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  1. How come Whitehouse isn’t on this list anymore? Consensus on SDC then was Coach McFarlin couldn’t win at Whitehouse; they didn’t have the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s; just a basketball school.
  2. Gramps, don't be putting words in anybody else's mouth. Nobody over here thinks anything like that.
  3. https://tylerpaper.com/sports/highschool/whitehouse-outlasts-lindale/article_c0f15e56-f22e-11e9-a025-43af29e26df9.html
  4. I didn’t mean you, who was at the game, nor any of the Nac faithful that post here; rather I was referring to the very small crowd indicating a lot of folks stayed home.
  5. I don’t why there is a font mismatch in that. Tried to change to no avail.
  6. MavChamp, that was many moons ago. We also had some key players that year that were banged up and needed rest; a few were going to be out of the game, regardless. Put yourself in our coach’s shoes. A revitalized program who hasn’t been in the playoffs a while, with a chance to be competitive in D2, to get some meaningful game experience for backups who hadn’t seen much time since pre-district, let someone else have a taste, or an almost certain one and done vs. a much larger school with some D1 talent. That it was Marshall, with a very long history of success, sitting home was a bonus. (I
  7. Melissa is a good team with some talent on it. It will help playing someone of that caliber. Lest we forget: http://www.gilmermirror.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Buckeyes+fall+to+Melissa &id=27516233
  8. What else do you think Whitehouse should be doing?
  9. Good game, TH. Rough first game for both teams with the ball on the turf a lot. Y'all do have some players. Mavchamp, was it something I said? ;) PM me.
  10. Congratulations Coach. He did something that most folks said couldn't be done at Whitehouse. We are grateful for his time here and the staff that he brought in. Benton ISD gets a good one.
  11. Hate to lose a quality Christian coach like him, but wish him and his great family the best.
  12. Which night do you have scheduled for WBL?
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