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  1. That’s probably a pretty good guess. Definitely a tough year on the court. Haven’t seen them struggle like this in 20 years. Got some good talent coming up though. Could be an interesting offseason.
  2. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL FINAL STANDINGS Mt Pleasant 12-0Sulphur Springs 9-3Longview 8-4 Hallsville 5-7 Texas High 4-8 Marshall 2–10Pine Tree 2-10 Game 14 Feb 5 Mount Pleasant beat Hallsville 45-35 Sulphur Springs beat Texas High 74-68 Pine Tree beat Marshall 54-48 Longview- OFF The regular season came to a close Friday with MP claiming their second consecutive district championship. They finish the regular season (23-0) as they head into the playoffs next week. SS will enter the post-season as the #2 seed, while Longview and Hallsville will round out the playof
  3. Mav OC Zac Quinlan is headed to 4A Div II farmersville. Hearing some rumbles of who the replacement(s) will be. Good news. Stay tuned.
  4. I’d have to do some digging.... but I would guess late 90s.
  5. 5-5. Very disappointing season without a doubt. Poor offensive line play and turnovers doomed us.
  6. National Signing Day for Marshall: Nana Vences- Softball- Northwestern State (D1) Mike Washington- LB- Southern Arkansas (D2) Dominique Williams- RB- Incarnate Word (FCS) Lyric Rawls- Oklahoma State (BCS) Ryan Manning- WR- Oklahoma Panhandle State (D2) D.D. Williams- WR- Southern Arkansas (D2) J.T. McFarland- DT- Angelo State (D2) Remon Jones- OL- Hardin Simmons University (D3) Lewis Dunn- OL- Oklahoma Panhandle State (D2) Keyshawn Murphy- DT- Oklahoma Panhandle State (D2) Dante Enrriquez- Baseball- Wiley College (NAIA)
  7. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 11-0Sulphur Springs 8-3Longview 8-4 Hallsville 5-6 Texas High 4-7 Marshall 2–9Pine Tree 1-10 Game 13 Feb 2 Mt. Pleasant beat Sulphur Springs 55-34 Longview beat Hallsville 64-49 Texas High beat Pine Tree 68-66 Marshall- OFF Mount Pleasant clinched the district championship for the second year in a row with a big win over Sulphur Springs. The The Tigers secure the # seed, while Sulphur Springs needs a win Friday over Hallsville to keep themsevles one game ahead of Longview. The Lobos closed out the regular season in the #4
  8. Apparently there was a brawl down in Lufkin between Tyler and LP girls. Started on the floor. Fans ended up on the floor. Gym had to be cleared by officials.
  9. Been a while since the Lady Mavs have been state ranked. Happy to see them back. Time to go out and prove it now!
  10. Added note..... The ETBU Hockey team is off to a 6-0 start. 2 Wins over TCU 7-1, 6-3 2 Wins over Dallas Baptist 7-5, 7-3 This weekend's series at TCU has been cancelled. They will return to action on Feb 5th when they travel to Raleigh to take on North Carolina State followed by a two game set Vs. Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. The Tigers will return home Feb 26/27 when they host the Arkansas Razorbacks.
  11. ETBU's Mens basketball team is 10-5 and sitting atop the East Division with Louisiana College. LeTourneau is currently in third. ETBU's ladies basketball team is 15-0 and also in first place in the East Division. They lead LeTourneau and UT-Dallas. ------ ASC's football season will kick off Feb 13th. There is no playoffs for NCAA-DIV III this season. The conference is playing a split conference/round robin schedule to determine a champion. Saturday, February 13, 2021 Football Away Home Time Location
  12. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 10-0Sulphur Springs 8-2Longview 7-4 Hallsville 5-5 Texas High 3-7 Marshall 2–9Pine Tree 1-9 Game 12 Jan 29 Sulphur Springs beat Longview 62-44 Mount Pleasant beat Pine Tree 83-46 Texas High beat Marshall 74-52 Hallsville- OFF The big showdown for second place between Sulphur Springs and Longview took the spotlight tonight. The first game between the two squads saw Longview steal a win on the road with a buzzer-beater shot. In the rematch at Longview, the Wildcats left no doubt as they coasted to an 18 point win. Sulphur Spri
  13. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 9-0Sulphur Springs 7-2Longview 7-3 Hallsville 5-5Marshall 2–8 Texas High 2-7Pine Tree 1-8 Game 11 Jan 26 Longview beat Pine Tree 85-58 Sulphur Springs beat Hallsville 60-46 Mount Pleasant beat Marshall 80-30 Texas High- OFF The four playoff teams have been decided with Mount Pleasant, Sulphur Springs, Longview, and Hallsville. The seeding of those four is still in question. #11 MP continues to dominate as they improved to 19-0 on the season. They have a two game lead over SS with 3 games remaining. Sulphur Springs has a h
  14. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 8-0Sulphur Springs 6-2Longview 6-3 Hallsville 5-4Marshall 2–7 Texas High 2-7Pine Tree 1-7 Game 10 Jan 23 Hallsville beat Pine Tree 57-41 Longview beat Marshall 67-47 Mount Pleasant beat Texas High 58-46 Sulphur Springs- OFF Saturday's games didn't change the standings, but it did solidify a few things for several teams. MP's win over Texas High gets the Yellow Tigers another step to the district championship. Longview's win over Marshall keeps their hopes of catching SS for the #2 slot alive. Hallsville's win over Marshall a
  15. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 7-0Sulphur Springs 6-2Longview 5-3 Hallsville 4-4Marshall 2–6 Texas High 2-6Pine Tree 1-6 Game 9 Jan 22 Marshall beat Hallsville 51-48 Longview beat Texas High 70-59 Sulphur Springs beat Pine Tree 65-35 Mount Pleasant- OFF Mount Pleasant was idle and Sulphur Springs picked up a half game on the Tigers with their win over PT. Longview took sole possession of third place with their win over Texarkana coupled with Hallsville’s loss to Marshall. The Bobcats dropped to fourth with their upset loss, while Marshall kept the
  16. Big must-win for the Mavs. Finally wins a close game. Keeps their thin playoff hopes alive
  17. Marshall's 2021 schedule SHOULD return to it's pre-COVID changes from 2020. That means Carthage will take the slot McKinney North took this past season. AUG 27 @ New Caney SEP 03 @ Longview SEP 10 Carthage SEP 17 OPEN SEP 24 @ Pine Tree* OCT 01 Jacksonville* (Homecoming) OCT 08 @ Texas high* OCT 15 Whitehouse* OCT 22 @ Mount Pleasant* OCT 29 Hallsville* (Senior Night) NOV 05 @ Nacogdoches Random thoughts about the schedule 1. Killer non-district schedule with NC, Longview, and Carthage. All playoff teams. Of course the Bulldogs are defending
  18. Never too early to start talking about 9-5A Division II football
  19. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 7-0Sulphur Springs 5-2Hallsville 4-3 Longview 4-3Texas High 2–5 Marshall 1-6Pine Tree 1-5 Game 8 Jan 19 Mount Pleasant beat Longview 50-49 Sulphur Springs beat Marshall 56-40 Hallsville beat Texas High 75-71 (OT) Pine Tree- OFF MP improved to 18-0 with a barnburner win over Longview. The win has the Tigers in firm control of the district title with a 2 game lead over Sulphur Springs with only 5 games remaining. Meanwhile the Wildcats moved into seonc place thanks to their win over Marshall. Longview and Hallsville are knott
  20. We've had decades of Sycophancy. While the MSM was brutally unfair to Trump in his four years..... Trump still had his share of sycophants in congress and ESPECIALLY in his MAGA base. He could do no wrong in their eyes... even when he was wrong. Obama had all the MSM in the palm of his hand his entire 8 years. He was their darling... and it was disgusting. They are part of the reason that MONSTROSITY called Obamacare passed. They refused to call him out.... even when he was wrong. George W had enough of them to rush us into two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The media ripped
  21. Like I said.... if someone has more than one admitting diagnosis AND is COVID positive... then yes... COVID will be listed... along with all the other(s). A person in the hospital that dies of a heart attack while they have COVID.... BOTH will be listed on the death certificate. A death certificate has several blanks on it for causes of death. And yes... the CDC would count it as a COVID death.... just like the American Heart Association will probably count it as a cardiac death. It's a not an either/or thing. The body is made of of MANY SYSTEMS that all work together and are
  22. I'll be honest with you.... you are not likely to see COVID as the LONE cause of death. That's the case in almost ANY infectious disease. Most deaths (COVID or not) are usually multi-faceted because all of our body systems are so closely tied to one another. Example: Papa Joe died of a heart attack (1)..... but his heart was stressed because he had elevated blood pressure (2) and high cholesterol (3) and COPD (4).... all of which weakened his heart. All of his issues will likely be listed on the death certificate. And all of them will likely count his death in their statistics.
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