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  1. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 6-0Longview 4-2Sulphur Springs 4-2Hallsville 3-3Texas High 2–4 Marshall 1-5Pine Tree 1-5 Game 7 Jan 15 Sulphur Springs beat Texas High 67-58 (OT) Marshall beat Pine Tree 56-52 Mount Pleasant beat Hallsville 64-35 Longview- OFF #14 MP continues to roll as they improved to (17-0) on the season with a dominating win over Hallsville 64-35. The Tigers have a two game lead over Longview and Sulphur Springs through the first half of district play. The Lobos and Wildcats are knotted up for second place, while Hallsville clings to the
  2. Mavs crawl out of the cellar Hard watching the Mavs struggle like this. BB has been one of our best programs for the last 20 years. Lots of district titles. Some great playoff runs. But this has been brutal. Was expecting more this season.
  3. You can poop my post all day long dude. I don’t give a rip. Come to work with me. Come see how fake this is. Your brain would probably explode of you saw the things we see everyday. I’m nearly a 20 year veteran and I can’t even believe it. 20 something deaths a week in a small place like Longview..... now think regionally... then state.... then nationally. That math adds up real quick. We aren't counting jellybeans. We’re counting ruined lives. Broken families. What a luxury it must be to stick your head in the sand and deny it/call it a hoax. Denying
  4. Doctor's cannot legally falsify a cause of death. They open themselves up for not only litigation from insurance companies, but also from families, hospitals, and even the medical board. They endanger their medical license and their practice. Each patient's doctor determines the cause of death. The hospital pathologist will either agree with the cause, add more causes... or take away causes based on labs/diagnostics/etc and even an autopsy if needed or requested. Often times.... even a peer review group of doctors can be involved. Why litigation? Insurance companies (medical ins
  5. Just to put a local flavor on it..... Just here in Longview.... I can only account for one of the hospitals here.... i have no idea what's going on at the hospital down the road. We hit a high of 188 COVID positive patients this week. Today it was down to 150 something. I believe they said 37 are on ventilators. MICU is full. SICU is full. And the former Step-down unit that has been converted to an ICU is full. The non-critical COVID patients were once all housed in one unit became 2 units... then it was 3. Now COVID patients are throughout the hospital because there's simply
  6. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 5-0 Longview 4-2 Sulphur Springs 3-2 Hallsville 3-2 Texas High 2–3 Pine Tree 1-4 Marshall 0-5 Game 6 Jan 12 Mt Pleasant beat Sulphur Springs 44-41 (OT) Longview beat Hallsville 72-57 Pine Tree beat Texas High 60-59 Marshall- OFF MP took firm control of first place with their OT win over SS. Longview has jumped up to the #2 slot with their fourth straight win. Hallsville and SS are knotted up in third place. Pine Tree got their first district win with a minor upset of Texas High on Wednesday. Marshall remains winless
  7. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Mt Pleasant 5-0 Longview 4-2 Hallsville 3-3 Sulphur Springs 3-2 Texas High 2–2 Pine Tree 0-4 Marshall 0-5 Game 6 Jan 12 Mt Pleasant beat Sulphur Springs 44-41 (OT) Longview beat Hallsville 72-57 Texas High Vs Pine Tree- Wednesday Marshall- OFF MP took firm control of first place with their OT win over SS. The Wildcats could find themselves in a three way tie for third after THS and PT’s game Wednesday. Longview has won 4 in a row after dropping their first two district games. ----------------------- DISTRICT 15-5A GI
  8. He wasn’t joking. He was self reporting. Trump has had about 20 allegations of sexual impropriety that took legal actions. And another 10 or so that didn’t. So 30-ish incidents total Biden has...maybe 5 if you really stretch the definition of it. So no. I don’t see them as comparable at all. Honestly... I think they’re both disgusting. And yes. I am more centric... but lean to the right. And I’m loving seeing the crazy MAGA zealots rip apart the GOP with the RINOS just like the socialists are ripping apart the Democratic Party from the moderates.
  9. Almost as disgusting as grabbing them by the pus***. ———- As a person that has always hated the left.... and has grown to hate the right... I’m thrilled to see both parties tearing each other apart from within themselves All this garbage may usher in the end of the two party system and perhaps see 4 (or more) parties be invited to the table. It’s ridiculous that MOST Americans are pretty centric in their political beliefs but we are getting jerked around by a bunch of hateful socialist and MAGAS. A couple of centric parties will drown out the zealots o
  10. Socialist media aren’t then only ones floating the crazy. They have their own special brand of crazy. But so has the right Conservatives have been talking about the insurrection act and martial law being declared for 2 days now. The crazy is plentiful on both sides. It’s sickening. And disheartening.
  11. There are talks all over social media about an armed militia showing up. It would be crazy NOT to have troops there. We have no idea what either side are capable of at this time. Both are completely unhinged at the moment.
  12. I think both parties are headed for splits. GOP will split between Trumpsters and RINOS and the Democratic Party is going to split between socialists and moderates. Most Americans reside in the middle politically. But both parties have been highjacked by the fringe of each side. The death of the 2 party system into a multi-party system might be the best thing to come of all this mess.
  13. Suggesting the execution of an elected official.... Hearing talks of a militia showing up at inauguration. More planned violence by both sides... left and right It’s all disgusting
  14. Did this guy really suggest the execution of Pence on Parler??? Surely not. I use to think people were too smart for this kinda rhetoric.... but. The once proud GOP is going to tear itself apart with this stuff. Sad days.
  15. Evil lies on both sides of this. Some of you are too blind to admit that the the far left and the far right are BOTH to blame for what happened.
  16. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL My Pleasant 4-0 Sulphur Springs 3-1 Hallsville 3-1 Longview 3-2 Texas High 2–2 Pine Tree 0-4 Marshall 0-5 Game 5 Jan 9 Mt Pleasant beat Pine Tree 72-49 Texas High beat Marshall 70-41 Longview beat Sulphur Springs 56-54 Hallsville- OFF Longview’s buzzer beater win over SS dropped the wildcats out of a first place tie with MP. Meanwhile MP took sole possession of first with their win. Marshall and Pine Tree are battling for the cellar. ----------------------- DISTRICT 15-5A GIRLS BASKETBALL Hal
  17. IMHO.......when COVID is over..... I want the blackout back in place. People need to have their fannies in the stands on Friday nights. Buying tickets, concessions, and booster booths, and general support of the community to the students is VITAL. Fans in the stands create a cashflow to multiple groups without using school dollars when they attend games. Football, band, cheerleaders, drill team, and others all get a slice of the Friday night lights pie. Let's pack the place every game. That's how it should be .......
  18. Aledo wins because they have a better defense than Crosby. And a better offense.... But the defense will be the difference IMHO.
  19. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Sulphur Springs 3-0 Mount Pleasant 3-0 Hallsville 3-1 Longview 2-2 Texas High 1-2 Pine Tree 0-3 Marshall 0-4 Game 4- Jan 8 Mt. Pleasant beat Marshall 35-29 Longview beat Pine Tree 69-54 Sulphur Springs beat Hallsville 51-35the Texas High- OFF Sulphur Springs got a huge win on the road over Hallsville 51-35, dropping the Bobcats from first place to third place in the standings. As per the norm... it seems SS and MP will battle it out for the district championship. MP had a closer game than expected Vs. Marshall....but held on f
  20. Not saying there wasn’t Antifa folks involved. Good chance there was. But there was also some good ole MAGA folks involved too..... No matter who any of them are affiliated with... left or right... they should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law: Rick Saccone, a Republican former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, posted a photo of himself on Facebook with the caption, “We are storming the capitol. Our vanguard has broken thru the barricades. We will save this nation. Are u with me?” Del. Derrick Evans, a Republican from Wayne Coun
  21. Ever since Tyler and Longview started vacillating between 6A and 5A (and 5A and 4A prior) 10-12 years ago.... they have without a doubt flexed their dominance in football. Rarely even getting tested in football. But in other sports they are mostly middle of the pack in the other major sports. Longview has been strong in soccer....but basketball, baseball and softball are meh. Tyler has been horrendous in baseball and softball. Basketball hasn't been much better. But.... no question.... when they are in the lower classifications in football.... it's been a heyday for them.
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