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  1. As a CHILD he wanted to go to Texas. As an ADULT he is forever grateful he attended Texas A & M! :thumbsup:
  2. I too wish TCU the best of luck at Omaha!! What an exciting time this is for the Frogs!!
  3. When a team is ranked as TU is/has been it is a total shame to go to the Big 12 Tournament and wind up 0 for 3. Aggies played great ball and just outplayed the others. It may be just a Big 12 Tournament ring and MVP of said tournament, but it's Brodie's third ring in four years and he has made an everlasting mark in A&M Baseball!! Not bad for a kid from Bullard!! And we aren't done yet!
  4. :nowhearthis: A baseball player should step on the field everytime with the sole intent of giving it his all and striving for the win. He had an off day, it happens to players/teams all time. Still an incredible pitcher!
  5. Injuries are always sad no matter what team or what player. :cry:
  6. Brody was named Big 12 Player of the Week after sweeping the 3 game series against Seton Hall (sp?) this past weekend at Olsen Field in College Station. Congratulations Brody & keep up the good/hard work, its obviously paying off!!!! :notworthy: :notworthy:
  7. Great job by Bullard, and always fun to watch! Sure gonna miss this group of kids. Thanks for making us so proud!! :notworthy:
  8. Texas is definitely stacked in the pitching department this year. Of course I have only been interested in college baseball the last four years, but each season they have had an exceptional team with loads of talent. They have an awesome coach and a great program. But they have been beaten and will be again this year. I am very glad they are wearing the bullseye on their backs as being ranked #1, it's a hard position to maintain. A&M baseball won back to back Big 12 Championships in 2007 and 2008, Texas taking it in 2009. I attended the series between Ags and Horns in 2009 & it was awesome but extremely frustrating for A&M. If you were there you know what I am talking about. Series ended Texas 2 Ags 1 under much controversy. I must add that Thanksgiving 2007 A&M football won at Texas and Thanksgiving 2008 A&M won at home. This year it looked like to me that A&M may be starting to come around in football. Immortal, please keep in mind when watching A&M and Texas this year, Brody will be covering centerfield :coolball: and is still representing Bullard quite nicely! :thumbsup:
  9. IMO: A&M is number 1 in many ways, sure its great to win titles, but Character, Discipline and Class is something instilled in students at this awesome university and they never lose it. Not to say other universities don't (have visited many of these), but for four years now I have come to know a great many people, students, teachers, athletes and coaches (people that work in the ticket booths & concession!) and that is just one h_ll of a school! I have seen other players and coaches behave in such a manner that A&M only makes me more gratefull that they gave my son the chance of a lifetime! Yep, I'm a proud Aggie mom & will continue to sing their praises no matter what the "title count" is. My son will take so much with him when he leaves, and it will last a lifetime and then some. Thank you Texas A&M!! Now lets play baseball!!!! :coolball: :rock: :woohoo: :rock:
  10. BBGF

    17-3A hoops

    :nowhearthis: Brody singing the praises of his brother Koby all over College Station. He's one proud former Panther!!! :notworthy:
  11. Really was a good game, not a single boring second in that one! One game at a time Panthers and focus! Congrats!!! :notworthy:
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