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  1. Ever since Tyler and Longview started vacillating between 6A and 5A (and 5A and 4A prior) 10-12 years ago.... they have without a doubt flexed their dominance in football. Rarely even getting tested in football. But in other sports they are mostly middle of the pack in the other major sports. Longview has been strong in soccer....but basketball, baseball and softball are meh. Tyler has been horrendous in baseball and softball. Basketball hasn't been much better. But.... no question.... when they are in the lower classifications in football.... it's been a heyday for them.
  2. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Hallsville 3-0 Sulphur Springs 2-0 Mount Pleasant 2-0 Texas High 1-2 Longview 1-2 Pine Tree 0-2 Marshall 0-3 Game 3- Jan 5 Hallsville beat Pine Tree 78-73 Mount Pleasant beat Texas High 59-45 Longview beat Marshall 75-56 Sulphur Springs - OFF Hallsville took sole possession of first place with their third district win, while SS was idle from district play. Defending district champion MP continues to pile on the wins (11-0)? Longview got their first district win, while Marshall and PT remain winless. ----------------
  3. While it was a very entertaining game...... the region IV final was devoid of defense. And THAT will ultimately be LH's downfall IMHO.
  4. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Sulphur Springs 2-0 Hallsville 2-0 Mount Pleasant 1-0 Texas High 1-1 Pine Tree 0-1 Marshall 0-2 Longview 0-2 Game 2- Jan 2 Sulphur Springs beat Marshall 68-48 Mount Pleasant beat Longview 63-50 Hallsville beat Texas High 52-50 Pine Tree- OFF Sulphur Springs and Hallsville are knotted up at the top of the district at (2-0) as the Wildcats continue their annual romp through district play. The Bobcats are proving to possibly be the most improved team from last season. MP, the defending district champion improved to (10-0) on the sea
  5. I think they coast next week Vs. Region IV in the semis. But whoever they get in the state championship is going to be their toughest game to date. I'm guessing Aledo. They have all the pedigree in the world. But Region I has a history of shocking Region II in the semis.....
  6. Congrats to Crosby on the big win today. That was a tough gritty win. I think you guys win pretty easily next week in the semis.
  7. Pulling for the Tigers! But expecting a 21 point win over Crosby... I dunno..... Considering THS’ struggles with Nac and for a half with Lake Creek.....a 3 score win over a Crosby team that’s significantly better than either one of their previous opponents seems unlikely. But ultimately.... no matter if you win by 1 or 21.... a win is a win.
  8. No secret I was pulling for the Tigers to win. I cheer for everyone in the district except Whitehouse. But I wasn’t sold on them anymore. I honestly thought THS was special this season..... until I saw them struggle against Nac and then again against Lake Creek. I was pulling for the Tigers Vs Crosby for sure. But I had a feeling it was the end of the road if their struggles continued... and they did.
  9. Yeah.... the MP ladies are missing all three distinct games so far. Might just be a coincidence that MPs games are the three missing. But it makes me wonder if they haven’t played. Guess we’ll know soon enough.
  10. Have they played any of their district games? Every game district game missing so far has been someone Vs Mp.
  11. Wrong. I picked Crosby to win their first and second round games. I didn’t pick against them until this past week Vs Huntsville
  12. For me.... in the playoffs.....a team's W/L record has very little to do with my picks. They may have piled up some losses because a brutally tough non-district schedule. Maybe they padded some wins the same way.... or a weak district. When it comes to the playoffs.... it's about tradition for me in a lot of games. Who has a winning playoff tradition? Who has the experience? The lore? The history of winning? Those teams just seem to make it happen more often than not.... hard to bet against them. Even when they are the underdog I mean.... do you respect a (9-4) PNG or
  13. Wrong???? Well.....you made me go back and look at my Region III picks for the playoffs.... I was (7-1) in the first round. My only miss was picking AMC over Pine Tree (Overtime game). I was (4-0) in the 2nd round. I was (1-1) in the 3rd round. I picked Huntsville over Crosby (also an Overtime game) -------- I'd say going (12-2) with both losses coming in OT says I'm doing alright with my picks. I'm guessing that I've been "wrong every time" because I picked Huntsville over Crosby...... although I picked them the two prior weeks. I even picked them to be
  14. How do you figure?? Ive picked FBM every week and they are still playing. I picked Crosby to beat Texas High. i picked Huntsville in the first two rounds. The only game I’ve missed is Huntsville/Crosby.
  15. They are the Region III champs until they aren't anymore. I've always believed that of winning programs. Although I think Crosby will be their toughest test to date. Whoever wins this game advances to state IMHO
  16. I think about how many teams have had tons of playoff success in spite of traditionally being in weak districts.... Katy..... Converse Judson.... Euless Trinity..... Southlake Carroll Yet they win and win and win when it matters.
  17. Oh good grief.... I didn't "wait until after the game to jump on your upset prediction". I worked yesterday and today and wasn't able to say the EXACT same thing I would have BEFORE the game was played. My quote from a day or two before shows that. I don't see how a weak district correlates to what a team does in the playoffs when they actually have a history of winning. Now... if a team is a relative unknown...or a darkhorse... sure, call their district into question......i.e Whitehouse, Pine Tree... The fact that FBM is beating up on those powderpuffs doesn't seem to be adv
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