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  1. This whole thing is vile. If the vaccine works well there's no reason to make it mandatory. Perry is not being conservative nor Christian with this move. Perry is simply returning a favor. Merck gave him campaign contributions and they also hired on Perry's former chief of staff to handle their lobbying work in Texas. With this bill passed Merck stands to make billions as it is. And even more if this law is passed in other states. The idea is fine - although it's a 100 percent preventable disease. The vile aspect is a drug company is in collusion with the government to force people to use the company's new drug. Vile, vile, vile, Mr. Perry. I hope a court order and state legislators hammer you for this idea. Greetings, all. I heard of this the other day and figured you all would have a post about it. I couldn't let this topic pass by. It was -2 with a -28 wind chill here this morning, you are all jealous I'm certain! ciao.
  2. J directed me to post this. Oh, and hello kids. The average per-gallon profit for Exxon: 10 cents. Average per-gallon tax: 50 cents. Hate the government, not the companies who are meeting supply and demand.
  3. Biggio can teach hitters how to lean into pitches for sure.
  4. Good for Texas. Without him, they were staring down the worst starting rotation in the last 15 years.
  5. Good for you oldsot!!! I don't need anything material whatsoever - this land is atop the last peak of the Blue Ridge Mountaints (five miles from the Skyline Highway) before the Atlantic. It's fertile as anything - I'll build our retirement home on it one day.
  6. A 1,700 acre tract of land in Charlottesville, Va. (near Rosemont, about 5 miles from Jefferson's Monticello for all you Virginians). A Lowe's gift card A ladder Stocks.
  7. He's not - he's a neo-con. He's about as opposite as a Reagan Republican as you can get.
  8. Funny, that's exactly what people said last off-season about the Randy Johnson signing. The "experts" said NYY would win 135 games. Of course, they now say NYY will score 160 more runs because of Johnny Damon and that's the most laughable thing I've ever heard in my life.
  9. I personally find it funny when people call Bush a conservative Republican when he's neither. He's about as anti-Republican as one can get.
  10. Hey, merry (insert your special day here) you guys.
  11. Hey, I'm the guy here who says that! I made this post super tired - hence my mistake. :(
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