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  1. I absolutely loathe this argument to pick for/against a team. Especially a team with a history of winning. Like ANY team has ANY say in who is in their district. That weak district hasn't kept FBM from advancing to back to back state championships the last two seasons.... or the quarterfinals this season. Sounds like they are doing just fine...... JMHO
  2. Huntsville loves close playoff games the last few years..... Lost today to Crosby 32-29 in OT.... Round 3 Won 35-34 over Marshall..... Round 3 in 2018 (I'll NEVER get over that loss. Unforgivable.) Lost 47-43 over FBM.....Round 4 in 2018 Coach Southern is a good one. I wish him the best....most of the time.....lol.
  3. DISTRICT 15-5A BOYS BASKETBALL Sulphur Springs 1-0 Texas High 1-0 Hallsville 1-0 Mount Pleasant 0-0 Marshall 0-1 Longview 0-1 Pine Tree 0-1 MP and Sulphur Springs have dominated this district in its various alignments the last 5-6 years. Each have made multiple deep runs in the playoffs. No reason to think that will end this season. Don't be deceived by SS's (8-5) record.... they have been playing some of the top talent in the DFW area in prep for their expected playoff run. Rumor has it MP has not lost a game this season, although I can't find an overall record. The ra
  4. Crosby wins on a 35 yd FG 32-29 They avenge a 1 point playoff loss to Huntsville last year Congrats Cougars.
  5. Huntsville misses a FG on their first possession. Crosby ball. Hornets have missed 2 PAT's and and 2 FG.... tough day for the kicker.
  6. Looks like SS and MP are the class of 5A East Texas in basketball again. Each have been to the regional tourney (more than once (i believe for each) recently. The battle will be for 3rd and 4th. Should be a fun race.
  7. FBM is the back to back defending state runner ups until they aren’t. They have owned REG III along with Huntsville. I’m not betting against either one of them.
  8. DISTRICT 15 BOYS BASKETBALL Texas high over Longview 60-46 Sulphur Springs beat PT 74-55 Hallsville beat Marshall 43-38
  9. DISTRICT 15 GIRLS BASKETBALL Hallsville 4-0 Marshall 2-1 Texas High 2-1 Mt. Pleasant 0-0 Longview 0-1 Sulphur Springs 0-2 Pine Tree 0-2 I can't confirm.... but it appears MP's ladies are not playing. There aren't any scores for their games Vs. SS, Hallsville, or Longview. It may be COVID related. Not sure how they will make those games up. It will be interesting. MP's absence in the schedule coupled with bye games every game night makes the standings a little messy for now. I'll update the standings after tonight's games are completed (Long/THS and PT/SS).
  10. Going to be interesting to see where PT goes post-DJ Freeman. He’s a generational player that most programs only see a few times in their history. No secret that how DJ went.... so went the Pirates. The biggest difference IMHO in 2020 PT and RECENT PT past was a much improved defense. Congrats to PT again on a great season. But my Mavs are ready to take our spot back . See y’all in 2021!
  11. We played Ned in 2018 in the area round. Man they were tough. Much respect for their program
  12. Nederland leading 20-0 at the half. PT imploded in the last minute of the half. Bulldogs scored a TD in the last minute followed by a pick 6 just before the break. Then PT fumbled and Nederland missed a FG to end the half. Total disaster for the Pirates. Both defenses playing pretty well. Offenses are struggling. Nederland gets the ball to start the 3rd.
  13. Fantastic season Tigers. Looks like Texas High is back with a vengeance. Yall can go back up to Div I now.
  14. Region III is absolutely loaded in DII. Then again.... so is Region II. I and IV are meh, really.
  15. 28-7 Crosby midway through the second
  16. I knew they were going to test THS....but I didn't expect this.
  17. He doesn’t know the difference in Linden and Lindale. That kinda says it all.
  18. Marshall over PT 49-33 Texas High beat Sulphur Springs 48-35
  19. That’s just a sad outlook IMHO. If a season is only a success or only fun if you make it three or more rounds deep is setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment. Sure you want high expectations..... but there is also a such thing as enjoying the ride. But yeah. I gotta disagree with you on this.
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