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  1. Not hardly but doesn’t make it right
  2. My understanding is the bans are off now due to the things above that they agreeD to vacations of wins probation etc I agree though seems like they are piling on some here while the big boys get a pass when caught red handed with their hand in the cookie jar!
  3. I had been meaning to get over here and see how my Jack friends were doing? I have been twisting the knife with some of them I work with
  4. Hard to wrap head around no CWS when it’s still 3 months away
  5. The new coach is on campus as of Yesterday
  6. Sam Houston swept Loyola Maramount this past weekend to move to 5-1 on the season Loyola lost to UCLA in the West Regional last year and was solid top 50 type club Kats in Austin tomorrow night against Texas
  7. Nothing is surprising with Hooten at the Helm The orange faithful are already looking forward to baseball lol The announcement that you can watch Bearkat baseball and enjoy a cold one late last week made it even more exciting
  8. They intend to be back in UIL in two years yes
  9. They will play a JV outlaw schedule next year. They expected to only have 22-24 play next year and 20 of them will be Fresh and Sophs They have a JR class I think it is that only has 25 or so in it and maybe 1 plays football out of 10-12 boys. They are trying to avoid the freshman next year having to play varsity and be thrown into the meat grinder. I think its a good idea on their part
  10. Since their loss Zebs have picked it up Only thing to be concerned with is the kiss of death pick above from Westy
  11. I believe they will but will play a JV schedule. They apparently will field a mostly Freshman and Soph team
  12. SHSU is playing Dixie State in football a couple of times in the coming years the other FCS from the WAC
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