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  1. Troup doesn't have the athletes to compete with Hooks. I expect the game to be close at half, but hooks by 20 by the time the game is over. Waiting for objections!!! West Rusk is the only team that would make the playoffs in our district. IJS!!!
  2. Apparently, just poor sportsmanship, but what else can u expect for MV. Hooks did it’s talking on the scoreboard.
  3. Who knows, he ran his mouth all game.
  4. Redwater hangs on to the ball, they win. Just have coughed up the ball to much in big situation.
  5. Not at game but if hooks only scored 7 they must be shooting themselves in the foot!!
  6. Hooks lives and dies by their Dfense. If Hooks D shows up and makes big playes they will win this one.
  7. DF takes care of business this week. OC wont know what hit them.
  8. Just an observation, but am I the only poster who has noticed that nobody from DeKalb has posted anything since before the game Friday? All the Dekalb faithful kept posting how they were going to beat hooks by three to four touchdowns or as many points as they wanted to. It's just unusual for a team to completely disappear and not even say good game or congrats or I was wrong.
  9. SMH, I cant believe I wasted 15 minutes reading this thread. I fell like I need to return to my safe place!!!
  10. My understanding is it comes down to point differential between the 3 teams and the games they played against each other. It could go to head to head first, but not for sure.
  11. DF and ND are in and most likely you 1 and 2 seed. The likely scenario is that this weekend ND beats PP, DF beat OC, and DK beats QC. If this happens then ND is the 1 seed and DF is 2 seed, after that it would be a 3 way tie between DK, HK, and PP. If this happens it comes down to points and HK would be 3 and PP would be 4.
  12. Saw score on friday night lights. Hooks D muat be on fire.
  13. 4th and 5 HS at RW, big play coming up.
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