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  1. I had no idea Marshall's pay was so close to Longview, Lee and JT. Good for us. Nice to see we are competitive. Wow.....Lufkin is really paying outlaw.
  2. I'd have to day Abe Martin in Lufkin. They are good at home. And the LP fans that sit on the visitor's side are ummmm.... well.... not the cream of the crop in Lufkin. Better wear a thick skin...and be OK with potty mouth. otherwise, you better stay at home.
  3. Here is the article about the SAME game in the Texarkana Gazette. Where the writers at the same game??? LOL. Enjoy! Leopards holding their own Saturday, August 26, 2006 2:08 PM CDT L-E battles Marshall on even terms By LOUIE AVERY Texarkana Gazette Liberty-Eylau’s third-ranked 3A football team learned a valuable lesson during a Friday night scrimmage with 4A powerhouse Marshall at Harris Field. Once the lights were turned on and the scoreboard started ticking, it only took Marshall 12 seconds to get on the scoreboard with Andrew Clough romping 70 yards for a touchd
  4. Mavericks running back Andrew Clough breaks free from two Liberty-Eylau defenders to run for the first of two touchdowns during two live quarters of scrimmage action Friday in Texarkana. (Scott Brunner, Marshall News Messenger) AND THEIR OFF!!!! Season kick off for Marshall will be Friday night at Maverick Stadium hosting Shreveport Huntington. Game will be at 7:30.
  5. Looks like the Mav defense will be OK and the running game could be strong. Passing game could be slow in developing. Well.... 6 days and the real thing starts. Can't wait.
  6. This is today's Write up about Friday's scrimmage. Mavericks defense plays well in 14-7 scrimmage win over Liberty-Eylau By NANCY NILES, Sports Editor, Marshall News Messenger Saturday, August 26, 2006 TEXARKANA – Andrew Clough rushed for 103 yards and one touchdown in the live-quarters section of the Marshall High School football team's scrimmage against Liberty-Eylau at Harris Field Friday. Clough, who had 116 yards before being handed the ball on the team's final play of the game while simultaneously being taken down by a pair of awaiting defenders for a 13-yard loss,
  7. That's what was reported to me. Details?
  8. MNMLady..... That was fantastic. I can't believe a staff of 1.5 (lol) pulled something like that off. You guys deserve a trip to Hawaii. 7 schools covered very well. Well done. :happy65:
  9. Longview leads the series 49-41-5 according to UIL records that go back to 1909. Unofficially.... the two have been playing since the late 1880's. Supposedly in the late 1890's Longview finally got a win over Marshall after about a decade of frustrations. Records weren't great back then.....so none of the games before 1909 are counted. Both have had long winning streaks over the other. Marshall's last win was in 2000 with a final of 38-28. In Marshall's last year of 5A play, the Mavs and the Lobos played in a 28-23 barnburner. 2002 saw Marshall reclassified into 4A, get a ne
  10. I wasn't going to go to Texarkana for the Marshall Vs. Liberty Eylau scrimmage.... but I'm so ready for some football, I think I am. Marshall is in most top 15's. LE is state ranked in most 3A polls. Should be a good one. See you there.
  11. HP will most likely end up in Division II now that Richardson Berkner is in their district. Ennis could also end up in D-II if Waxahachie gets back to their glory.
  12. I'm pretty sure J-ville would have been in the playoffs even with their loss to Nac. Can you imagine going out onto the field against Nac KNOWING that no matter what you do, that was your last game. after being pretty sure you were a playoff team. Totally deflating. I would guess.... if J-ville had gone into the Nac game with playoffs on their mind.... the game would have been COMPLETELY different. Just my opinion. But that was 2005. This is 2006. J-ville has a program. Nac is stilll building one.
  13. I'm not sold on Waco. They were 2-8 last season.
  14. Kilgore missing the playoffs??? Nacogdoches in second place??? Jacksonville in 6th??? That's a tough sell....... if you can get someone to buy that you may as well unload that swamp land in Florida you got. Here's my stab on thing. 1. Hallsville- If the Bobcats don't win district with the talent they have this year, it's hard to fathom them winning it again anytime soon. This is probably one of the most experience laden teams in the district. They have a stong QB.... and Mr. Survia could prove to be one of the top running backs in the region. After that....... thin
  15. let's see..... off the top of my head region II has..... Texas High, Highland Park, Round Rock, Waco, Marshall, Kilgore, Hallsville, Ennis.... all are in the top 15-20 of almost every poll I've seen. If I had to put them in order...... 1. Round Rock 2. Texas High 3. Highland Park Gets real scetchy after that.....IMO
  16. Marshall Vs. Hallsville..... because this has become a HUGE rivalry. And because Hallsville is my favorite for the district title Marshall Vs. Kilgore.... because our games have become some of the best every year. Red Vs. Red.
  17. Marshall is going to basically have a new team this year from last year. But this isn't an inexperenced team. Most of these guys played in no less than 8 or 9 varsity games last season thanks to blowout scores in non district, district, and playoff games. So they aren't completely green, even tho most of them weren't starters last season. Not only did they get all those vasity snaps, but they got an additional 5 weeks of practice last fall thanks to the playoffs. So....they are all new.... but they aren't all green. It's just going to be a matter of how fast it all gels together.
  18. Considering he narrated the video.... I would think he was OK with it. They are hoping to make it a weekly thing for the newspaper. It will be posted on teh Marshall News Messenger site.
  19. I know who was selected from Marshall. I think the team will be released this weekend by the local papers. If not...it may be the following week.
  20. Got some video of Marshall's first work out posted. Thanks to the Marshall News Messenger's website and our Sports Editor, Nancy Niles and co. http://www.marshallnewsmessenger.com/news/mplayer/m/4516 enjoy
  21. Marshall Vs. Liberty Eylau Aug 25th
  22. Marshall and Liberty Eylau will scrimmage on Aug 25th. LE is in the top 5. Marshall is state ranked in 4A. Should be a good one.
  23. Longview Vs. Marshall This is Texas High School Football lore. I mean... come on!!! UIL can say this is a 90- something year old rivalry, but history shows that it's been going since at least the 1890's. Longview and Marshall are 18 miles apart. Both have storied programs. Both have long winning/losing streaks against the other. The Rivalry is about as close as a series this long can be with the Lobos leading 49-41-5. This year will be the 96th official game. But..... it's probably more like 110-120th. It was a intense when it was a district game and the playoffs we
  24. WOW. 7 of the top 13 teams in class 4A are all from the SAME REGION. That means there will be some very good football teams sitting at home early on in the playoffs. 2. Texas High 3. Copperas Cove (1) 11. Ennis (1) 12. Marhsall 13. Highland Park 14. Waco T15. Corsicana This is going to be killer. It's going to be interesting to see how these teams fall into the Div I/ Div II brackets. Texas High and Copperas Cove are locks for Division I since they are the largest in their districts. Ennis could be Division I, but could be knocked to Division II by Waxa
  25. I didn't see those any of those type signs at the Marshall-HP game. BUT.....I've seen those signs at other HP games. I saw them play Garland once and they had a sign that said: OUR MAIDS LIVE IN GARLAND. When they played Kilgore back a few years ago I saw one that said: OUR HOUSES DON'T HAVE WHEELS. But I've seen some good ones in response. CASH CAN'T BUY CLASS and my personal favorite..... WE WIPE WITH SCOTS But I didn't see any of that when we played them in the state championship game. Of couse....I've tried to block that day from my mind and just remember
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