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  1. His daughter is our recruiting operations coordinator. So the whole family will be closer to each other.
  2. The Jefferson baseball program has really struggled these last few years. I think they have had a few injuries this year, but 3-21 over the last few years is not a good look.
  3. Keanu Neal just agreed to a 1 year deal worth up to 5 mil. It will be interesting to see how he fits on the defense.
  4. I'm sure the coaches that coach the baseball, basketball and track kids would disagree with you. Please provide some context behind this ill-informed statement.
  5. If we beat Western Kentucky tonight, we’re Conference USA champs.
  6. 2020- before he was hurt, he was leading the league in passing yards. 2019- he was the 8th ranked passer. His WRs also led the league with 36 dropped passes. 2019 stats: 388 of 596 (65.1%) for 4,902 yards (8.2 yards per attempt), 30 TDs and 11 INTs; 71.2 QBR; 52 carries for 277 yards and three TDs In regard to Jerry, he overpaid Jaylon Smith and Zeke. Our OL was trash last year without Collins or Tyron Smith. There are definitely holes on the defense. However, as previously mentioned by the Cowboys signing Dak now, they have over 25 Mil in cap space. They should keyword should b
  7. Please tell me who you would sign in his place if you cut him. This is the way the qb market is going. If you have a top 10 qb, you sign him. I would love to hear your rationale behind why you don't like him.
  8. His hands were tied. They should have got the deal done last year. At least we're not Philadelphia. They have a 33 million cap hit this year for a QB that's not even on the team.
  9. The other option is to tag him at 37mil for one year. By signing him now, he only counts for 21 mil against the cap. That opens up more money for free agents to fix our God awful defense.
  10. If you're upset by coaching hire rumors on an East Texas sports forum, I imagine you're a real cool person.
  11. A former tiger, eagle, pirate, lion, and a few other mascots?
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