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  1. Just think....you could make the same argument the other way: if it wasn't for Taylor Linsey, Harleton has 4 state trips
  2. I'm sure the Modisette and Atkin families feel the same way. What is Beckville's record against those two hacks recently?
  3. Or in other words, Harleton is a one kid team and the rest of the players aren't very good.
  4. https://www.panolawatchman.com/news/2016/apr/29/can-the-ladycats-win-it-all/ Looks like it's Beckville's to lose...
  5. Possible sleeper in Ore City. Beckville puts up alot of runs. Harleton doesn't seem to score much. Grapeland is always tough.
  6. I believe it is Beckville or Grapeland.
  7. What was the Harleton @ Rusk game like?
  8. Isn't really just a race for 2nd place in the region?
  9. Shouldn't be "10-running" in regional finals....what happened?!
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