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  1. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/baseball/d1/rpi Aggies and Horns should both be moving up
  2. Are you not looking forward to the Kats Annual trek to Nac?
  3. SHSU walked Nebraska off on Saturday Lost a 5-4 tough one to Mississippi State on Friday on some base running mistakes Weather cancels the game against Tech yesterday in Frisco
  4. Had 8 across and still at the plate I believe
  5. https://www.victoriaadvocate.com/counties/goliad/da-yoakum-students-faculty-lied-to-grand-jury-about-locker/article_538f9ed6-3a00-11e9-ad59-e3c9ce48da0c.html
  6. SHSU at Texas Tues night big RPI game for the Kats Let one slip away last year in Austin that could have been the difference in a At Large bid
  7. Sam Houston. Defeats Louisiana 7-5 and 9-8 with back to back walkoffs on Sat Sun 9-2 final Kats move go 5-1 on the year
  8. Kats schedule the next 10 days 8 games against some big time opponents Louisiana Laf 3 games at home this Frid-Sun At Texas Tuesday TCU at Home Wed Next Fri-Sun in Frisco Miss State Nebraska Texas Tech
  9. Doubtful A-M and he would get together again after last time but you never know
  10. Coach Deggs will be at SHSU for quiet awhile He has no plans to be anywhere else in the near future. He is very content to stay at SHSU. The Geography fits where he wants to be.
  11. Kats go 2-1 in Florida beat a Stetson team that won a regional last year. Drop 3-2 game to VA Tech with a Fresh getting the start on the bump. Going to disagree with you on Cardenas Deggs is hands down the best in the Southland
  12. Read some things on FB that were bizzare Coach was suspended in late Jan board meeting about that was yesterday I believe?
  13. I can’t say the conference makeup is how I like it either But IW got stronger this year I am still skeptical of them sustaining it. HBU is weak in everything i would have preferred to see Tarleton AM Commerce or Midwestern State in the conference after coming up from D2
  14. I have no desire for us to go FBS and just be another bottom feeder. In Baseball out out of conference schedule gives us the ability to seed better.
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