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  1. If you think the right is exclusively doing good... you sir, are the one that is blind. I lean right.... but we have not cornered the market on goodness.
  2. The far left and the far right both need repentance. Both think they are doing God’s work. Both clueless in their blind hate for each other.
  3. I definitely believe the Devil is alive and busy. We just differ on how he’s going about the work. He is still constrained to the laws of science. And most of what I’ve seen is outside those laws. This virus is real. And people are dying. We need to do whatever we can to quell it. Asking people to stay at home isn’t trying to control people. It’s just simple science.
  4. I'm not saying there isn't evil and corruption in the government. Meanwhile water is wet and snow is cold. But some of those conspiracy theories of use of bioweapons and using 5G in a biological way is BAD SCIENCE... and for every 5 site that posts that stuff... there are 50 sites to debunk it as BAD SCIENCE. You give humans too much credit in how much you think we can control things at a molecular level. And to use it to the level of intelligence your theories are suggesting is nothing short of a really bad science fiction movie. Like I said..... based on what I saw..... a very BASIC understanding of chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and microbiology debunks all that stuff. There's a REASON those ideas aren't mainstream..... it's because the science is implausible. The Walking Dead is more likely to happen than some of the things floating out there. It's. A. Waste. Of. Time. We have a REAL enemy in front of us without wasting time making imaginary ones up.
  5. Figured out why the numbers are off for the CDC site..... This page will be updated daily. Numbers close out at 4 p.m. the day before reporting. Those numbers are from early yesterday. Today's numbers up until 4PM will be posted tomorrow. It's not live. The Johns Hopkins numbers are updated more frequently.
  6. I hope so. But I think we will continue to see it inch up closer to the global average of about 5%. But I hope not.
  7. I agree. China is covering up their gross negligence when all this started. Their death rate is probably in the TENS of thousands if not HUNDREDS of thousands.
  8. Those numbers are grossly out of date. By 2-3 days. Johns Hopkins University is updating frequently. And the math is 2.2%
  9. All the "old turf" (3 years old?) at Maverick Stadium has been pulled up. They are about to put down the new "heat resistant" base..... Can't wait to see the new design. They will use the new Mav Logo at midfield. But I'm more interested in how they redesign the endzones. Hoping they don't do the ALL RED endzones again. It always seems like it fades over time. Leave it green and spell out MAVERICKS in Red/White. JMHO. But I'm REALLY hoping they do the field like the Tomato Bowl. It's THE BEST looking turf field in East Texas. I'll post pics as soon as they get things settled. New Track, new turf, new pressbox, new lighting... it’s all brand new. The video board is only 3years old I believe. That only leaves replacing the seating, concessions, and restrooms left to work on. It's all coming together.
  10. I'm aware. Noah was ignored too. But he kept on preaching while he was working.
  11. I said........ I have wholeheartedly disagreed with things that were inevitably TRUE. Like Obamacare. I thought it was a bad idea. Thought it would be a disaster. But....inevitably... it happened. And I was right. It became law even though I disagreed with it. Same thing with this..... you wholeheartedly disagree that this is as big as they are making it. But it doesn't mean that won't become one of the worst disasters to ever befall America. I hope it doesn't. But..... all signs are pointing that it is..... Unless a few hundred thousand to 1 million dead (or as many as 2M) Americans doesn't phase you.
  12. Like I said in my previous post.... you are getting your info from sources that are either bad at math, or bad at science (or both). You say the mortality rate is Less than 1%???? The mortality rate in the United States is at 2.2% and rising every day. The worldwide mortality rate is 5.0% and rising every day. And those are probably conservative numbers due to the slow start on testing.
  13. You can provide "proofs". I don't know how you can say that with a straight face. So....let me get this straight.....you COMPLETELY DISTRUST things that are so intricately dissected by literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people that work in news including TV, print, online, etc, etc...... If there is ANYTHING amiss... it gets caught. Eventually...and usually pretty dang quickly as being true/false. Yet you FULLY TRUST every bubba gump and Joe Bob Smith that has a youtube Vlog or written blog that has a conspiracy theory against the government? Who is proof-texting their material? Clearly no one. I clicked on a couple of those links a few days ago and the science was so ridiculous it was like a TERRIBLE science fiction movie plot. There's a reason that stuff doesn't make it to the mainstream. The science is implausible. It fails the most basic understandings of chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics. Most 9th graders in IPC could disprove some of that garbage. I don't have time to worry about pretend threats, voodoo magic, and terrible science. I actually DO believe that much of the evil in our world is caused by some of the richest people. I agree with you. But their evil isn't tied up in molecular voodoo. It's in fleecing the poor and the middle class. I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince you how wrong you are.... you seem pretty embedded in your beliefs....and that's your right. No law against paranoia. But there is medication for it. Meanwhile.... reality today sees almost 5,000 dead Americans in less than 2 weeks and projections as high as 2 million. Our enemy isn't molecular voodoo and 5G radiation brain manipulation..... it's a virulent virus with no vaccine that has a mortality rate that's over 2% and going higher every day.
  14. I've been called worse on SDC.....over much less serious discussions. I have an entire fanbase that basically hates me because I wouldn't bow down low enough to their liking. At least this is actually important. And I DO GET the hesitation. I do. But the risk/reward is a no-brainer for me. Be well, everyone. Stay safe.
  15. I'm VERY conservative when it comes to fiscal matters. A little more liberal when it comes to social issues....as long as it stays out of my wallet. Basically everyone hates me. My liberal friends think I'm heartless. My conservative friends think I'm a tree-hugger. I can't win. But when it comes to saving lives..... I can't just treat those stats as "numbers". Those numbers are hurting families. To belittle that for the sake of money.... or inconvenience.....boggles my mind. 2 million dead. That's a breathtaking number. Then again.... to me.... so is 100,000.
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