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  1. We ran a 3-3-5 and it worked perfectly the past few seasons. However, 2018 graduation depleted our DL and LBs depth in 2019. We ended up playing horrible on defense this past year, and our DC and DL coaches were fired.
  2. I'm watching. It's not too terrible
  3. Jefferson non district opponents Pittsburgh Liberty Eylau Center Hooks
  4. From what I have gathered, he had an offer , and they had him on an official visit last week. They told him his offer wasn’t valid anymore and going to someone else early in the week. He was embarrassed, and still “signed” with Ole Miss on Wednesday. However, in reality he didn’t actually sign on Wednesday. We had an offer out to him still, and he signed with us this morning. He is a kid, and didn’t know how to handle the situation. It’s messed up got passed over at the last minute by Ole Miss. I’m glad he signed with us.
  5. Yeah, I feel bad for the kid. However, I think he will be great for our offense
  6. Interesting 24 hours for this kid. He had a fake signing with Ole Miss, and he signed with us late last night. https://247sports.com/Article/Ole-Miss-football-recruiting-National-Signing-Day-hoax-Detravaeon-Brown-143415371/ https://247sports.com/Article/North-Texas-football-recruiting-Detraveon-Brown-commits-signs-143410314/ https://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/sports/2020/02/05/local-football-stars-signing-sec-school-appears-fake/4674558002/
  7. Luke Fickell from Cincinnati and Pat Shurmur (fired NY Giants coach) were 2 names mentioned for this job. Shurmur coached at Michigan State for 10 years as an assistant.
  8. Colleyville has more money than Lee. Several current and former professional athletes live in the area. Plenty of politics and old whites in the area. It's essentially Southlake.
  9. I read on the Athletic that a UM staffer confirmed it. However, I guess we wont know until he announces it.
  10. Off to Miami. Tate Martell will never see the field lol.
  11. Come to Denton. As a Jefferson and UNT alumni, it’s not a bad drive. If you are going the speed limit 3 hours. If not 2ish haha
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