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  1. The last 2 have been down to the last plays no wood sheds here
  2. It’s going to be an epic game no doubt two heavy weights throwing haymakers at each other.
  3. When a team turns it over 3 times in the 3rd quarter and still wins by 26 that says a lot
  4. Depends on what you are defining as East Texas
  5. UTSA would be a good spot for him I got the Riders in this one also
  6. There is no doubt there offense is better than Centers
  7. That’s great for the travel budgets of schools lol Of course I would rather go to one of those places to watch a game possibly than Lake Charles and Thibdeaux
  8. West Texas AM makes sense coming up to FCS enrollment is 10,000 and they have top notch facilities Football makes no sense Tarleton the Texas 4 you mention and Dixie State as of now New Mexico State is staying FBS So you would have to add West Texas Angelo and Commerce to make the conf viable and give it 9 football playing schools
  9. Been seeing the smoke signals on this on Twitter I agree SHSU is not enthralled at all with this move and there are multiple reasons it is not a good move for us
  10. Tatum wont bring 700 to Athens? That is interesting
  11. What a change from 14-18 When Region 3 was a gaunlet
  12. I thought it was 2013 A miserable night indeed was at Mesquite that night at playoff game
  13. More proof of it being 2020 Coldsprings loses to Tarkington and Huntington but wins the District Championship
  14. Owen McCowan has several Va Tech most prominent
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