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  1. I am not as connected to the program anymore. My MBA studies are keeping me busy. This game will not be as good as the Jefferson/White Oak games in the past. Jefferson doesn't have the depth of previous years, however they can still run. Jefferson 28 White Oak 14
  2. That Pewitt team kicked our (Jefferson) butts that year. I was the center and I held my own against that big nose guard all game. However, we couldn't do anything that game against you guys. I went to college with the Celina QB Nathan Tune. He was in my accounting class and our yankee professor was talking about how we would lose to Alabama and our team was trash. Someone raised their hand and said, um the starting QB is in this class. The professor's face turned red and he was really embarrassed. Good luck PP!
  3. Yeah..... I'm not the one actively rooting against social justice. Outside of your little East Texas bubble, comments against social justice would be regarded as racist.
  4. So let's be clear here. You agree, that you don't support a team that wants to end systemic racism and equality for everyone. The belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others. That my friend is the definition of racism. Let's be clear here again. We are talking about a group of mostly African American football players here. That is who played the g
  5. Well at least you don't hide your racism.
  6. Yes, graduated a lot of OL and skill guys.
  7. Tatum and Center each gave up 60 on each other. Jefferson beat Pittsburg 28 to 22. Center beat Jefferson 48 to 0. Tatum beats Pittsburg 54 to 0.
  8. Yep, they started investigating him in March. He started at UNT in January. That is how he was able to pass the background test. Good riddance to him.
  9. I was wondering why our depth chart didn't announce a starting qb. Well it turns out our QB coach, was just arrested from an improper relationship with a student during his time coaching at the HS level. He was a Briles guy, and previously suspended for other things during his time coaching at Baylor. What a weird way to start the season off. https://dentonrc.com/news/unt-assistant-football-coach-on-leave-following-arrest/article_ac4501c3-6d4f-51ee-a8cf-ecdacc972b1d.html
  10. This game was moved to Marshall. Just FYI for anyone that is going.
  11. Glad to hear that Art is still getting good personnel to come to the program.
  12. It's going to happen. The secondary is a weakness. He is a playmaker.
  13. Josh was coaching them every Friday night last year when he was on the Eagles. They allowed him to leave and help coach the team.
  14. How did Jefferson look? I know they are rebuilding this year.
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