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  1. Show of hands from anyone in 5A that’s shocked to see Lindale’s success in 4A. *no one* In spite of being one of the smallest 5A schools in the state they always commanded respect from Ennis, John Tyler, Lufkin, Marshall, Whitehouse....whomever. They were never an easy out. As a former rival of theirs......Im thrilled to see them so well. Planning on making it to the game this Friday. Congrats Lindale. This Maverick is pulling for you.
  2. Lmao. We play Longview annually. That kinda desensitizes you. We shouldn’t be afraid to play anyone after that annual beat down.
  3. I would have preferred a game too. Probably hard to find them this time of year. Everyone is in district play... some of them playing twice in 5 days to just finish a schedule.
  4. There will NOT be a pick-up game this week. Gives us two weeks to find a couple of missing pieces.
  5. 9-5A going 1-3 is the first round is a very real possibility. Texas High is the lone possibility of a win it seems. And I don’t think they coast. PT, WH, and Marshall/Nac are all underdogs in their matchups. JMHO.
  6. The OL issues aren’t a secret. We knew it was likely going to be an issue back in the spring. Losing spring ball and 7on7 exacerbated the issue. It’s been tougher than any of us suspected it might. Luckily...... QB Burris has outperformed and overproduced beyond what any of us suspected. Fixing the OL....... in week 9??? All these bodies on the sideline. Surely some of them can throw some blocks. Because it’s not working with who we’ve been using. Even in our wins.... the O line has been atrocious. But in our losses..... particularly TxH and PT..
  7. Meanwhile the Mav defense held MP to 157 total yards. 6 yards rushing. 151 passing.... most of that on 2 plays. If our offense could pull it together..... the defense could take them places. But their inconsistency prevents that.
  8. Come again??? Have you seen us this season. It’s totally the opposite from this. We can pass. We can’t run. Burris was 14-26 passing for 225 yards Vs MP Closing in on 2000 yards passing for the season. Our issue is the offensive line’s complete ineptness of blocking for the rush game. 43 rushing. That’s atrocious. If we had an offensive line...... Burris would be shredding these defenses and the rushing game would make the passing game even better. But alas.... not much improvement all season. All those bodies on the sideline.... surely some
  9. Kicker/punter is about the only positions I’d be good for.
  10. I’ve seen that game on the history page. Always wondered what it was about. As for me playing..... lmao. Im 5’5” and 40-ish......I’ll pass.
  11. They have eviscerated that program IMHO to become a baseball (and softball) school. Granted.... they have probably the best baseball program in East Texas in 5A. But it seems to come with a high price.
  12. No. Even if Nac was to beat TXH and improve to 4-2.... they would have to beat Marshall. Because if Marshall then beat Nac they would both be 4-3 in district with the tie breaker going to Marshall. Win or lose Vs THS... Nac needs to beat Marshall to get in.
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