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  1. This is a tough game for PT. Nederland is a tradition rich school. Lots of playoff experience. BUT... so was AMC.. and the Pirates took care of them. NED is much better than AMC I think. Tough game. Wouldn’t be shocked either way. PT by 3.
  2. Pulling for the Tigers! But expecting a 21 point win over Crosby... I dunno..... Considering THS’ struggles with Nac and for a half with Lake Creek.....a 3 score win over a Crosby team that’s significantly better than either one of their previous opponents seems unlikely. But ultimately.... no matter if you win by 1 or 21.... a win is a win.
  3. Longview/Lancaster Friday 7:30 at Mesquite Memorial Texas High/Crosby Friday 7 PM at SFASU Pine Tree Vs. Nederland- Saturday 2PM at SFASU Going to try and make it to the Texas High game Fri.... and if I can talk my way out of a wedding on Saturday.... I'll go to PT's game too lmao.
  4. IMHO the state champ will come out of Region II..... Aledo and Ennis both have tons of history when it comes to winning state.
  5. Just might make my way down to Nac for this game.
  6. Both are definitely admitting COVID patients. I’ve had friends/family at both. I would expect LRMC’s to be about half. But that’s a total guess on my part to be honest. The hospital as a whole is OK. The problem is lack of ICU beds, which is staying full. Speaking as an RN..... we are ready for the vaccine. We are ready for things to flatten. We are ready for this to end
  7. 1. I'll eat my crow.... I didn't think PT would compete with AMC. The Tigers are a proud program with tons of winning tradition and the Pirates took care of business. Congrats. They are going to get another big dose of the same thing this coming week in Nederland. Not a banner year for the Bulldogs.... but they have tons of playoff tradition. Best of luck PT..... I'm happy for you guys. 2. I was a little shocked at how THS struggled with Lake Creek in the first half. But the final score was about what I expected. Tigers are going to have their hands full with Crosby. But it's de
  8. I work at one of the hospitals in Longview. As of Thursday.......we had 98 confirmed covid positive patients in the hospital. 8 other patients are under investigation and 18 total patients are on ventilators (not all COVID). I didn't get to see the numbers for Friday. I haven't the foggiest idea what the hospital a few blocks down the road is doing. But those are some local numbers just to put all this into perspective. The system is stressed and stretched locally.... but we are still hanging in there for now.
  9. East Texas has a HUGE task ahead of them this week. THS/Crosby PT/Nederland Longview/Lancaster All three look to be great games.
  10. 5A DIVISION I REGION III- Bi-District Texas High beat Lake Creek 37-7Crosby beat Fort Bend Willowridge 66-0Huntsville Vs. Nacogdoches 29-0Barbers Hill beat Galena Park 51-14Fort Bend Marshall beat PNG 21-14 Montgomery beat Whitehouse 38-31Nederland beat Houston Sterling 37-0Pine Tree beat A&M Consolidated 34-28 IN OT AREA Texas High Vs. Crosby Huntsville Vs. Barbers Hill FB Marshall Vs. Montgomery Nederland Vs. Pine Tree 5A DIVISION I REGION II- Bi-District Aledo beat Hillcrest 77-13 North Forney beat Denison 32-25 South Oak Cliff beat Arlington Seguin 2-0 FORFEI
  11. Last time two East Texas 5A Div II teams advanced was 2018 when Marshall and Lindale did.
  12. I didn’t on that game. But I saw it on the Nac/Huntsville game.
  13. 9-5A goes 2-2 against 10-5A..... games were closer than I suspected. Congrats to PT and Texas High on advancing. Texas High wins 37-7. They get Crosby next. Pine Tree wins 34-28 in OT. They get Nederland next Nac falls to Huntsville 29-0 Montgomery got the game winning TD over Whitehouse with a 63 yard run with less than a min left in the game to win 38-31.
  14. Mont takes a 38-31 lead over WH with a 62 yard TD run with less than a min left
  15. Mont takes a 38-31 lead over WH with a 62 yard TD run with less than a min left
  16. Congrats to Pine Tree. Nederland is next!!! PT headed to the second round for the first time since 1976
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