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  1. Well watched the game in Abilene tonight we had our chances ACU shot 53% from 3 point land and prob 70 percent last 10 minutes. They were banking in 3s Not much you can say on that. I like our chances in Katy against them they will never shoot like that on a neutral floor Hope SFA takes care of business against them next week.
  2. Yes the Okie State being cancelled was to bad The murders row schedule is coming in facing Tech TCU Texas and Rice over 5 day span Wins like those by ACU and SFA could really ramp up RPIs for the conference
  3. I read an article that they usually ended up getting paid for the 4 money games they play around 3 million or better per season and it funds big part of their Athletic Budget
  4. Big game in Abilene tomorrow night SHSU 11-1 vs ACU 10-1
  5. NMSU hard to fathom how bad they are But they will stay FBS to get the 4 money games they can play as a supposed FBS team
  6. If this story did not move you Your heart needs checked! This country is not perfect but it is still the land of opportunity! Where you can accomplish a lot with hard work!
  7. If they were to mess up at the conf tournament They would be a at large team you would think
  8. I was there and wont be in Huntsville If SHSU does not beat Nichols this week They may very well win the conference After not having to play SFA and ACU thanks to this scheduling
  9. https://www.itemonline.com/sports/sam-houston-sfa-bring-wac-s-bright-basketball-future-to-national-stage/article_9f36a58e-627e-11eb-a6d5-cb2b6b8a12fa.html?fbclid=IwAR2BqL3ftn8kBQfu9Ehcrxsf3f-MCsQy5_s-1MXX_9wxQx9vL8JcZN3tmJE
  10. Heck with them forcing us out a year early I thought it would be less? I thought the exit fee was 300k with year notice which was given.
  11. So next year for ONE year it is Central Ark Jacksonville State and Eastern Kentucky to the WAC for football only Crazy times
  12. OU Baylor A-M Houston all come to Huntvegas
  13. ACU puts it on the Jacks by 20 last night This conf schedule not playing everyone really looks goofy Nichols not having to play SFA and ACU?
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