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  1. MJHS goes 3-1 this week. 7th sweeps Hallsville. 8th splits with PT.
  2. MJHS 7th and 8th graders go 3-1 this week. 7th grade sweeps Hallsville. 8th grade splits with Pine Tree.
  3. Both 7th grade teams get the sweep of Hallsville. 8th grade teams Vs PT tonight.
  4. Forgive my ignorance…. But in the mid to late 90s when MP was producing all those deep playoff run teams…. Were MP/Texas not big rivals then? Seems odd with how good MP was annually.
  5. Since dropping a classification in 2002…. I’ve always sensed more or a rivalry feel Vs Hallsville and Pine Tree than anyone else in the district. Even though we’ve dominated both. We had a great rivalry with Kilgore for about a decade. It was always either a playoff game or district title game or a win to get in game…. Until they dropped down. Now…..outside of football… it’s definitely still Longview.
  6. Good lord. I usually double check MXP for mistakes. Shoulda known better.
  7. Pine Tree Points for: 96 Points against: 58 Marshall Points for: 48 Points against: 66
  8. Marshall Vs Pine Tree- This seems eerily similar to last season. Both teams seem to be entering this game on offensive highs. The Pirates have scored in bushels against 4A teams Kilgore, Liberty Eyalu, and Lindale (combined 6-5). But they have also given up a lot of points too. Marshall's offense came alive after switching to the senior QB in the Longview game (315 yards since taking over). But defense has been the Mav's mojo. Who has the better defense? Who's QB and RB tandems are stronger? Marshall was very one dimensional last season, but that's not the case in 2021. DJ Freeman
  9. Interesting fact: Marshall is 6-0 at Pirate Stadium since it opened in 2013. 4-0 there Vs. Pine Tree (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019) 2-0 there in the playoffs Vs. Nacogdoches (2014) and Lindale (2015) Looking to do it again this week!
  10. 15-5A Volleyball standings Texas High (3-0), (19-10) Sulphur Springs (2-1), (14-11) Hallsville (2-1), (16-8) Marshall (1-1), (19-11) Longview (1-1), (11-18) Pine Tree (0-2), (9-11) Mount Pleasant (0-3), (8-8) Game 1 Texas High beat PT 3-0 SS beat MP 3-0 Hallsville beat Longview 3-0 Marshall- Bye Game 2 Marshall beat Pine Tree 3-2 Hallsville beat MP 3-0 Texas High beat SS 3-2 Longview- Bye Game 3 Texas High beat Hallsville 3-0 Sulphur Springs beat Marshall 3-2 Longview beat MP 3-2 PT- Bye Big games this Tuesday: Marshall Vs. Hallsville
  11. Johnson has 496 yards passing in just three games. Sounds like he won the spot fair and square. If true……the other guy thinks he has a better chance at Kilgore??? Sounds like they are set.
  12. Their offense is hard to figure out. You never know who has the ball. They have 2 guys they can hand it off to. Or sometimes the QB keeps it himself. They are very good at misdirection and trying to confuse the defense. They aren’t a great passing team, but you can’t ignore it either. Defense is pretty terrible. We should have had 50 on them instead of 41 Tyler should win this pretty handily. But don’t take them lightly. Their offense is tricky.
  13. I can tell you without a doubt it occurred in Football when we played there in 2019…. And when we played in Marshall in 2018. I don’t recall seeing it in the 2020 game…. In football. But there was some ugliness in the baseball playoff series. But the nastiness on the football field pales in comparison to what I’ve seen at basketball and baseball games. The fact that fans from Longview, Marshall, Pine Tree, Jax, Mt Pleasant, Nac, Lufkin, John Tyler have all reported this…. Seems to give a lot of credence to it. And clearly it’s allowed by WISD and parents….considering h
  14. Lady Mavs fell to defending district champion Sulphur Springs Friday night in a spectacular match (26-24, 24-26, 21-25, 26-24)
  15. Where are all the PT fans? They came out of the woodwork last season with their great year.
  16. I can think of several districts that are likely weaker. Some of these ugly records was because of some tough competition. Agree that there has been some ugly football too. Texas High will likely finish 9-0. 2nd and 3rd will likely finish 8-2/7-3. Fourth will be 5-5 maybe 4-6. JMHO.
  17. Standings Texas High 2-0 Pine Tree 2-1 Marshall 1-2 Mount Pleasant 0-2 Whitehouse 0-3 Nacogdoches 0-3 Hallsville 0-3 Jacksonville 0-3 Week 5 Games Marshall Vs Pine Tree Nacogdoches Vs Whitehouse Mount Pleasant Vs Texas Hight Hallsville Vs Jacksonville
  18. yup. It’s sad and pathetic. And it doesn’t last. When it’s over… their turn at decline will come too. Ask Pine Tree, ask Tyler Lee, list goes on and on.
  19. District is wide open after Texas High. At least until I see how week one goes. I may see some haves and have nots after the first week.
  20. Week 4 Games Arkansas High Vs Mount Pleasant Everyone else in the district has a bye this week Standings Texas High 2-0 Pine Tree 2-1 Marshall 1-2 Mount Pleasant 0-2 Whitehouse 0-3 Nacogdoches 0-3 Hallsville 0-3 Jacksonville 0-3
  21. District volleyball got underway for 15-5A. Marshall beat PT in 5 sets: 17-25, 25-21, 25-17, 25-23, 18-8
  22. I think we’re better defensively than we were last year. Much better. Offensively we’re better because we have a QB that can toss it….but he’s also mobile. We didn’t have that mobility last season. We also have 2 guys to hand the ball off to tote the rock. That’s something we didn’t have last season. The PT defense was too good to be as predictable as we were. Not as predictable this season with multiple weapons. People forget this was a 10-7 game at halftime last year. We started getting desperate and made some really bad offensive decisions to open it up for PT
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