. If not.... it would be hard to get up at 6 when I'm in Dallas as late as 10...lmao. That's if I don't get shot at Forester Field.
  6. Yeah. All the trophy display cases are at the high school at the main entrance to the gym. Wish we had a board around the scoreboard commemorating playoff teams, district titles, and deep playoff runs. Maybe one day.
  7. O line could be worrisome. It was early last season too.
  8. That’s analysis I can respect. I dunno if we beat Manvel, FB Marshall, A&M consolidated, or Huntsville to even get out of our region. CC Calallen is top 5 and would be awaiting in the semis. Then Aledo. Toughest potential gauntlet to a title game I can ever recall. We SHOULD make it to the region semis at least. But we should have last season too. Time will tell. But I can’t hide my excitement about this team. And we may very well open the season 0-3 or 1-2. We shall see how it goes.
  9. ESPN and I think MaxPreps picked up the vid posted on twitter by Coach G..... and it went viral. Over 4M views. Lots of positive comments. Lots of negatives....... But either way.... it got some eyes on the program. Hopefully all this good news over the winter/summer translates to some big things this fall. I'm rethinking things... and may go to the scrimmage in Dallas on Thursday. Then may go spy on Pine Tree on Friday. when they play Tyler Lee... I need some football.
  10. You're mad about this? Are you new? lmao. This isn't news on the internet since the mid 90's. I stick to my 5A talk these days. Much happier.
  11. According to another thread on SDC..... looks like every classification in East Texas has a team they believe can win a state title this season except 5A. I'm not saying any of us WILL win state.....but of course...... that's always the goal. But I was a little surprised..... three of us are ranked in the top 10 of our classes. 2 of us in the top 5...... and no one seems to think it can be done. I realize Aledo and HP are the elephants in the room. And all of us have difficult regions to come out of. But I was expecting a little more love than we got. Not that it matters. It's all decided on the field. Can't wait to get the season started. Haven't been this excited in a min (2015). Going to enjoy it every step of the way!
  12. And don't worry....I'm equally ticked off at the wacko left for using this as a political pawn instead of trying to fix it. Both parties should be ashamed. I have always identified as a compassionate conservative until 2016 when it went up in smoke with the nomination of King Cheeto. The left has always been out of touch to me.....but now the right is equally as blind. Sad days nowadays for a lot of Americans in the middle who have been forgotten by the extremists that are running each party.
  13. I'm a Christian. And I'm an American. IN THAT ORDER. Compassionate conservatism is DEAD. And the behavior of the GOP and our president is likely to spark the longest string of Democratic Presidents the country has ever seen as a backlash. And it's going to be SOLELY because of the complete abandonment of compassion. No....I do not want a flood of illegal immigrants to our country. Yes....it was a bad decision they came the way the came. But now they are here. And until it's decided where they will end up..... it baffles me that we are required by order of the COURT SYSTEM to give these people basic needs. BASIC NEEDS. As a Christian.... the life Jesus lived..and His teachings should have us in the middle of all them helping anyway we could. As an American..... we're better than this. At least I've always thought we were. Compassionate Conservatism is dead indeed. Sad days. I'd rather shake hands with someone that crossed a desert to become an American.... than an American that won't cross the street to help a foreigner.
  14. Thanks for the update. I had heard the defense had played pretty well..... but our offense was really struggling. I'm sure JT was a big reason for that. Yeah....Our 9th grade team won TWO district titles last season (Red team and White team)..... they will likely be our next great crop. Gotta let them grow until it's time for Varsity. Expectations are high for them in the future. The QB from the #1 8th grade team last season is in Carthage now. Not thrilled about that...but it is what it is. "Academic purposes"...... yeah... I think it's more of a baseball thing than football.... whatever. ------ We got a transfer from Carthage.... so maybe we worked out a trade. I dunno. JJJJKKKKK for those with ZERO sense of humor
  15. Heard the Marshall defense looked pretty good tonight. Offense struggled. The expected 9th grade starter is in Carthage now. for academic purposes of course
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