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  1. Ugly win over Jacksonville 42-21. A win is a win..... but man.... How do you complain about a 21 point win? But when you see so many mistakes...... you know it could have/should have been by so much more. Now we get Texas High. Texas High is (5-0). Their opponents are a combined (5-19) Marshall is (3-2). Their opponents are a combined (14-11-1) We are gonna be massive underdogs this week..... pulling for the huge upset
  2. Back to the game: It's hard to complain when you win by 21 points..... but this game shouldn't have been as close as it was. The first half was UGLY.... basically a continuation of what we saw Vs. PT. The problem is..... Jacksonville is nowhere as good as PT... which is why that was so frustrating. The game should have been in hand by halftime. But our mistakes, coupled with a determined Jacksonville team made it closer than it needed to be. Granted... I was pleased to see us come out in the second half and play 1000X's better, particularly on defense. My thoughts before movin
  3. I'll be honest...... I don't see the "posing" (your term) or flexing after a big score as an egregious act. You took issue to it on the radio.... but I don't see it as a big deal. It was a hard fought game for the better part of a half .... so pulling away was HUGE considering how poorly we played in the first half. If the officials thought the celebrations were over the top.... I have NO doubt there would have been flags (Tomato Bowl says hello). There is no excuse for taunting..... and it should be penalized. I agree with the officiating crew.... they were weak. And they
  4. Final Marshall 42 Jacksonville 21 Mavs improve to (3-2) (1-1) Jax is (1-4) (1-1)
  5. And another bad snap. That makes 5? 6? I’ve lost count. But that’s gotta get fixed. Those are cheap turnovers and cheap yardage lost. smh.
  6. Marshall scores to go up 42-14. Jacksonville scores on a 75 yard toss. 42-21. SMH.
  7. Another bad snap. How does this suddenly become an issue???
  8. Halftime. Marshall leads 21-14. Jacksonville would be leading if not for TWO outstanding defensive plays inside the Marshall 3. Offense. I have no words. We’re struggling against a bad defense. O-line blocking is really struggling.
  9. Offense struggling. Turnovers. Defense not tackling. Copy and paste from last week. Tie game 14-14
  10. 1-9 playoff record since 2010. 2-10 since 2009. Lufkin’s is considerably better since 2009. Marshall’s is 8-9 since 2009 with three region semis appearances in 09, 15, and 18.
  11. Have you seen Texas High’s post season record for the last decade??? Makes Lufkin’s look pretty dang good. I think the Tigers have had 1.... maybe 2 playoff wins in the last decade.
  12. That Texas High has a better left hook? In all seriousness.....I think everyone in 9-5A is aware that THS is the big dog in this district (numbers wise and otherwise). That playoff win in Lufkin last season should have cemented any doubt. Toss in the # of returning starters and a 4-0 start to the season and there’s really nothing left to discuss. They are the top team until someone knocks them off.
  13. I’m reserving declaring PT a district power until I see how they perform without DJ Freeman next season and seasons going forward If they can win without him..... declare PT an annual district contender. If they fall off a cliff without him..... status quo, really. But without a doubt.... the 2020 Pirates seem legit. They have a fantastic team.
  14. No shock that the 9th grade team is doing well at (3-1). They won the district championship last season as 8th graders. They will be our next nice crop of strong talent. The JV has been a somewhat pleasant surprise too at (2-2). Both losses to considerably larger 5A Div I schools. But more of the fact that there are 9 sophomores that are on varsity getting play time instead of playing on JV. Cant ignore a 7th grade team that’s (4-1-1) thus far. Their lone loss was a last minute 28-26 loss to Texarkana. Good things coming in the future it appears for Mav Nation.
  15. Mav 9th grade and JV sweep Jacksonville tonight. Both are (2-0) in district play. 9th Red team is (3-1) overall JV is (2-2) overall.
  16. North Forney at Ennis - Ennis wins easy. NF is good...but they are not Ennis' level yet.Greenville at Corsicana - Honestly I think this could go either way. Going with Corsicana on history alone.Sulphur Springs at Royse City - Still hard to fathom how far SS has fallen off. RC in blowout fashion.Forney at Crandall - Crandall by a lot. Hallsville at Texas High - Hallsville let their best chance at a win slip by last week. This gets UGLY .Nacogdoches at Pine Tree - Selfishly pulling for Nac. But I think PT wins this pretty easily. DJ goes BEASTMODE.Marshall at Jacksonville - Marshall b
  17. PT deserves all the credit they get from the game. They beat our tails. Did we blow some chances? Absolutely. We allowed 2 turnovers to cost us 14 points. The bad punt snap gifted PT a touchdown. Just those 3 poor plays cost us 14 points and handed them 7. That would made the game 21-17 Marshall. Woulda been a great game story. But not reality of what really happened. But TBH..... the game wasn’t defined about how great PTs offense was. Holding them to just 24 points is usually good news for opponents. The real difference maker was a combination of PT’s defe
  18. Some truth in what you say. Haven't felt playoff panic since 2012. Don’t want to feel that again.
  19. One of the several things I like about coach G is his willingness to admit mistakes. Not just players’ mistakes... but coaching mistakes too. He’s a young guy. He’s learning too. He deserves that chance. TBH.... I expect to see a completely different attitude this week. I think we see the team we’ve seen most of this season thus far. Bad games happen. How we respond shows our character. I’m excited to see how we come out and play Friday.
  20. I’d like to get my hand on the article to find out. Posting game articles is my next project. One day!
  21. Finally got the GAMEDAY tab for Marshall Vs. Jacksonville posted. https://www.marshallmavericks.net/gameday Lots of stats and history for both teams. And a historic DID YOU KNOW for this week.
  22. Finally got the GAMEDAY tab for Marshall Vs. Jacksonville posted. https://www.marshallmavericks.net/gameday Lots of stats and history. And a historic DID YOU KNOW.
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