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  1. yes still think Surratt is best coach in state and that carthage will climb the overall rank over next couple of years but that top 10 overall list is very impressive..
  2. thanks for the info---didn't know it would be under team of the decade since Campbell only included 6 years---see I can read
  3. Again if you don't like it don't read it--
  4. didn't see another thread and if you don't like what I post maybe you could just ignore---wow what a concept
  5. that is why I said all divisions--guess what Richland is 1A--again I was just giving info and you butted in--and you don't have to go slow for me--I forgot more than you have ever known
  6. so what--I just said that aledo was number one overall for all divisions and richland springs was number 2--giving people some information they may not have known--I don't see how that diminishes in anyway what Carthage and Scott Surratt has accomplished.. you decide to be an and say they couldn't be successsful at 4A
  7. So aledo can win all those state championships in 5A but couldnt be succesful in 4A
  8. Aledo number 1 for all divisions Richland Springs number 2
  9. Have always rooted for Surratt and Carthage--He is probably the best coach in the state---With all the excuses already starting and people calling 16-18 kids that they don't know anything about thugs I think I will root for LaVega. My daughter taught in La Vega for 5 years and absolutely loved her students. Very difficult for her to leave them and move to a school closer to home yet grown adults throw out "thugs" for kids that work just as hard and want to win just as much as anybody else in the State.
  10. feb 6 2004 on under this name had a couple of earlier accounts
  11. District with DF and others would be really tuff district
  12. I bet those are pretty close but sometimes UIL goes bat....crazy
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