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  1. Nothing like the same at all The WAC has a vision that the Southland did not have It has a strong history of success and is much better positioned for the inevitable Div1 changes that are coming in football It is a possible 2 bid basketball conference While SFA and SHSU fans may argue and trade jabs I think the vast majority of both fan bases were in agreement with this move for the betterment of both schools.
  2. Yes you are playing such a tough schedule to get you ready for it!
  3. Lol keep on hating It is always tough on the stripes in Conway but this team is built for games like this
  4. They did not move up we moved on from the Southland to a better conference
  5. Terrible clock management at the end of the game! Greg the Leg bails Mccarthy out
  6. The Big Sky Conf had 3 wins against FBS opponents in week 1
  7. UC Davis is in the Big Sky and they beat 3 FBS teams week 1
  8. Yep you got alumni like Retired Fan on here That wont get out and support their alma matter by getting their tail in a seat!
  9. Everyone has a bye week We knew we needed 2 this year after playing 10 in the spring Btw checked out those BOTPW ticket sales last night SHSU side has multiple sold out sections Plenty available in any section on SFA side Another sea of Orange at NRG Oct 2 this year!
  10. It was a great effort by the Jacks though in Lubbock
  11. Na 10 has a nice ring I’m pretty sure our defense is better than Tech”s by the way
  12. We will answer that question on Oct 3rd in Houston at NRG
  13. I just registered my email address and it let me view the article
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/10/sports/ncaafootball/football-schedules-injuries.html Here is the link story has some great pictures if you care to look at it that way
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