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  1. Bussing that ginormous band around ain’t cheap lmao
  2. I did a little homework just to see how much schools are spending on football/sports. Can't really find that figure for SPORTS only. They all list it the same as "extra curricular", which includes band, fine arts, etc, etc. Here are the figures: Marshall Total Budget: $56.8M Extra Curricular Expenditures: $2.1M Hallsville Total Budget: $67.7M Extra Curricular Expenditures: $1.4M Pine Tree Total Budget: $50.6M Extra Curricular Expenditures: $2.2M Jacksonville Total Budget: $55.3M Extra Curricular Expenditures: $1.4M Nacogdoches Total Budget: $70.2M Extra Curricular Expenditures: $2.3M Whitehouse Total Budget: $50.2M Extra Curricular Expenditures: $1.9M Mount Pleasant Total Budget: $57.5M Extra Curricular Expenditures: $1.7M Texas High Total Budget: $74.6M Extra Curricular Expenditures: $2.6Mwwas Couple of observations..... 1. I was pretty shocked that the districts were all pretty close on their total budgets. All in the $50-58M range. Texas High and Nac were the outliers because their enrollments are considerably higher than the others in the district. Hallsville though..... they rich. lmao. 2. Four of the eight spend roughly the same amount on extra curriculars..... but there were some exceptions. Jacksonville and Hallsville spend almost a million less than everyone else in the district. MP was pretty low too. Kind of surprising with Hallsville considering their budget. Anyhow.... I'm going to see if I can hunt down how much revenue each football program generates in the district. Going to reach out to some folks next week to see. Maybe some people in the know of these programs can share like PackAttack did for LP.
  3. There’s an interesting conversation happening on twitter about this. Thought I’d bring it here. Let’s say UIL cancels football this fall. What would that mean? would alternate leagues form? Would we see club/elite football explode like we’ve seen with select baseball, AAU basketball, and select soccer? These are all real concerns for coaches of those sports. Could football fall into that trap? There would be safety and medical concerns for non UIL football. Would those leagues and select teams protect players like the UIL? What about the loss of coaching and athletic training expertise? It’s in place for UIL schools. Would it for alternatives? End of the day...... kids are going to play football this fall. One way or another. in the sandlot, on a travel/select team, or in a pop up league. Wouldnt it just be better if UIL proceeds normally and let each district decide if they participate or not based on their communities’s health? thoughts???
  4. Makes sense. Hopefully their team will adopt that attitude. They had a reputation of the opposite last season. Ask anyone in the district not named Hallsvillle.
  5. The fact that the story was tagged for Whitehouse is the funniest thing I’ve seen since Ebola. Seriously. The eye roll factor is OFF the chart.
  6. I actually completely agree with Randy. If PT’s defense improves they will be a force this season. Their offense will be good enough to keep them in any game. Problem will be how much they give up. Our game with them last season was a debacle. We built a huge lead.......38-19 or something like that in the second half. And we just packed up and went home while the Pirates gave us the business in the fourth quarter. They used a couple of onside kicks and a last second score to make it closer than it was. If Marshall had kept the foot on the gas.... it should have been a blowout. But we got lazy and PT kept playing hard. I absolutely believe PT can contend if their defense gels. If not..... I think THS and Marshall are still a few ticks ahead of them.
  7. I don’t see how anyone can dispute Texas High is the favorite for the district title considering what they have coming back.... esp at QB. And that playoff win was pretty epic last season. I know LP was struggling. But to go on the road and win like that in a hostile environment like Abe.... Wowzers. Don't get me wrong though.... I think Marshall will be improved from 2019. Especially on defense. I think we’ll be much stingier than we were last season. I think the running game will be better than it was in 2019 too. The question mark is the QB. We have several guys fighting for a spot... all with different skill sets. Going to come down to which direction the coaching staff decides to go with the offense. Tons of talent coming back on the O line and WR corps. Im not ready to concede the district title. But I certainly see why THS is the favorite. They way they ended their season is pretty dang impressive. Marshall was just (as usual) unlucky as hell with the playoffs. Huntsville was barely a playoff team without their starting QB. But WITH him.... they were top 10. Of course he came back the week the playoffs started. No excuses. They beat us down and we laid an egg... I have high hopes this season if it happens. Expecting another fun ride!
  8. Still waiting on confirmation for Marshall’s scrimmages. We will meet Frisco Wakeland in Athens. And then host John Tyler. Times and dates TBA. Season opens at New Caney.
  9. My experience is that they do well here. Ask Kilgore. Ask Texas High. And yeah. Marshall. #StateChampionshipBlowout
  10. I’ll take 3-4 rounds deep (or more) anytime.
  11. You can’t read. It was not MY interpretation of the constitution. My opinion don’t mean anything. It was the interpretation by the US Supreme Court, which the last time I checked was the one of authority in that area.
  12. I quote the constitution directly. And the final decision of the US Supreme Court.... You give me a meme in return. That’s cute. Awesome. You so smart.
  13. Opinions? I copied and pasted the US Constitution directly from the document. That’s not opinion. That’s fact. You have yet to give a single source of your information. We all know why. It’s opinion. Opinions don’t exist in the constitution. And while Texas Vs White took place in 1869, the laws and the constitution were interpreted as they stood in 1861. It was treason. And let’s not forget that the entire reason they wanted to secede was their desire to continue subjugating other humans into slavery. I guess that’s OK with you as well?
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